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    BRAYDEN BROWNE OF BLACKWOOD “A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood.” - Lieutenant Browne sharing his philosophy on the topic of war with Sir Gauthier. "Born under the blackened branches of the Elder Tree; Brayden has overcome much in the face of his father's lunacity. I pity him, I do, for I fear what shall become him once we reach Proudmoore's promised haven." - Magus Eldric Rhone, during the Reign of Chaos. ♪ NAME Brayden Browne AGE Twenty-Four BIRTHPLACE Blackwood, Lordaeron OCCUPATION Lieutenant of Theramore TITLES First-Lieutenant AFFILIATION Lord Selwyn, Military of Theramore ALIGNMENT Lawful Evil MARITAL STATUS Single TRAITS & FLAWS Disciplined - Years of education and time within various military regiments has made formed Brayden into a disciplined man when it comes to managing his own demeanour whether it be in a difficult situation or an evening stroll throughout the city. Conscientious - Brayden ensures that his work is of the best quality he could provide in any given scenario. This was embedded into his personality from hours of hard work following his recent rise to power through the military of Theramore, leading to a want of providing the best work he could possibly provide. Patient - Despite his contradicting flaw of being an enraged man at times, his years in the military addressing his superiors has led him to form a sense of adequacy, abling to shield his anger whenever the need arises where he must control his tone of voice. Content - Brayden has no real motivation to progress within his profession and is seemingly content with his current rank. Having shown the ability to point out his flaws and inexperience, he turned down the rank of Captain and offered the Council a suitable candidate who holds more experience than him. Devious - The stressful duties of being a senior officer of the military have taken a toll on the young man that he now utilises a skilful use of underhand less-direct tactics to achieve his goals and duties, having little regard to the method used so long as he achieves his intended goal. Wroth - Brayden may be a patient man, however, even a patient man has his limits. Even if he might be slow to anger, constant errors and mistakes in his line of work have yielded a sternness bordering on utter anger. Domineering - Brayden leaps forward at the chance of taking control of a situation whenever the opportunity rises. He likes to exert his domineering demeanour over plumpy rascals and remind them how much of a pitiful excuse they are to the world and society.
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    @Aetherweaver @DanareThese motherfuckers have been working like damn sheep dog every day since the server went down. They truly deserve our appreciation, we love your work <3
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    Amber Webb Birthplace: Lordaeron Residence: Theramore Occupation: Lance-Corporal of Theramore ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appearance: Amber is slender in build, though her physique is fitting to one who is very active. She stands above average in height for a woman. Her complexion is pale, though her face shows tell-tale signs of sun damage, with a dusting of freckles adorning her nose and the top of her cheeks. Her eyes are light green in colour, and her hair a dirty blonde. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Traits: Impatient - Amber is quite restless in her demeanour and has a tendency to be irritated quite quickly. She is often easily provoked and defensive. Sarcastic - Another flaw in Amber’s personality is her sarcastic attitude, which can be cutting and sardonic. She occasionally uses this as a form of wit, though it is not to everyone’s taste. Alert - Amber is alert and watchful, a trait she honed after the loss of her parents when she was forced to care-take for her younger brother. This has become a valuable skill, and aids in her job as a scout. Blunt - Amber is a straightforward speaker, and usually says what is on her mind, often without thinking first. This makes her come across as quite spiky at times, but she has little patience for dancing around subjects. Strong Willed - Amber can be stubborn, and once her mind is made up, is usually difficult to change. She acts according to her own rules, even if advised against it, often believing that she knows better.
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    This is more of a recommendation to STing rather than a change to the RPG system, but: One solution could be doing simple stat threshold actions in events. If someone needs to lift a heavy rock in an event, right now every character has a chance to lift it with pure rolls, even without modifiers. This doesn't make sense to me. Using physical strength against an inanimate object isn't something that happens by chance. You aren't sometimes able to lift the rock and sometimes you're not, since your strength is constant. Why not give the action a minimum stat requirement? Only people with 2+ Strength are able to lift this rock. Remove the rolling aspect. Only people with 3+ in Wisdom are able to figure out the runic language on the wall. You require at least 2+ Dexterity to balance on this rope to the other side. It takes at least 1+ Senses to spot the outline of an enemy approaching through the mist. You need a minimum of 2+ Haste to make the jump across that gap. Doing small checks like that during events could potentially incentivise people to spread their stats out a bit more. It wouldn't work during combat against animate things such as players or NPCs since there's still an element of luck involved in hitting something that moves and fights back (hence the rolls), but it could very well work for the other (granted, more rare) kind of events. Not really related to Seven's original question other than it proposes a potential solution to a problem with minmaxing.
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    The Unionist Faction The ‘Unionists’ refer to those in Theramore’s population that, far from being dispirited by the recent siege and the crippling losses of much of their territory, seek to use the chaos to stir a martial spirit in the people of Theramore. Unionists are often termed the war party; they take an unfavourable view of the Horde and most other races, pushing for the establishment of the ‘Alliance of Kalimdor’; a union of Bael Modan and Theramore to secure what they see as their manifest destiny on the continent. Unionists generally tend to hail from most walks of life in Theramore, but their ideology is usually characterised with a shred of nostalgia for Lordaeron; former Knights of the Silver Hand and men of upstanding position in the collapsed kingdom see more appeal in it than most. Whilst sympathetic to the stances of Daelin Proudmoore and the ‘deserters’ that claim affiliation to him, Unionists are those that have ultimately decided to chafe under Jaina Proudmoore’s pacifism; guided either by a sense of loyalty to Theramore or a realisation that peaceful change is preferable to a violent revolution. Their plans for Theramore are unclear; some parts of the faction would like to see the city-state become a federated kingdom like old, with extensive settlements sprawled across Dustwallow and the Barrens made ripe for colonisation. Others still say this isn’t enough for permanent peace; pushing for an empire built out of Eastern Kalimdor with Theramore as its center. Whatever their grandstanding ambitions, Unionists are still, as of now, a minority in Theramore. Under the leadership of the Civil Servant and magus Selwyn Lewis, they have taken more proactive steps to court the favour of General Twinbraid; realising the support of him and his military will be crucial in deciding who becomes uncontested ruler of Theramore. Political Leadership: Selwyn Lewis (Norzium) Military Leadership: Roland Merrithew (Bagley) Roster Saul Rodriguez (Balor) Selwyn Lewis (Norzium) Roland Merrithew (Bagley) Sianni Duskbringer (Jaime) Thomas Rhone (Anhalt) Bryan Embry (Leore) Gregory Eyre (Matias) Rogan Augustus Howland (Rogan) Short Term Goals Pursue a permanent alliance between Theramore and Bael Modan Seize political power in Theramore Consolidate Dwarven and Human positions in Dustwallow and the Barrens Rebuild and reinvigorate Theramore’s military Long Term Goals Tame Dustwallow Marsh and establish a road connection to Bael Modan Investigate the vanishing of Captain Evencane Reconcile surviving Deserters with Theramore Rehabilitate Tiragarde survivors Reclaim Northwatch Keep from Goblin debt-slavers Ultimate Goals Heavy Weighs the Anchor: Expunge the Horde from the Barrens and establish Fort Triumph over the smoldering ruin of the Crossroads Manifest Destiny: Settle the entirety of Dustwallow and the Barrens with Alliance colonists
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    ♫ https://youtu.be/Sqczteoig1E?t=17 POSTERS ARE SOON TO BE SEEN POPPING UP AROUND THERAMORE, AT SUCH A TIME AND FROM A THOUGHT TO BE VANISHED INDIVIDUAL, EXAVIEL ALISTER… ‘Faith, peace, hope and love – these are probably four of the most desired qualities in all of Azeroth. We often hear about the trilogy of faith, hope and love, but I believe the addition of peace here is important as well. All four of these qualities are desired by mankind and are desperately needed in our fragile world today. Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with the Light through our faith and practices, through which we have gained access by faith into this path in which we now stand and walk. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of the Light. Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because the Light has poured out it’s love into our hearts by our own will, through our faith and belief, from which it has given us. You’ll see through the history of Azeroth, time and time again; mankind is destined for hardship, a never ending channel of hatred, corruption and loss, it is once more, through such actions that we will stand vigilant, watchful against those who would seek our end, our extinction however, there is still hope, through faith and with it will come victory, hope, harmony and peace. You see, we can never be justified by the Light according to our own righteousness, because we are not very righteous. The Light sees the record of your deeds, the logbook of your words, the visual and soundtrack of your mind, all day, every day. That’s why justification must be through faith, not by works. Rather, it is by faith that we receive a righteousness from the Light that replaces our own unrighteousness… And so faith comes first in the chain. Without faith, you cannot have peace. And without peace, you cannot have hope or love. Knowing the Light’s love in your life is the greatest thing, but along with peace and hope it rests first of all squarely on the firm foundation of faith. Faith, a repeating word you will find yourself reading to yourself, over and over. Through our many struggles, even now here in Theramore, there is a lack of something, through our many deaths, our lack of control, our loss of hope and desire, there is all but one thing we forget as a people, a race and those who stand with us… Faith, our faith…' The poster would end suddenly, as though the writer intended for you to be left with those last few words to boggle the mind about current events, perhaps it is faith that is indeed the missing element, perhaps people should believe more in order to see further victory, that of hope and peace. Are we truly that out of touch with the Light, have we abandoned what once made us unstoppable?
