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    The Alarmingly Productive Development Blog #1 Hey y'all. Welcome to the first of hopefully many development blogs where I will on one end slowly descend into a constant nightmare of endless fear and paranoia and eventually go insane, and on the other explain the server's progress from a technical point of view. In this part, we'll go over the world that has been built to cater to the setting, which you can by the way find here. Theramore In the setting, Theramore is supposed to be a complete shithole of an existence due to lack of leadership. After a serious attack, much of the city lies in ruins, and depression runs deep in the streets. Big props to Moon for building the majority of this mess. The Crossroads Due to minor complications (namely that Orgrimmar has fallen), the Horde has moved its capital to the Crossroads. Due to the fact that most of the survivors have crashed here after Orgrimmar and Razor Hill, Zusk took up arms to make it look like a fortified and overrun version of the Crossroads. Northwatch Hold Having been taking over by Venture Co., Northwatch now serves as a pale shadow of its former self as a den of vile dealings and villain clubs. Many props to Liz who mainly worked on this (I think??) and put her heart into this piece of decorating. Yes, I will probably interfere with ERP in this place. Watch out y'all. Ratchet We stole Bonkle's Ratchet edit. xoxo thanks bonkle boi <3 Now, there's a lot more out there that we've built. But go explore, and see if there isn't any interesting spots to RP. Thanks to our builders that did the minor touches on areas not shown in this post, y'all lifesavers. Now, I'm going to go and be a corrupt administrator now. Adios nerds.
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    1) inb4 copyright infringement 2) in the style of the old
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    Hello guys and gals- I'm a friend of Sevencix(cries). I've come from legacy and Warbound, both meeting their untimely end roundly two months after i and another coming player started. Hopefully we'll do better with your project that we both are looking forward to partake in. Thats pretty much it, if you want more info Seven' is more than happy to talk behind my back, if not- feel free to PM, so i can harass you personally like that arrogant prick i am. Cheers! -Solomons.
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    NAME: Lodgram CLASS: Rogue RACE: Dwarf AGE: 42 HEIGHT: 5'3" WEIGHT: 195 lbs BIRTHPLACE: Khaz Modan ORIENTATION: Bearded Women OCCUPATION: Currently Unemployed PROFESSION: Bare-knuckle Boxer AFFILIATION: None to speak of (currently) PROFICIENCY: Eating, Drinking, Fighting FAVORITE FOOD: Knuckle Sandwich TITLE: Baron Lodgram Von Hammerfist Standing at a whopping five feet three inches tall with defined muscles, this is a rather large dwarf. Covered from knuckles to biceps in what appears to be raggedy blood-stained bandages with a shit-eating grin spread across his face, he has clearly been through some shit and seems to enjoy it. Growing up an orphan in Stormwind, this dwarf was always getting into trouble and fighting with the other orphans. Having little to no desirable qualities for any potentially adoptive family, he watched many of the other children get adopted, including his younger brother. After that the feeling of being undesirable kicked in and he ran away, catching the earliest tram to Ironforge. He quickly joined a street gang in hopes of finding somewhere he might fit in, and quickly rose to the rank of enforcer. After beating up anyone the gang asked him to for a few years, he eventually got in two deep and almost died when he was ambushed by his target. Surviving this attack, the gang realized the potential beating this dwarf could handle and started placing him in underground bare-knuckle boxing matches, where they would have him intentionally take a dive in a certain round to maximize their profits. After accidentally knocking out two opponents, in a row, the gang began placing bets on him as the winner of his matches. Almost three years he was undefeated, when he began to realize how much profit he was losing by fighting on behalf of the gang. Realizing the extent of which he was being used, he ran away once more and caught the earliest tram back to Stormwind. After shaving his head and beard and changing his name to Lodgram, hoping to conceal his identity from the gang and any authorities, he began enrolling himself into any and all bare-knuckle boxing matches around the South Eastern Kingdom. His reputation began to grow and he got the nickname Lodgram the Hammerfist, because of the strength behind the punches he landed. In his free time he would freelance as a bodyguard, using his reputation as his resume. After years of being an Old Town vagabond, his cover eventually got blown and was forced to flee to Kalimdor. Alcoholic Functioning alcoholic, but is almost always inebriated in some way Masochist Derives an abnormal amount of pleasure from harming others Hot-Headed Easily angered by even the smallest or unintentional gesture Impulsive Quick to act before considering any of the consequences Stubborn Not likely to give up without one hell of a fight Loyal When given a purpose, he is loyal to a fault
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    If I have time, I'd definitely be up for forum rp. If needed, I can create a subforum for forum RP. Just not right now
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    Going to keep this thread pinned for the future and go set up another thread for progress tracking of the campaign, since there's a fairly clear winner here.
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    Muh 40K. In seriousness I've been wanting to be part of a Only War campaign for a long while and would very much be interested in hearing more.
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    polymorphs the dragon this is fun, I like polymorphing dragons.
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    I'd definitely love a Starwars RPG thing set in the Old Republic era, that'd be cool The Droid variety in the Old Republic is great, so the "More than just circuits" campaign there would be epic. You can use HK assassin droids and such. But the Ryloth thing also sounds fun, I'm up for either.
