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  5. day 96: they still don't know i have spent all the donation money on ikea sofas and kebab

  6. Dream BIG people. You CAN be and do ANYTHING you can set your minds too. I have faith in ALL of you. Dream big=win big=live big. 

  7. hold my beer 

  8. +1 internets for that profile picture.

  9. My brain trembles...

  10. We back bois

  11. I love to feast.

  12. oyyy lite gime str...

  13. polymorphs the dragon this is fun, I like polymorphing dragons.

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    2. Danare


      Did Sevencix hack your account or what?

    3. Nojaw


      (please don't)

    4. Danare


      @Nojaw too bad, I am GOING TO DO IT

  14. (please don't polymorph the dragon)

  15. I'm starting to think I'm the only one with stuff on my mind.

  16. Finally artists are partaking in the art contest!

  17. Finally got over the extreme anxiety I had for going to class!

  18. Forgot to bring a pen to my lecture... Today is not a good day.

  19. Ahyo, welcome to our official forums~

    1. Saber


      Home of mostly Europeans.

      And Dan.

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