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    Lord Selwyn in a candid moment, consulting correspondences late at night Selwyn Lewis Occupation: Acting Lord of Theramore Allegiances: Theramore, the Grand Alliance Origin: Andorhal (birthplace), Dalaran (apprenticeship) Appearance Slewyn looks every part the clerk, of moderate height, thin and with a sharpness to his features that can give the notion of snobbishness. Despite his unintimidating posture, it is clear he takes efforts to maintain this appearance out of habit; with a trimmed, clipped beard for frequent stroking and a dour frown that perfectly sets his contempt for any victim to it beyond the range of doubt. He has the features of a man of Lordaeron; blonde and blue-eyed, and a pale complexion suited to the damp conditions of the Dustwallow Marsh. He dresses pragmatically to indicate his status as a mage; in a robe decent enough to make him appear formal in his day to day workings. Personality "Selwyn might just be a snob. But he's a snob that gets things done; what would Theramore's state be without his guiding hand? I cannot come to imagine the anarchy that would ensue. You may complain about him all you want but at the end of the day, he will be the man to lead this city into a Golden Age - a city free of poverty, of tyrants, of injustice. " - Lieutenant Brayden Browne, lecturing Lance-Corporal Amber Webb Educated Selwyn graduated Dalaran as a Cyromancer, and carries with him all the hallmarks of the well-educated. Well-read and well-rehearsed in his chosen magical profession, he delights in scholarly pursuits and games of wits. Arrogant Selwyn feels naturally superior to those that lack his own level of education in the magical arts; if some of his behaviour is any indication, he doesn't even trust the clergy or Church to get things done entirely right. He is prone to passing acts of elitism and often believes he alone is capable of solving problems. Cunning Selwyn demonstrates a certain aptitude with resourcefulness, and utilizes his talents both magically and otherwise to effects that are both amusing and devastating on and off the battlefield. He is calculated and quick on his feet, though often lacks long-term perceptions of the consequences of his actions. Patient Selwyn knows how to play a long game, and is well aware that a single battle or victory will not ensure his or Theramore's long term prosperity. He is able to swallow his reservations about certain enemies if it means thwarting others, and will tolerate insults that may start wars if the conditions are adverse enough.
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    Now that we accidentally got ourselves a ship, we need a place to chronicle some of the RP we do to keep the thing afloat and the crew fed and happy. This is basically a character/guild plan but for the ship, its contents, its condition and the morale of the NPC crew we gain through RP. (It needs to be open for all Daggerfin members to post their stuff so we can’t put it in the private character plan subsection.) We don’t ask STs to take this into account while DMing for us (but would be appreciated, ofcourse). This is purely for our own DMing and internal guild player-run events and situations. THE LORD’S REMISE Non-player Crew: 3 deckhands 1 injured deckhand (3 days remaining) Morale: Elevated + Bard + Low Rodent Infestation + Plundered a merchant vessel (1 days remaining) - Filthy Deck & Clutter Hold: Food: 2 days Booze: 10 days Drinking Water: 3 days (drinking water doesn't start ticking until we run out of booze) Medical Supplies: 6 crates Diving equipment: 3 people Cannonballs: 21 Gunpowder Barrels: 4 Treasure (kept in Captain's Cabin): Runic Tauren Flute Bogwitch Boar Skull Various Goods: 2 bags of Stranglethorn spices 5 crates of general spices 6 crates of sugar Maintenance: Hull Barnacles: Low (+sailing speed) Ship Sail Quality: Normal Cannons: Damaged (-2 cannon rolls, 1 days remaining until repaired) Deck Dirt & Clutter: Filthy (-morale) Rodent Infestation: Low (+morale) Damage report: - Minor damage to bow (ramming not possible, 2 days until repaired) Prisoners: - 1x Venture Co. Workboss Special: - Bard aboard (+morale) - Plundered a merchant vessel (+morale) Disclaimer: We're not tracking everything here, only stuff we tend to run out of or otherwise impacts RP. We're not tracking what every individual has on their person, for example, or the amount of chairs in the communal area or stuff like that.
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    Sir Glerad Aurielus Retired Knight Of the Silver Hand, Chairman of the Theramore Gardening Society Affiliation: Theramore Marines, Retired Knight of the Silver Hand Birthplace: Lordaeron Sir Glerad Aurielus was once a man feared by his foes and respected by his enemies, a mighty warrior known for his bravery, prowess in battle and his grasp of strategy. Unfortunately that was a long time ago. The once well toned and trained body of the Knight is withered and aching, his memory has begun to play tricks on him and he doesn't quite understand this new Dwarven and Gnomish technology. He had previously committed himself to quiet, gardening and the occasional angry letter on the Theramore notice board. Glerad has spent his recent years away from the field of battle, retired in a small house in the city and concerned solely with the maintenance of his vegetable garden. Unfortunately, his peace was shattered when the walls of the city collapsed, destroying his prize cabbages. Comitting himself to the inevitability of service once more, the battered hammer has been taken from the wall and the polished armour lifted from its display. Indeed, further than a mere call to service, the outspoken Knight has been drawn into the service of the Theramore council to fulfill a temporary gap for a representative of the church. While a well meaning, devout and true believer in justice and The Light, Sir Glerad Aurelius is a walking testament to the fact that being good does not necessarily involve being nice. Difficult to please, quick to criticize and short of temper the elderly Paladin makes many enemies and friends only amongst those patient enough to tolerate his temper. This penchant for active criticism has drawn him further into the realm of politics - his sternly worded and opinionated petitions make him no friends amongst either Theramore's Gnomish population or the local magi - positioning himself as a spokesman for the common, decent folks of Theramore who wish their city to remain quiet, calm, ordered and well decorated by pleasant flower arrangements. Appearance An elderly man dressed in old but well maintained armour and wielding a worn and old hammer of the Knights of the Silver Hand. His limbs beneath the plate have become thin and wiry and the armour he wears was clearly fitted to a man of much greater muscle mass than Glerad now bears, making him appear faintly ridiculous. The Libram, constantly by his side, is thick and tattered with the spine almost entirely worn through. The hammer of his order is well maintained and in good repair, but when wielded in his hands looks altogether far too big and cumbersome for a man of his physical fitness.
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    Hobbling along on a simple wooden staff, a crimson cloaked figure stoops over on the beaten path in Durotar whilst taking great care to avoid the overrun settlement of Razor Hill After hours turn to days... days turn into a week, he finally arrives at his destination: The Den Upon arriving he takes his bags down from his wolf, a couple of the younger Orcs training nearby help out of respect of the elder who offers them blessings in return. He gathers a few belongings and steps into the centre of the area in front of the Den, striking his staff loudly upon the baked mud 'tiles' of the training area "HEAR ME, YOUNG PUPS OF THE HORDE!" "The time is now, your people need you more than ever! The Horde needs a new generation of heroes to take up arms against its enemies!" An inferno bursts behind him, the flames flicker into scenes of combat with Orcs, Tauren and Trolls battling an undiscernable foe of monstrous proportions "Take up arms, sons and daughters of the Horde, bring yourselves unto me tomorrow and I shall see to it that you are trained in both body and mind for the fights to come, you shall recieve my blessing and go forth to win your own stories to be cemented in the legends bards will tell of for years to come!" The Orc stares at the small crowd forming "Go forth and tell your kin, you shall come to me as pups but when I am done with you...." "You will rise as Wolves!" The elderly Orc figure steps down from his rousing speech and proceeds to carve some images into the sand, any Orc, Tauren or Troll with a basic knowledge of their own cultural grasp of time will recognize the moon alignments on the floor as being wednesday at around 19:00 in the evening...
