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  2. Since there's no other submissions and I'm too lazy to wait for entire week. I will HEREBY ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS! FIRST PLACE GOES TO.... *drumroll* @Ignamist! Congratulations on winning the first place! The reward are: your logo will be displayed on our forums, get 50+ rep (Not even any of our staff have this!) and fancy group allll for you (and for future artists that contribute to this forums frequently) but you the winner will get to pick color, name of the group (within reasonable limits) and be group leader! Please submit the data to my PMbox and I'll get it done! SECOND PLACE GOES TO.... *drumroll* @Nojaw! Second place reward are: get to be second member of the new group and get 25 rep point! THIRD PLACE GOES TO.... *drumroll* @lalaria! Third place reward are: Get to be third member of the new group and get 15 rep point! Congratulations, winners! (Sorry Zusk bro) And thanks to all who participated! In this contest, though supporting artists, feedback and more!
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  4. i personally like the one on fire
  5. This is the best one in my opinion. Good job!
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  7. Approved. and so it starts
  8. Constitution:1 Reflex:0 Strength:0 Dexterity:0 Wisdom:2 Willpower:0 Ingenuity:4 Fortune:0 Haste:0 Total HP : 14
  9. The Alarmingly Productive Development Blog #1 Hey y'all. Welcome to the first of hopefully many development blogs where I will on one end slowly descend into a constant nightmare of endless fear and paranoia and eventually go insane, and on the other explain the server's progress from a technical point of view. In this part, we'll go over the world that has been built to cater to the setting, which you can by the way find here. Theramore In the setting, Theramore is supposed to be a complete shithole of an existence due to lack of leadership. After a serious attack, much of the city lies in ruins, and depression runs deep in the streets. Big props to Moon for building the majority of this mess. The Crossroads Due to minor complications (namely that Orgrimmar has fallen), the Horde has moved its capital to the Crossroads. Due to the fact that most of the survivors have crashed here after Orgrimmar and Razor Hill, Zusk took up arms to make it look like a fortified and overrun version of the Crossroads. Northwatch Hold Having been taking over by Venture Co., Northwatch now serves as a pale shadow of its former self as a den of vile dealings and villain clubs. Many props to Liz who mainly worked on this (I think??) and put her heart into this piece of decorating. Yes, I will probably interfere with ERP in this place. Watch out y'all. Ratchet We stole Bonkle's Ratchet edit. xoxo thanks bonkle boi <3 Now, there's a lot more out there that we've built. But go explore, and see if there isn't any interesting spots to RP. Thanks to our builders that did the minor touches on areas not shown in this post, y'all lifesavers. Now, I'm going to go and be a corrupt administrator now. Adios nerds.
  10. Forum RP Interest check for a roleplay consisting of a really popular trope nowadays where fictional characters, original or not, are pulled into a strange world where they must both survive and find a way back into their own world or simply stay and enjoy sewing chaos.
  11. well excuse me for studying for something important
  12. u slow af RP Forum made - check off-topic.
  13. If I have time, I'd definitely be up for forum rp. If needed, I can create a subforum for forum RP. Just not right now
  14. So, back in the more successful and populated roleplay communities I've been part of we've always had a tradition of attempting to start up Forum Roleplays or, as now Discord exists, a larged chat based roleplay where we can use different chat(maybe private and public mixed) channels as different areas. On that note, my idea for this would be a roleplay where fantasy characters are dragged into one, vast world with a mysterious set of rules. Characters can be unique and original(such as WoW characters) or already established ones, including villains and protagonists... Just something that came to mind.
  15. Location: Lub'grahl Factions present: Farsight Enclaves. Command Shadowsun's Assault force. Waaagh! Grufftoof. IC intro. Recorded meeting at 0900 Local time. Commanders Farsight and Shadowsun meet for negotiations. "This has gone far enough, Farsight. You were once one of our best and brightest, the Ethereals wish me to bring you back into the fold, but will not stand for the division you promote." Farsight leans forwards, a hand as ever resting upon his massive blade. "Your loyalty is admirable, Shadowsun. But I will not come back with you to be prosecuted as a criminal! When the Tyranids came, -I- was the one who guarded the northern borders. When the Orks sought to drive into the Empire, it was me that drove them back and claimed this region of space from them! The warriors on these worlds, they are mine to lead, they look to me for guidance, not the Ethereals anymore." "You dare?!" Shadowsun rises a little before calming down. "Listen to yourself, Farsight! Not heeding the Ethereals? madness! would you see our people revert to the barbaric ways that nearly saw us go extinct at our own hands?! In unity we are strong, in division we are weak, you must see this!" "Weak? is that what it was when I rescued your forces and Aun'va from the Humans? it was this division of power, this freedom of choice that allowed me to strike with the element of surprise on my side. We are stronger with my enclave holding this region." Shaking her head, Shadowsun stands fully and turns ready to leave. "I owe you a debt for that very deed, Farsight. I will give you one cycle to prepare. Then I follow my orders." "So be it." Farsight rises and salutes the fellow commander. "May the best warrior win and our conflict be ended swiftly." Recording ends. Filing report to-...Alert! Rok, inbound! Raise the planetary defense guns, raise the-...! ... ... ... Oi! iz dis fing on?! bah, who cares...i's comin' for ya, Farsight! Da Orkz is gona stomp ya good dis time! I's Warlord Grufftoof an' dis 'ere is -my- WAAAAAAAAAAGH! OOC intro. In this Warhammer 40K campaign, the party will be taking on the role of Tau(and their Allies) as part of either the Farsight Enclaves, or Shadowsun's Assault forces. Shadowsun has come to bring Farsight and his enclaves back into the fold, however Farsight refuses to back down. And in the middle of it all, an Ork Waaagh! that has been recently launched, threatens to over-run both forces and strike the Tau Empire directly. It is up to the party to either help one Tau faction gain dominance over both enemies, or to try and unite Shadowsun and Farsight to defeat the Ork menace. In order to participate in this campaign, you will need: 1: A copy of the "Only War" rulebook. Digital copies can be provided. 2: Either a Roll20 account or the Fantasy Grounds program. 3: These links for Tau Gear and Stats. 4: To join this Discord server Accepted characters: Gue'vessa(Guardsmen who joined the Tau Empire.), Vespid, Tau and Kroot.