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    1. Get the Client Here at Tales of Warcraft we use the World of Warcraft 3.3.5a client. If you do not have the client, you can download it by visiting https://www.warmane.com/download, selecting the expansion Wrath of the Lich King (Old), choosing your operating system, and then clicking the Download button. 2. Download the Patches Patch A: https://mega.nz/#!9BkFlTLa!-PXxlWAuRpE8-vxbg8ZqO-0dmEPZQnjoRJ4Jl2hpWiA (Optional, but contains the updated WoD models [Every other Patch file is mandatory]) Patch B: https://mega.nz/#!tFt1ERKT!gZMUvdUY7U-9AL0YVQS2DZIHOTGfPg0HFdeRe8aIiwU Patch C: https://mega.nz/#!ZBVWEJLC!9IBpNux_cvrYdVOmojzYvFcTzWiWv8b3pRJ4Es95SvY Patch D: https://mega.nz/#!hZsUkaAL!KiyqtxJUDx6zlK1QqRpz80xn-t_uw-5gFQYM32O8af0 Patched WoW.exe: https://mega.nz/#!EFlzibbL!ImyirlKGnP43O9XTda3IPo2V4twrDAMmaoVIRuc-a60 (Optional, may fix crashing on starting and closing of Tales of Warcraft [Placed in your World of Warcraft folder]) Place the patches in your World of Warcraft data folder. (By default C:/Program Files(x86)/World of Warcraft/data [for Windows]) Alternative download link (OUTDATED, WILL BE UPDATED SOON): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7hl7wcXoy0yQUlMcy1PNTloWHc?usp=sharing 3. Create your Account Visit the website and create your account. 4. Set your Realmlist Go to your World of Warcraft installation folder, select the data folder, and then the enUS folder (By default C:/Program Files(x86)/World of Warcraft/data [for Windows]) Open your realmlist.wtf file (with Notepad), change it to this: set realmlist, and then save the file. 5. Create your Character Log into the game by launching World of Warcraft, entering your username and password (not your e-mail address), and then creating your character. You will find yourself in GM Island (which we like to refer to as the Spark of Creation). From here you will be able to acquire your characters starting gear and other miscellaneous items. Make sure you choose your talent tree specialization before you leave, as we have a special Stat Vendor that will give you an item to cater your stats to your preferred play-style. If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to whisper any of the staff in-game or message any of us directly on the forums. Alternatively, you can always make a thread on the forums. .lookup item <item name> will look up the item's ID for you (Part of the item's name will also work) .padd <item ID> will add the item to your inventory (Make sure you do not have another player targeted) Welcome aboard, Tales of Warcraft Staff Special thanks to Sevencix for his un-relentless determination and dedication to keep this server alive, Danare for the original Connection Guide and being the only reason this server ever went live in the first place, Dalekfodder for the updated information and the new core installation/maintenance, all of the staff for the hundreds of hours of work they have put into this server to make this all possible, and Zix, Renan, Brad, and whoever else has contributed to all of the custom content that this server has to offer.
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    PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT Volunteers Required! The Inn at the gates to the city is to be transformed in to a refuge for those seeking aid and shelter in Theramore. This will be the case until the refugee situation improves. Once the initial clearing of rubble is complete, volunteers are required to help repair the interior and prepare the building to be of use once more. Please contact Lance-Corporal Amber Webb for more information or to pledge your services.
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    "How could there possibly be any other outcome... Even a continent away, i sow the seeds of their undoing... I have rested long enough, in the vessel of the molten core. It is time to herald in the fiery doom that they have foolishly built upon... The hour of hate is upon you mortals. From another world you've come, made companions of hooves and the ancient fathers of elves. Almost a decade fighting lesser wars with men, dwarf and gnome. Now another alien race steps upon these lands... I will burn you all away, as the old gods demands... Everything you hold dear exist only to burn." Thrall feels somethings up. Fighting erupts with fire and brimstone. People fight, people die, people retreat. Thrall is last seen battling Volcanus, spawn of Ragnaros. Eitrigg and Varok Saurfang organize the retreat and -skip-skip- We're back. "Patch changes" Ragnaros the Firelord has an avatar deep in the ragefire chasm. His second in command is Volcanus. Ragefire troggs now occupy the city, after swearing fealty to the Firelord. Saurfang is with the Horde. Thrall is captive or is dead/dying. Easy, done- next.
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    Forsaken men the thunders mutter! Human flags in north winds flutter! To arms! To arms! To arms, in Hillsbrad! Send them back in fierce defiance! Stamp upon the cursed Alliance! To arms! To arms! To arms, in Hillsbrad! Advance the flag of Sylvanas! Hurrah! Hurrah! For the Forsaken’s land we take our stand, unlive or die for Hillsbrad! To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Hillsbrad! To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Hillsbrad! Fear no danger! Shun no labour! Lift up rifle, pike, and sabre! To arms! To arms! To arms, in Hillsbrad! Shoulder pressing close to shoulder! Let the odds make each heart bolder! To arms! To arms! To arms, in Hillsbrad! Advance the flag of Sylvanas! Hurrah! Hurrah! For the Forsaken’s land we take our stand, unlive or die for Hillsbrad! To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Hillsbrad! To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Hillsbrad! Swear upon your homeland’s altar, never to submit or falter! To arms! To arms! To arms, in Hillsbrad! till all our enemies are defeated! ‘till the Horde’s work is completed! To arms! To arms! To arms, in Hillsbrad! Advance the flag of Sylvanas! Hurrah! Hurrah! For the Forsaken’s land we take our stand, unlive or die for Hillsbrad! To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Hillsbrad! To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Hillsbrad! The Rotskin Rifles: NPC Leader: Sylvanas Location: Mulgore, Barrens, Durotar Race(s): Forsaken. Other races are case-by-case. Classes: Anything that can justifiably work for a rifle company. Uniform: Head: Laughing Skull Cap - 24609 Back: Renegade Cloak - 9867 Chest: Seer's Padded Armor - 6561 Tabard: Undercity Tabard - 45583 (Can be obtained from vendor in spark) Hands: Bandit Gloves - 9780 Waist: Bandit Cinch - 9775 Legs: Seer's Pants - 2982 Feet: Bandit Boots - 9776 Who are the Rotskins?: Formally known as The 1st Forsaken Expeditionary Rifle Company, The Rotskin Rifles are a band of Forsaken, Hillsbradi specifically, riflemen and women who have been assigned the task of being part of the Forsaken presence on Kalimdor. The band of Forsaken are made up of a former Lordaeron rifle brigade who fell defending their home of Hillsbrad. However, their patriotism did not die with them. It simply changed. When the Forsaken raised their flags in rebellion against the Scourge, the old Hillsbradi rifle brigade was all too enthusiastic to take their revenge on their tyrannical oppressors. As the conflict raged ever on, the brigade settled back in Hillsbrad, taking the conflict to the Alliance who were also looking to take Lordaeron back from the Scourge. However, these patriots would not have it. Sylvanas is the Queen of Lordaeron and these rebels are loyal to their leader. However, after several blunders caused by the group's over enthusiastic attitude, and the Forsaken's introduction to the Horde, the company was given the 'honour' of being the Forsaken's first expeditionary rifle company to be shipped off to Kalimdor to join the token force sent by the Banshee Queen to aid her new allies. Confused and somewhat disappointed about being sent away from their homes in Hillsbrad, the company was not completely enthusiastic at first about their new assignment. However, they are nothing if not patriots. If the Queen says they are to aid their Horde allies against vile beasts, minions of the Legion, and the pesky Alliance, then they will do so with the utmost valour and determination. It is now less of an issue of would these Forsaken be able to tolerate the strange ways of the Horde, but whether the Horde will be able to deal with the strange ways of The Rotskins. Forsaken deal with unlife in an assortment of ways; some go mad, some cling to remnants of their old lives, some dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the Banshee Queen and embrace their new unlives. The Rotskins deal with unlife in a mixture of all these ways, fanatical devotion to their people, a strict adherence to old traditions and daily rituals, as well as inventing new rituals to fit their current forms. Although one may hesitate to claim that The Rotskins represent a proper Forsaken military outfit, they certainly maintain an air of dedication to their 'soldier' life, as well as a sense of loyalty and comradeship among their fellows. Their job is now in Kalimdor and they will not return to their homeland of Hillsbrad until their work is complete. No self-respecting soldier would have it any other way. The unit was hurried out of Hillsbrad so quickly that some of their posters can still be found pinned to walls, floating through the streets, crumpled up in trash piles, under the local cat...
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    Hi I'm Sitra and as everyone in here knows I draw basically once a year, I stream it and I have a deviantart I never update. Here's some of my older shit since I am terrible at catalogueing my work and trash like 3/4 of it in the end due to high expectations of myself so that's the only things I could find, some of you probably know those already but w/e. Currently on that VTM train, since it's good practice and fun so I just prolly gonna draw a lot now that I have some free time on my hands, here's one from today that I started on. Might stream some tomorrow.
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    A few of these posters are hung up around Ratchet, as well as rumours spread about the topic. OOC:
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    The systems are pretty unimmersive, why don't you just RP it out? I mean, I got stabbed twice, and I'm just RPing a reasonable recovery, first day I was entirely bed-ridden, second I was bed-ridden then the third I stood for the first time and walked with support, by the fourth I was climbing stairs with support, etc.. It ain't hard my dudes (can you tell I'm not a fan of systems? xd).
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    Lord Selwyn, Steward of Theramore It is unfortunate that I must again write to you as I would much sooner trust to the civil leadership of the nation to see to things personally and leave me in peace to enjoy the retirement I so long craved, but alas my sense of duty demands that I draw to your attention a number of pressing issues. First and most importantly, I have sensed a disturbing presence within the bounds of the city as of late. This could well be an attempt by the demonic forces in the swamp to infiltrate our walls, or it could be the result of something you and your fellow magi have been up to behind the closed doors of your tower. I would like to ask that you make me aware of any such activities or at least take due concern at my warning, coming as it is from an experienced Knight of The Silver Hand who certainly knows more on the topic of combating demons than the over-eager cowl wearing giggly apprentices which flood our streets so heavily of late. You ought to seek advice from those who are experienced enough to give it. Secondly, something ought to be done about the crude criminal element cropping up on the shore front of the city around the disused barn. This crime wave threatens the peace and quiet of all citizens of our proud city and risks permanently tarnishing the nation's character if left untreated. I demand in the strongest possible terms that you give immediate consideration to action which will bring these rogue elements under control. Not only is the building itself an eyesore on what could be a proud shore front, but it has attracted everything from loitering to gunfights. Finally, I would like to ask that you consider making funds available for the beautification of the city. I know for a fact that Lieutenant Brayden agrees with me on this, we would like to install flowers and trees around some of the less decorated areas of the city. Yours Sincerely Sir Glerad Aurelius Knight of the Silver Hand Chairman of the Theramore Gardening Society Theramore Marine
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    ♫ ''Wind to a sailor is what money is to life on shore.'' Name: Leonard Henry Cutter Aliases: Seadog Age: 42 Marital Status: Married Occupation: Rear Admiral of Theramore's Navy, Captain of the Kingfisher Affiliation: Theramore, the Alliance Born the second son of seven of a thatcher and a seamstress, Leonard went through his early life enjoying a family garnering somewhat more income than most low-class citizens. An inhabitant of Boralus since birth, Leonard grew up witnessing the comings and goings of the Tirasian fleet. Never impressed with his father's workings, but rather seeking solace out in the shallows off Kul Tiras' shore, he quickly grew fond of the ocean. At age thirteen, he first joined the crew of the Lady Anariah, with which he sailed across a greater part of the world, waging naval war against the Southsea Freebooters, as Kul Tiras' marines are wont to do. His growing fondness of the sea was complemented with an intense hatred of pirates, piracy, and all of its related forms, though he found privateering a thrilling business. He continued his service in the Navy without fail. At the age of twenty-one, during the closing stages of the First War, he met and married his wife on a whim. Two years later, he first sailed his own ship, the Boralus Bergamot, during the Second War. He distinguished himself through reasonably uncommon cunning, understanding of naval warfare and management of logistics. He was renowned among his peers for never having lost a naval battle during the War, yet he lost his ship the very day he was nearing Boralus' harbour, when a sudden storm struck just before he could enter the safety of a bay. During the course of the Third War, Leonard commandeered the Kingfisher, a larger, more heavily-armed ship than he had ever set foot on. He was personally responsible for sinking several Horde transports that were Kalimdor-bound, after which he returned to Boralus. He eventually sailed out to Tiragarde with Daelin Proudmoore's forces. Soon, however, he found himself sailing to Theramore to reinforce the local garrison. His ship hadn't sailed out again by the time of the first Siege of Theramore. Having developped a friendship with Lord Selwyn Lewis, the thatcher's son found himself appointed to the office of Rear Admiral after the second Siege of Theramore. The first thing to notice about Leonard is that he is, by no means, of noble or aristocratic birth. His skin is weather-worn, bearing the marks and grooves of the beating sun, the salty spray of the high seas, and the merciless winds of a stormgale. Leonard appears a few years older than he actually is, and due to sun-tanned complexion, one could easily assume he is from one of the Southern isles. His straw-coloured hair is, as could be expected, bleached by the sun and thus appears a shade or two lighter than it naturally is. His hair is kept half-long, and he evidently cuts it himself, using a dagger. He oft wears it in a roguish ponytail, supplemented by a goatee that would make every swashbuckler in their right mind jealous. His eyes stand out beneath his lightly-curved eyebrows, a sparkling cornflower blue with specks of seafoam green within them. They betray his calm nature, a temperance bestowed by years of experience and they do not conceal his passion for life. Tall and lean, the Rear Admiral is not as underfed as he was in his youth. Mildly defined musculature attest to twenty-nine years of hard work at sea, complemented by a myriad of scars on his hands, arms and chest, born either of battle or of work. Somewhat broad of shoulder, but nothing beyond average, it wouldn't be uncommon to associate his body with that of a hobbyist swimmer. He boasts a powerful set of lungs within his hirsute chest, allowing him to bellow orders over the roaring sea. His voice is relatively mellow, but when ordering his crew, it is as harsh and authorative as it needs to be. He carries himself with pride and no small measure of confidence, bearing about him an air that instills familiarity in those around him. He is a very present person, however, usually filling a room simply by walking in. Though he is common-born and a man of the sea, he keeps himself clean when on land, and when not smelling of seasalt, he carries the distinct scent of his wife's perfume; Honey and cherryblossom. Leonard is by nature kind and forgiving towards those of his kind and the Alliance. Through a life lived without the relative ease of being born into an upper-class family, he knows how to identify with the poor and downtrodden. In social settings, he is particularly outgoing and boisterous, seemingly wanting to make friends with every person he can. He is not as stubborn as any of his brothers, displaying a willingness to change both on a personal and professional level. The rashness of his youth has been tempered by a sense of duty towards his wife, his crew, and the people of Theramore. This is reflected in his new calm and measured way of acting. Despite this, he still carries himself with overt theatrical movements and a certain pride. Never one to be found quiet, he is usually dabbling in casual conversation, discussing the weather, or sharing stories from his past and the seas. He has a particular liking for eating competitions. Through years of battling the Horde and their affiliates, Leonard has developed a strong hatred towards Orcs, Trolls, Tauren and the Forsaken, though he is not quick to act upon his personal hatreds when it goes against outstanding treaties or orders otherwise. Having served under both Daelin and Jaina Proudmoore, Leonard's hatred for Orcs has greatly intensified, but he learned constrained and diplomacy during Jaina's reign over Theramore.
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    To: Leaders of the Cenarion and the Alliance The venerable Shan'do, Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage has fallen into a comatose state in the Dream, many have tried to wake him up to no avail. He currently rests in Moonglade, any who wish to assist with this situation must report there or to the forces of Auberdine in Darkshore. The Twilight Cult and their dark masters rise, we fear this may be all connected, without Malfurion, all will be lost. -Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem Followed by this missive, another one quickly follows Brothers and Sisters of the Kaldorei people and the Cenarion, I have once faced these perils and lost much to them, including my own son, I will not allow these devilish old ones take us again. I will personally assemble a task force to investigate the Darkshore happenings and the comatose state of Stormrage. I once destroyed our connection to our old allies, but I am willing to redeem myself and lead us once more, to victory. Tyrande is too busy with her own Sisterhood issues, caring little for the perils of anyone whose name isn't Stormrage, we will have to make due on our own. I will arrive in two days time on Darkshore, should you wish to join me, come to me, together, we will protect the people of Kalimdor from the influence of the Twilight and their masters. -Fandral Staghelm
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    Ground Commander Xutjja stands atop the red hill, his obsidian gaze traveling from left to right to assess the gathering soldiers. Among the warriors of the Horde are those clad in full plated armor, others wrapped in bandages- hinting the price some paid to let others fight this battle. Though the bulk is made of orcs, smaller groups of tauren, trolls and even Forsaken rises their chin and loft their ears to hear the Commander's words. At the very front of the gathered masses, the sullen Warsong listens with some hostility and impatience. "Hear me now!" Xutjja calls out, spreading his arms to quell the clamoring noise. "The day has come to retake what is rightfully ours- though Krenna, champion of the Warsong will not lead the charge, we cannot halt the assault. Thanks to the shadows of war, we own the tower to the north- Sergeant Nazgrim will grant us the advantage of cover and surprise, the window to unravel the enemy's vanguard." Xutjja pauses a moment. "You're all familiar with the darkness that rests in Razor Hill, a generation of slaves! But we will not fall victim to the Fel a second time! Muster your courage, or perish in fear." Ground Commander Xutjja salutes with a armored fist. "FOR THE WARCHIEF, FOR THE HORDE! OOC Event the 15-06. Its a challenging event, regarding classic DnD as well as coordinating your efforts to succeed, situation awareness can become paramount to determine victory or defeat. It is therefore no secret that your character's well being is in grave danger. The gains are great, as this cements a foothold on Durotar, as well as connecting the valley of strength forces and the trolls of Darkspear, in Sen'jin village. Lastly, dont be a coward- jump into it and see what the future brings. Solomons out.