  16. Going to keep this thread pinned for the future and go set up another thread for progress tracking of the campaign, since there's a fairly clear winner here.
  17. Muh 40K. In seriousness I've been wanting to be part of a Only War campaign for a long while and would very much be interested in hearing more.
  18. Considering that it's most likely a Forsaken...Probably like rot.
  19. I think there's very few people who know of this so far. Once more people start coming in and we show what we've been working on. I'm sure there will be interest. I might make a character
  20. I'm just wondering what intrest there is in Theramore, one of the primary settings of this phase, being one of the few allience settlements. Launch won't be for anoher while, but I don't seem to see any intrest from players to form guilds, so I was just wondering who has an intrest in Forming a theramore based guild, and who'd be intresting in leading it.
  21. I'm down for Warhammer, either one. Starwars, really only intrested in the droid one, I mean who even gives a shit about Night Sisters or a race of perfect slaves?
  22. Looking forward to either get gutted by you, or become your apprentice! Also what do you think a roasted Sevencix tastes like?
  23. polymorphs the dragon this is fun, I like polymorphing dragons.

  24. <sharpens butchering knife>
  25. Name: Melandrella Race: Children of Cenarius Age:67 Birthplace: Ashenvale Alignment: Chaotic Good Current Location: Wandering (Temporarily staying in Ashenvale) Preferred weapons: Poison tipped spear, Bow, kicking Background: Melandrella is one of the youngest Dryads. Having been born a mere 63 before the Third war, she lacks the wisdom of the ages that most of her kin possesses.But unlike them she is also open to change and not set in their ways. She is still very innocent/naive and has much to learn about the world, but the death of her great-great-grandfather Cenarius has already taught her that the world is harsh. Like all Dryads she had been taught to fight since she was a fawn so she could keep the Forest safe, but it wasn't until she saw the Orcish deforestation, and when she slew her first Orc peon that she truly understood what it meant to protect the Forest. This realization only became stronger once she fought against the Legion. But she has also seen the valiant acts of the Alliance, and how it took unity to finally defeat the Legion. Realizing that the best hope to protect the world is not only to improve ties with the younger races, but also to teach them. She has seen the Alliance using Arcane magics and she fears this will once more attract the Legion as she was told it once did, unless a way is found to stop it. During these travels she heard of both the fall of Orgrimmar, and the fall of Theramore. She despises the Orcs for their actions upon the forest, but she feels that if the Warsong clan is wiped out, perhaps an agreement can be reached with the other Orcs. For now she has returned home to Ashenvale to ponder her next move and to ensure that the forests are safe. Yet her conviction remains that the forests themselves must reach out and form bonds with the other races, just as they had with the Kaldorei. If the Tauren can listen, perhaps so can others. Appearance: Melandrella is a young Dryad, her face is well rounded and beautiful. She has bushy leafy eyebrows, shining emerald green eyes and a strong physique. Her skin is violet, and it's warm, soft and elastic to touch.Her fur is ruffled but also slightly rough from her long travels. Instead of hair, she sports a mane of leaves and flowers on her head. She has a strong physique, both her arms, legs and chest visibly revealing her muscles, yet her upper half still retains the lithe appearance that characterizes Elves. She carries both a spear and a bow with poisonous arrows that she can use to strike fear in the enemies of the Forest.
  26. (please don't polymorph the dragon)

  27. I'd definitely love a Starwars RPG thing set in the Old Republic era, that'd be cool The Droid variety in the Old Republic is great, so the "More than just circuits" campaign there would be epic. You can use HK assassin droids and such. But the Ryloth thing also sounds fun, I'm up for either.
  28. More than just Circuit
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