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    Theme Song Missives are sent from Darkshore to Theramore, Teldrassil, Moonglade and Nijel's Point, some being intercepted by Horde Forces. Whispers of the gravity of their contents spread quicker than wildfire. "Darkshore is closed off, the seas are untraversable, the roads are dangerous, the Twilight Hammer rises. Their numbers increase by the day, twisting even the good people of places such as Auberdine to join their ranks. Maddened they have made an alliance with the Satyr and the Naga who control the woods and the seas. An expeditionary party just arrived last night from the Cliffspring Caverns, they spoke of horrors untold underground, a creature has risen, a creature older than anything we have encountered before, more may be rising under our very feet as we speak and the devilish cultists worship them, they speak of a new world a...Black Empire. The voices of their Masters lead them to ancient ruins and the resting place of these Elune-forsaken creatures. To even gaze upon them brings madness to the mind of any regular warrior, let alone the civillians. I urge, if you are able-bodied and you can make your way to Auberdine, send help, whatever these evil creatures' objectives are, they must be stopped. We are being slaughtered and without proper trade routes we will soon be starved. This Alliance must now prove its worth, you cannot leave us now. We are also looking for scholars who may assist the Explorer's League in translating a piece of parchment found with the Cultists, those who were involved in the gathering of said parchment were all afflicted by visions, some fear, visions of the future, where countless laid dead and armies of horrific aberrations roamed the bloodied land." Shandris Feathermoon, General of the Sentinels
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    As you enter the converted barn that is the Baffling Coin, one of the first things you see is the noticeboard. On it a collection of random notes in various degrees of literacy and quality of handwriting, with topics ranging from trivial or dumb to important. OOC:
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    Thread is now redundant considering we got kicked out of Theramore after being BETRAYED.
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    WANTED! The ball fondling menace of Theramore! A gentleman of about 4'9 has been spotted fondling gentlemen in an inappropriate manner across the city, should you see him - do not approach, he is highly dangerous and is to be reported to the city-watch immediately, do not try to apprehend him yourself lest you may become his latest victim! Five copper reward for any information regarding the Theramorian fondler.
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    So yesterday I was at that event we had in Theramore and largely thought it was pretty good. But, throughout it I began to notice some... lunacy that was coming from Kipp. At first it started with him being wounded. Nothing new. That's fine. Then, it proceeded to become his "skin turning back from Fel-ridden saliva" and him shrugging it off like he's a Titan. I thought, alright maybe it's adrenaline. It didn't stop there. By this point he has shrugged off multiple wounds like they're nothing and even goes to simply charge the Boss, conjure a shield on Selwyn, then take a blast of Fel directly to him that did around 10 damage to other players. Lastly, he impaled himself with his own claymore through his stomach. By now I would have thought he had died from bloodloss barring his wounds. However, that didn't occur. I even thought he died after the event's finale. No, he did not. Apparently he was somehow revived by a Paladin. But then we get into the territory of the Light's limit to when it comes to healing. Personally I think this just goes beyond what a healer should be able to do. Imo he should have died in the event and it just kind of made me think a little badly of what other events may entail if no one dies of their injuries. New player here, so... those are my two cents. Thanks.
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    YOU ASKED FOR IT. Horde Bois. “Shortly after the Day of the Dead celebration, Orgrimmar, the capital of the Horde, was overwhelmed by savage Trogg beast-men and barbaric cultists from the Ragefire Chasm. While the waves from the Chasm were quickly defeated by the city's defenses, a dark figure emerged from the volcanic depths - wielding a great, phasing axe, it brought ruin on the city's defenses, destroying the Cleft of Shadows with a single fell swoop. This being would be known as the Burning Crown - named for the ash and pitch said to cover it from head to toe after it would strike.” This whole thing is poorly written - in Discord, Sevencix informed us that the efforts of the Troggs were essentially a non-effect,so what we’re learning from his statement, combined with this line is - a handful of burning blade (keeping in mind, they’re not a significant force when compared to the Horde, which finds the majority of its remaining Orcish population, along with Horde-aligned ogres, Tauren, Trolls and the likes all stationed in Orgrimmar) and one big-boy defeated essentially the entirety of the Horde’s forces. Which makes absolutely zero sense. This needs to be adjusted, if you wish to keep the fallen Orgrimmar story going. And with the absolute ramming the Horde’s getting in Ashenvale and the likes from the Legion, the entire situation just screams that the Horde’s screwed, as you’ve annihilated 75% of their population / power base in Kalimdor, which is the bulk of the Horde overall. I don’t know enough about Troll lore to really make any comment on the next section. “The Warsong Clan have dug in. No longer receiving reinforcements from Orgrimmar they have had to become more or less independent in order to not be wiped out by the wild forces of Ashenvale. Instead of shipping their lumber off to the Horde, they have instead made the most of their situation, using their materials and experience in fortifying their hold in Kargathia Keep and supplying Splintertree Post with new walls and infrastructure, transforming a small lumber operation into a major defensive complex. With the absence of Thrall, a local general, Gargok has taken command of the Warsong - eager to see victory for the Warsong at whatever the cost, even if it means growing more and more independant of the Horde to the south.” I’ve little idea of who Gargok is, I can’t seem to find anything on him - to me Garok would’ve been a better alternative, as the second in command of the Kor’kron and a true Horde loyalist. Though, if he was put in command - I doubt he’d have went down the same path, as he’s one of those who oppose Garrosh later in the lore and stands with the rest of the Horde. So I’d imagine he’d continue to actively support the rest of the Horde. This division, regardless - seems like a poor move, though that could be due to IC ineptitude from Gargok. Dividing their forces leaves them open to being sandwiched by the Legion and Night Elves, who’d be more than eager to remove the Horde from their forests. Theramore. Theramore I don’t have a huge problem with - most of the starting issues have been resolved by player initiative and we’ve moved past the most meme-tier areas in it. Only problem for me is that they seem to be constantly finding new threats which seem to unendingly barrage the players. And the recent incident where Witch Hill’s forces were newly spawned is a bit suspect to me - given even on the old core, these NPCs didn’t exist - meaning, either Zusk has failed to communicate the situation to the other story-tellers and the builders from the beginning, or they’ve just been pulled out of thin air as a new antagonist. Kaldorei Baes. Twilight stuff’s always a dope inclusion, not argument with that. Old Gods really don’t get enough love, so I’m glad to see they’re getting some inclusion - but with the endless assault from the Legion, it seems like the good guys are being setup for defeat. Though thankfully things haven’t been moving too quickly, so it works for now. Distant Corners. I’m surprised Cairne wouldn’t take up the leadership of the Horde - despite even the threats his people face. It makes him seem so much different, given he owes not only his own life - but the lives of all his people to the Horde. It would make sense for him to serve as a unifying agent and to coordinate their efforts, if not only to repay the favour, but to also give them some semblance of organisation. Doctor Weavil stuff just confuses me dearly, not even going to comment, it just seems silly. I’m seriously surprised that Sylvannas hasn’t received word, in a world where you can simply portal from one place to another - you’d think someone would’ve thought, “Hey guys, maybe we should tell our allies across the sea we’re in trouble, maybe?” But yeah, I was told to contribute - and so I have. I’m not an all-around Lore expert, so some of this might be wrong - but from my perspective, this is some of the things that irk me and probably irk a few others.
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    An old rumor resurfaces in the Dustwallow marshlands and within the walls of Theramore itself. During the night of the 25th in the days of May, a terrible creature has been spotted wandering the northern parts of the marshland. A creature seen before, but lost to the efforts of war. Word reaches south from North Watch Point. The rumor is much like one from a long time ago. It speaks of a giant creature, clad in a heavy dark green suit of armor which reeks with the scent of brimstone and decaying flesh. The lumbering giant has four horns sprouting from its head, and on its back it carries a giant weapon of green blazing power. Its very eyes, corrupted to the point of where they burn with a green taint, stares out at the world with a hunger impossible to satisfy. The creature was spotted several times in the north, then a few times in the central eastern region of the marshes.
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    I will give my piece here, as I wrote the lore. Sorry for taking a while to reply! Seven didn't tell me he was posting this thread so it took me a while to collect my thoughts. ( The dweeb amirite? ) Firstly, before people get confused as to why I did things here and there understand that every decision I made for this lore - unlike previous phases was to discourage the types of negative roleplay that we have seen from Storytellers in previous phases. Mainly, the existence of Storyteller vs. Storyteller Conflict as seen in big battles such as the Ashenvale War in TMOG ( Another Private Server in the past ) and the Scarlet Monastery Siege as well as the whole Calia storyline in Legacy ( another private server in the past ). Having factions serve as active agents in the world puts them on the forefront of importance ahead of players, leading to phases being dictated and entirely determined by ST's regardless of their initiative. This applies to all factions equally, the Horde and Alliance and those generally more independent subfactions the Night Elves and Sindorei. This lore was primarily written to reduce those problems and put players on the primary throne of decision making - in some places such as Theramore I believe ultimately I was too rough in ensuring that players have control - my expectations for the setting clashing with players expectations for the themes of certain factions. Additionally, with this I wrote the factions in a way that players could obtain control over NPC's in a relatively easy fashion in comparison to the major roadblocks that existed in TMOG and Legacy. But, now that I have gotten that out of the way I will give a few clear points in a bulletin format to ensure proper readability. Blood Elf lore is specifically ambiguous, characters in Kalimdor do not know what is going on there. Some plans are written out for them mainly to deal with how split the community is on where their independence should be ( Nationalist Independent? Supportive of the Alliance? Supportive of the Horde? ). Players will learn more about it when we get to Eversong Woods. The Antagonist in Orgrimmar was the most carefully written aspect of this setting, everything from its emergence to dormancy to its location and motives has been done on purpose and is not a aspect of mistake on the staffs part. ( For a example of why we do not have a active antagonist like Ragnaros in Orgrimmar is because we did not want to have factions that are too active by themselves without player involvement in general. For those of you who played with the NPC 'General Twinbraid' this is a example of what I am trying to avoid. ) I wanted to avoid 'rule of cool' writing like what was in TMOG. Despite Ragnaros, Kel'Thuzad being awesome NPC's I have refrained from using big name antagonists in the lore so that players do not feel too shepherded into doing them. Even the biggest right now - Soggoth the Slitherer is mostly dormant as he slowly grows in Darkshore. Its important that players are not forced into a storyline. We saw in Legacy how forcing players into the Scarlet Monastery and Calia storyline proved to reduce player involvement more then help it. If anyone has any questions as to this post or requests clarification, feel free to PM me on the forums, on Discord or reply to this post directly here!
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    "We are guided by the strands of destiny... But it up to us to decide how the tapestry of out fate is finished" General Information Name: Shelia Starsky Age: 7155 Hair Color: Silver Markings: Claw Place of Birth: Ashenvale Forest Constitution: Slender History Shelia was born seven thousand years ago in Ashenvale to a Ralthar, a Druid of the Talon and Shaleene, a Huntress among the then newly formed ranks of the Sentinels. Having been born after the great wars and crises that plagued the Kaldorei people, Shelia had a less turbulent life than her parents, both veterans of the ancient wars of old. Shelia was taught and mentored by Shaleene with everything she could, her father having already joined the other druids in the Emerald Dream as she was born. From the very early beginnings it was obvious Shelia had a much different nature than her battle-hardened mother had expected of her. She lacked the stalward discipline of the female warriors, her gentle heart and inqusitive nature feeling more at place with books filled with stories or roaming the wildlife, lost in her thoughts. However, impressing her mother was everything in the world to Shelia, and so as she came of age the young Kaldorei set aside her wanderlust and underwent extensive martial discipline in hand to hand combat as well as archery in hopes of one day joining the Sentinels as her mother before her. Decades of hard laborr finally bore fruit as she was accepted into the rankings of the elite warriors, and it was for certain the proudest day of Shelia's life. The following centuries of Shelia's life are filled with service of the Sentinel army, undergoing the Long Vigil along with her sisters and keeping their sacred forests safe from intruders and would be threats. A changing moment in her life occured during a mission in the frozen lands of Winterspring. The breeding grounds of the Wintersrpnig Sabers were under threat from an amassing tribe of Yeties that were seeking to expand their territory. During a scouting mission Shelia witnessed a frostsaber being overwhelmed by several yeties whilst defending a small cub. The beat fell before Shelia could dispose of the attackers, but she managed to push them back enough to rescue the cub. The two were instantly bonded, and she adopted it as her own. She named the saber Ralthar, as a homage to the father she never truly knew, and the two have been inseparable since, Ralthar eventually growing into a large and ferocious companion for the woman. A turnig point in Shelia's life occured around two milennia after she was born, several centuries after she had risen to the esteemed rank of Huntress among the Sentinels. She was appointed as a ceremonial guard to the High Priestess during a ceremony of rememberance of those who fell in the War of the Ancients. Gazing upon Elune's chosen from close struck Shelia in awe as she gazed upon Tyrande, filled with endless admiration. Before her was a woman of endless love for her people, one who's very presence inspired and bolstered a rise in spirits, yet she was also a venerated leader and ferocious defender of the wilds. After the ceremony was concluded, Shelia set aside her glaive forever and joined the Sisterhood of Elune without a shadow of a doubt in her heart, despite her mother's spurn. She had finally found a place where she belonged in the Temple of the Moon. From the very beginning she took to the training with her full heart, spending countless hours leading upon the ways of the Priesthood, paying pilgrimages to sacred sites and meditating under the light of Elune. Centuries passed and Shelia progessively became a mature Priestess in her own right, known for her endless compassion and kindess and inexhaustible inner drive. However, as times changed and the peace of the Long Vigil came to an abrupt end during the War of the Shifting Sands. Not content with staying on the sidelines as other did battle, for her Sentinel past didn't give her peace, Shelia chose to fight alongside the forces Kaldorei on the front lines. Shelia fought bravely against the Silithid hordes, felling them with bow and arrows imbued with Elune's might in addition to mending the injured and trying to keep morale of the troops as high as she could. When the war was concluded with the sealing of Ahn'Qiraj, Shelia was bestowed the title of Priestess of the Moon among the Sisterhood. In the coming centuries Shelia resumed the Long Vigil, balancing her duties at the Tample with the responsibilities of the new rank. Nowadays she has ventured to Darkshore after hearing about the troubles there, whilst's attempting to figure out a way to assist with the troubles that have afflicted the Sisterhood of Elune and the High Priestess. Traits Vigilant: Shelia is a vigilant defender of the sacred groves of the Kaldorei, always on the lookout for dangers that could threaten the lands or her people. Kali'ra: Shelia's owl scout Kali'ra rarely leaves her side and acts like the Priestess's eyes and ears in places of possible danger. Ralthar: Shelia's frostsaber, Ralthar rarely leaves her side, acting both as a mount and battle companion, as well as her closest friend. Regalia: In battle, Shelia imbued silver armor inscribed with ancient runes and bathed in the light of the Temple of the Moon. Archer of Elune: In battle Shelia relies on her skill with the bow, assaulting enemies with arrows infused with Elune's holy light. Presence of the Sisterhood: Shelia is fully aware of her position as a Priestess of Elune. Therefore she always strives to inspire others and be a worthy representative of the Moon Goddess.
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    ♬ Name: Eire Silverleaf Occupation: Outrunner in service of the Cenarion Circle Age: 496 Height: 7’2” Weight: 270 lbs Place of Birth: Hyjal Summit Residence: Darkshore Marital Status: Married to Rados Wildbough Eire was born on the very footing of Mount Hyjal to Raela, a sentinel captain and Larenis, a Claw Druid father being a sibling to two much older brothers, Renis and Bortha. A family of tradition and pride of duty, the Silverleafs were lot known for their dedication towards protection of the sacred groves and honing the old ways of their people. The sanctity of Hyjal offered much of relative peace and quiet in a time not ravaged by wars and conflict, aiding in creating an utopia of a world for the young Eire where the enchanted forests and many shrines served as playgrounds, places to bask in the storytelling of elders that spoke of fables of old, of victories and defeats of the night elven kind, inspiring the youngling to strive for greatness and unity from her earliest years. In between the stories and leisure Eire underwent rigorous martial training Raela Silverleaf offered to her daughter, accepting no weakness and seeing but impressiveness in the girl’s future. Having been trained from a very young age it came natural to Eire to attempt to join the Sentinels - a quest in which she succeeded, soon becoming a scout, to her mother’s unending pride. Slowly - somewhat slower than her fellow novice siblings - but steadily she progressed through the training, enough to be sent to assignments around Northern Kalimdor, dealing with issues ranging from wildlife protection to rogue satyr appearances, but never anything major. It was after she attained her now position that the woman bonded with Rados Wildbough, a druid in making among the Moonglade’s sacred groves - the two came to form an impeccable fellowship over the years, one that thrived regardless of Eire’s duty as a scout and messenger that forced her away from their lands for weeks or months at a time. Seeking to spend more time with her beloved she offered her services to the Cenarion Circle, an organization that welcomed her skillset with open arms. As time passed and the rising dangers in Kalimdor became more apparent, Silverleaf traveled far and wide delivering messages for the druids, to both Desolace and Feralas alike, having scoured the land on her swift feet while assuring connections were kept untouched. With the Third War ravaging their lands and their immortality lost, the night elves sought new purpose in securing their groves from the aggravating assaults of the newly-formed Horde and their position within the Alliance - such, however, did not thrive long, for the recent resurgence of the Twilight Hammer and forces of the Old Gods haunt the Kaldorei. With that in mind, Eire remains within Darkshore, working with the Cenarion Circle to get to the bottom of the emerging Nightmare influences that seek to isolate and destroy her people. Steadfast Eire is committed to her work as a messenger and a scout, and she seems to be considering never failing to deliver a missive as a point of honor. Swift and Silent Naturally agile and fast on her feet she knows how to move around without being seen. The speed of her stride is beyond impressive and to keep up the pace poses a challenge to her companions. Reliable The safety of her companions and allies is her highest priority, so is carrying their burdens when needed. Careful Thinking twice before doing anything and avoiding direct encounters the woman is known for her overly-cautious nature, much unlike her mate’s infamous carelessness. Anxious Loss of immortality, the taste of sickness and constant threats looming within her homeland make Eire a woman of constant nervousness and tension.
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    Rules of a Warband. Each warband is very different from one another. It could be outfits, custom and origin. However, the rules of the Horde applies to the warband as it does any other aspect of the faction under red and black. The most important part is that you cannot be member of several warbands, your allegiance belongs to a single individual in that regard, the warband's leader. The duties and code are as follows; - The leader holds no power to enforce punishment or death to a fellow horde under your protection. Unless you hold a rank of official horde military, the earliest is 'sergeant'. Mind even so, you must inform your superiors of your deeds and a possible replacement, should the right arise. - An unhappy member of the warband can leave it, by denouncing its name and leader- however do not do this often, as it may portray you as indecisive and unreliable to other warbands or even commanders. - What is perhaps more important is the code of the mak'gora(Thrall's version), unless one's honor has been smudged or hurt to the extend that the other party finds it nonexistent, you cannot invoke the sacred trial of combat, unless you hold the right position of command. An example would be that a grunt cannot practice this to a general. However if he gains the support of his squad, he may invoke the mak'gora to his sergeant, as the sergeant is the grunt's closest superior. OOC Just use your common sense, you cannot go about killing other members of the Horde on a whim or invoke mak'gora to everyone that doesn't agree with you. (Mind this is a work in progress, as its use has risen by the current situation regarding the subject of "Warbands" any questions you have- you may direct them to me.)
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    I honestly think that instead of splitting into 3 groups horde roleplayers should be really looking to form a single thing altogether really, without spreading thin. But that's just my opinion.
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    Taming the Marsh A Theramore Campaign thread “Citizens of Theramore, the time has come to grasp the mantle of our destiny and wretch it from the hands of this hostile continent. It was never enough to sit in our fortified walls and pray for the Light to deliver us; only with strong backs, and stronger convictions, can we begin to build the new Lordaeron.” ~ Acting Lord Selwyn Lewis The purpose of this thread is to function as an archive for the series of events Theramore has planned over the next few weeks. Event dates and times will be posted below a day or so before they will happen. Anyone interested in participating should contact myself (Selwyn), Horadin (also his in-game name) or Scorpio (Brayden) and you’ll be added to the Theramore Discord. Elements such as redshirts are encouraged with ST recognition and support. Phase 1: Consolidation Seize Witch Hill back from the hands of the corruptive Witch Coven. Negotiate a settlement for the return of refugees from Alcaz Isle. Begin construction of the Proudmoore Dam to irrigate the marsh around Witch Hill. Negotiate the resumption of shipments of colonists and refugees from Stormwind. Discover the fate of Lady Proudmoore. Send marines to re-garrison Lost Point and discover the fate of the Deserters. Phase 2: Congregation Begin settlement of marsh areas around Sentry Point. Establish permanent road links with North Point and other outlying towers. Deal with the Defias insurgency on Kalimdor. Investigate the mysterious events of the Shady Rest Inn. Sanctify and construct a monastery atop the former Blackheart Fortress. Phase 3: Our Destiny ‘Deal with’ the Ogres of Brackenwall. Finish construction of the Proudmoore Dam. Squash the pirate threat to Northwatch Keep. Begin construction of the Menethil Dam south of Lost Point. Phase 4: Building the New Lordaeron Aid in the efforts of settlers in the marsh. Colonise significant portions of Northern Dustwallow. See irrigation efforts bear fruit. Investigate the Wyrmbog.
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    AVAST YE! A ship donning the white colors of Theramore has struck down a boat of the Venture CO! Captain Brayden of the Theramore Marines has openly admitted to hostility against the Venture CO during the raid. The supply to Theramore from Venture CO. was cut and various letters were dispatched to the necessary people. The Captain of Venture CO. claimed that the crew of the rogue vessel in question also chanted for the victory of Theramore. The Ventur CO. ship was sunk and the entire crew bar four members were murdered in cold blood! This calls for a full-scale embargo should the uncertainty remain. (( PMs will be sent soon ))
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    Although, the city was full of guttural cries, screams and roars from the festival beneath the pale moon, there were very little of it making itself heard inside the makeshift throne room of the prince. Instead, the crackling sparks of fires and the moaning Kaldorei was prominent. It was far from a pleasurable moan, and in truth something more like a painful weeping full of blood and saliva. Yet, the prince was delighted beyond explanation at the symphony played by his new favourite captive. Such music could never be found anywhere else in the world. Such wonderful strokes of tunes to the rhythm of his ritualistic fires. It was ancient art in a truly revealed manner, and it was all for him. However, his captive was not able to keep his magnificent eyes upon her, for one of his subjects approached. Whenever one of his lesser subjects would approach, they would lower themselves to an almost crawl, as they entered the throne room with stuttering humble voices and shaking clawed hands. The prince loved their frightened voices, but never revealed it, for what was he if not superior to all others before him? And, no royalty needed lower themselves to please the filth and muck of bastard children. The young subject placed its head against the damp grass beneath them, for he dared not look upon his prince, in fear of what horrible consequence might follow for such reckless actions. “My prince! Let me first say how honoured I am to be in your presence yet again, and I am humbled by your magnificence and magnitude!” The messenger’s voice was high pitched and hoarse like most of kin, and his curved horns had reached an impressive length for his age. The prince grunted quietly in acknowledgement of his subject, but not his words. “I come bearing word of the lands beyond your borders. Word that weighs heavily upon my lesser mind. I have served you at your pleasure, and now seek to speak freely in your presence. The news regards the warlord in the southern lands, and the lord of the temple in the east!” Of all nights the messenger could have returned, he had chosen the night of the festival. A night which was supposed to be a feast of flesh, blood and new powers granted by the eyes. It was a night for celebration and pleasure, not for thoughts of nuisances and mortals stabbing at his greatness like busy mosquitoes. However, a prince’s duty to his people was never over, and he grunted once more in a deep rumbling voice. The messenger continued. “The warlord in the south is dead. Slaughtered by the mortals from beyond the high white walls, but he was able to carry out the assignments given to him by the masters.” The prince smiled, but like everything else in his city it was far from anything resembling the ordinary gestures. His lips curled up in a slow wet motion, showing all of his large yellow fangs, while saliva dripped from his lower lip, and trickled down into his thick beard. It was a smile of arrogance as thick as oil. “But news from the east are troublesome, my prince. The lord in the temple has only supplied us with a single Sentinel for your personal harem, while our scouts report he let another go, and have met with mortals from the sea. They gave him a ship and weapons. The one he let go had eyes like yours. An ideal subject for breeding strong warriors, my prince.” The prince’s hooves clacked loudly, as he rose from his throne of bronze, bone and stone. He smacked his subject across the face, drawing blood as his corrupted claws ripped his flesh open. The subject wailed loudly, and was swiftly removed from the prince’s presence by large Legashi warriors. He didn’t harm his subject, because he was infuriated of the situation in the east, but because the inferior creature had assumed, if the news would be troublesome for him. Of course, the news was troublesome, but the lesser subjects in his princedom had to remember their place, and he would save his anger for the mortals. He regarded his living music box for a moment with his slit eyes burning bright with the Fel. She was still laying in the dirt inside her cage, made specifically from the bones and hair of her own kinsmen, so she might realize how highly the prince thought of her. She was desperately clambering both her hands against her stomach, where he had cut her. It was far from a lethal wound, for the prince had exquisite experience and talent with his blade, and knew exactly where and how deep he could slice without killing her. Besides, she would bear him sons when he grew bored of her, and a dead concubine bears no sons. He sat down on his throne again. For a moment he almost lost all thought of where he was, and began laughing quietly in the back of his throat. Every part of his body was shivering with ecstasy and delight, for the time had come for his great war to begin. In that second, he had a brilliant thought. I should invite my enemies to gaze upon my magnificence...
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    Garden Society Notice All members of the Garden society are asked to devote at least one fifth of their plot to herbs for use in the infirmary. The Society never shrinks from the common good! Sir Glerad Aurelius Chairman of the Theramore Gardening Society
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    Doctor's Orders! (URGENT) All those who are willing and able to bring me a steady supply of herbs will be paid one silver per bag upon delivery to the infirmary! The herbs in question are as follows: Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Earthroot, Liferoot, Khadgar's Whisker, Briarthorn, Goldthorn, Kingsblood, Stranglekelp, Steelbloom and Swiftthistle. If you have any questions in regards to how to identify the herbs and necessary safety precautions, come by the infirmary for a brief lesson. I will also pay fifty copper for every CLEAN bedsheet brought to the infirmary. Signed, -Doctor Hophne Emsworth
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    The following poster would be plastered through Theramore.
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    A rather down-and-out looking man makes his way into the baffling coin with a blunderbuss in one hand and a couple of rather crude posters in the other. Upon entering he'd walk with the blunderbuss pointed down onto the floor in a passive manner before walking over to the notice board and hammering one in with a rusty nail before doing the same upon the wall behind the bar taking care not to make contact with or damage the paintings. Glancing up from your drink capable of burning through an Orcish juggernaught's hull you read the following: "Work wanted Ex-gilnean patriot with assorted skills for unplesant or dangerous tasks Further information as to tasks willing to undertake can be discussed in private with utmost discresion Suggest anything remotely sexual and i'll hammer a 6 inch nail through your kneecaps Will work for either minimal pay or no pay with food, provisions and lodgings Look for 'Woodbreeze' or leave a not here at the baffling coin"
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    Finally some refreshing news and stories hit Theramore again, as Marines once held prisoners by the Feltotem in the north, have returned to embrace their families once more. Five prisoners, although in sorry states, returned after a successful mission in the north was carried out. Some people say it was the Lieutenant Brayden who went on a solo mission into the village, and through his strength, prowess, cunning and intelligence, he managed to outsmart the foul Rodan the Blackhearted, and left with five of his people. However, some say that is just flattered noble ladies' speech who have never seen nor felt the thick atmosphere of battle. Other stories tell that Brayden was accompanied by the Lord Regent himself, but many dismiss that as utter nonsense. Darker stories say that Brayden Browne may have cut a deal with the Feltotem, and that the release of the prisoners is actually just another piece in the Legion's puzzle. But, concerned citizens are calmed by Marines from the military, who say the release of the prisoners was indeed the result of cunning and strength. Rejoice Theramore.
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    PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT REGISTRATION OF MAGIC USE It has come to the attention of the Tower of Theramore that certain individuals are RECKLESSLY MISUSING the GIFT of magical aptitude to DABBLE IN FORBIDDEN ARTS and evade custody. In an effort to encourage the RESPONSIBLE use of magic, the Tower now requires all magic users within the city to REGISTER with the Tower and be provided with a license in order to be able to freely practice magic within the city. FURTHERMORE, excessive and unnecessary use of magic is forbidden within city limits. Illusion magic - except for the purposes of the Council of Theramore and with the approval of the Tower - is also forbidden within city limits. Penalties for unregistered magic use include everything from FINES to TEMPORARY DETAINMENT. REGISTRATION CAN BE CONDUCTED AT THE OFFICE OF MEDIATION WITHIN THE TOWER OF THERAMORE. ALL MAGIC USERS ARE EXPECTED TO HAVE REGISTERED WITHIN A WEEK OF THIS BULLETIN BEING ISSUED.
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    Would anyone be interested in creating a Centaur Clan in the Barrens with me? Imagine a nomad clan of raiders, terrorizing the steppes of the Barrens and raiding settlements/trade caravans. Despite having a rather rich culture and religious traditions they're often left neglected in RP, and since a lot of the RP is taking place in the Barrens, and neighboring areas, why not try it? It would create a lot of roleplay, for both Alliance and Horde players and give room for a lot of character progression the those who'll join the Centaur Clan group.
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    A hooded figure clad in all black and white garments enters the tavern in the darkest hour of the night. Whilst the figure could easily be mistaken for a malign neer-do-well, she could be recognized as Doctor Emsworth. She'd hang a few posters up in choice locations, delivering a message written with an immaculate handwriting. "To Whomever it might concern. If you happen to stumble upon strange, unmarked vials filled with mystery substances in the street, gutter, on tables or in someone else's pockets, I would urge you not to consume it as it might contain harmful toxins. Should you, by some unfortunate means, have consumed or intend to consume such substances in the foreseeable future, follow these steps: Induce vomiting, through whatever means necessary. Drink lots of water. Eat COOL charcoal. After completing these steps, please stop by the infirmary for a check-up." -Signed, Doctor Hophne Emsworth
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    A prominent sign would be placed along the Theramore bulletin board. "DARING EXPLORERS OF THERAMORE - THE EXPLORER'S LEAGUE IS REQUESTING AID WITH A EXCAVATION QUEST. EVER WANT GLORY, HONOR AND WEALTH BEYOND IMAGINE? SIR RENO JACKSON WILL BE LEADING A EXPEDITION INTO THE HEART OF THE RECENTLY-RAIDED RAZORFEN KRAUL IN ORDER TO SEEK OUT THE FAMOUS MAW OF HERIBALD THE MAD. FREE TRAVEL WILL BE PROVIDED VIA FLYING MACHINE TO AND FORM BAEL MODAN. BE AT THE MAGE TOWER THIS SATURDAY! Sponsored by Bael Modan Industries" OOC info: Will take place Saturday the 27th at the Magetower of Theramore 3PM EST. The Flying Machine can only fit *six* players - first come first serve! Message me privately if you wish to reserve a seat!
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    A Public Service Announcement from the Council of Theramore DON'T DOUBT OR POUT (or 'Internal Security') Do you feel beligerent about the direction Theramore is taking? Much rather stick your sword in Orcs than in the BURNING LEGION? Then it is possible you are being targeted by the mental perversion of the Nathrezim, our ETERNAL ENEMY, as he seeks to draw the world and our fair city to ruin! Did you know that recent KIRIN TOR studies have linked Nathrezim presences to large increases in the DISEASE of DEFEATISM AND DESERTION Before you dissent, it is important you consider whether your actions are truly your own.
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    Here in Tales, we expect players to shoot high, and I'd go as far to say that we're quite prepared to handle things like that. So if you plan to one day to sit on the throne of Orgrimmar, listen up. We expect first and foremost that players write a character plan about what they seek to achieve and how they seek to do so. Then a storyteller will comment with ideas, possible changes and whether it is possible at all. After that, you can always, and I mean, always ask around if an ST have time to help you progress through something. This can be everything from asking NPCs or hosting an event, just keep communications going. SO PLEASE USE THIS. This has before been called nepotism, but it isn't really if everyone have access to it. So make use of it and have fun. That's pretty much how we expect players to handle progression, do keep in mind that there will never be a storyline for a character that won't have bumps in the road. This can be everything from NPC interference to player interaction, so don't expect the plan will go the way you want it, even better, don't expect you succeed. So get out there and do progression children! I will nepo all who roll Horde. -Sevencix