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    More than just Circuit
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    I'm torn between More than just Circuits and Prophets and Prophecy.
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    Hanah Beckett Basic: Age: 19 Proffesion: Former footman, Escaped Indentured Servant Birthplace: Southshore, Lordaeron Race: Human Alignment: Chaotic Good Affliliation: Theramore Current Location: Stonetalon Mountain Religion: The Holy Light Apperance: A tall figure, light skin and a well trained body, worthy of any who calls themselves a guardsman of Theramore, carrying more than afew recent scars from the seige of Northwatch Hold. Her usual proud posture has slackend sagnificantly since her army days, and her long blonde hair, gathered into a pony tail, usually wellkept, has much more ruffled and dirty as of late, much like the rest of her. Her blue eyes do not shine with the naive hope of her youth, but darts around nervously, allways on the watch. She no longer carries a smile on her lips, wearing a more hardend determined look instead. Personality: Once Meredith was a lively, bright young woman, happy and secure in her own future, a diciplined loyal soldier. The recent siege, and sudsequent enslavement has shattered her world view though, and the harsh treatment, feeling of betrayal and lack of freedom making her farless trusting, more cautious, and willing to do what ever is nessecary to ensure her own survival History: Hanah hails from Lordaeron, though her parents were refugees from Stormwind, arriving in the northwen Kingdoms following the conclusion of the First war. In the north Hanah was raised to be strong and proud, to take every setback with stride and to trust in mankind, when it faced its greatest threat. When the Horde sailed North her father was amongst the first to fall, slain by Orcish skirmishers in Hillsbrad, devistating Hanah, who grew to hate the orcs even as the war ended, and the orcs grew docile in captivity. She grew up around the orcs, working as a stablehand in one of the many intermentcamps, wisely choosing to stay home after the first few camps were raided, instead working on the docks of Southshore until a cold pressence sweept across Northern Lordaeron, flooding Southshore with refugees telling stories of the dead rising from their graves. Soon word reached Stratholme had been butchered, the wast majority of the citiezenry slaugthered to a man, frightning Hanah, who when word reached that Jaina Proudmoore was leading an expedition across the sea, left Lordaeron behind with mer mother, sailing to Kalimdor aboard one of the ships in Jaina's fleet. Arriving in Kalimdor, she stayed behind in Dustwallow as Jaina lead an army to Stonetalon, helping to build up what would become the City of Theramore. After the war, and the terrible assult on Theramore Hanah feelt she could not stand on the sidelines, joining the Theramore Army as a footman and ending up serving in Northwatch, joining it's garrison in protecting Theramore from any incursion from the north. Then came the siege by the pirates, lasting months. Without any support, or word from Theramore the garrison dvindled, due to the fighting or starvation, to a dousin men and their commander, Captain Fairmount. She grew hopeful when relief finally arrived, from the Venture Co. of all places, but this hope was quickly snuffed out when the morning after their rescue she, along with her comrades were shipped off north to "pay off their debt", and she was forced to dig the earth in Stonetalon, as a Venture Co. indentured Servant. Having enough, she's been sharpening her shovel, watching her foreman, waiting for him to turn his back on her.
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    I wish I still could write backgrounds this simple and straight to the point. I'd have finished my characters long ago if I could. BTW, you're making a Fatstrider noob and I'm making a Farstrider Veteran, deffinetly looking forward to RP with you!
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    As some of you might've noticed, we have changed the theme to our desired one (Big thanks to the donator, Nojaw for buying it for us!) So all entries are permitted modifications until end of this month (Feb 28th) where I will decide which logo will be the winner and reap all rewards, as well 2nd and third place! Great entries so far! Hopefully I will see some more before 28th!
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    Ah, so you were the new guy in the thrid tree to the left of his house? Any way, Love your art submition, I think you'll do great here.
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    Welcome to the forums! You seem to be good at Photoshop/art.. (hopefully) if so, then please do check out here: If not, then nevermind also can you give me some of Sevencix's secrets so I can use it against him please? Thanks : D
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    What a useless administrator. Why we did even make you admin smh
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    Seven, you can't just say two words! What a shitty administrator... Anyway, as Sevencix said, Off-Topic discussion is for anything else that is not related to ToW. Of course, you have to follow the rules there as well, only moderation is a bit more relaxed there and post count doesn't count there. If you want to add any forums to it or catergories or whatever, just drop a thread in http://www.talesofwarcraft.com/index.php?/forums/forum/24-staff-private-discussion/ Hopefully that helps you out. ^^ (See Seven? That's HOW you do this!)
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    I can neither confirm nor deny the Rightous Fleet of Holy Fire. Jokes aside, we have plans for what you'll find, not we'll be telling those stories while you're not there.
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    Hello all! Welcome to Tales of Warcraft's forums! We just finally finalized few of details regarding to this forums. All of this would not be possible without hardworking team at Tales of Warcraft who has been toiling away for quite few months! Now we have finally true, an actual forum (we used prophpbb forums boards before! I can say it's huge upgrade from that to this.) Of course, this would not be possible without giving huge thanks to Chris (Killaboss) for kindly giving us the forums, but also even bigger thanks to Falafel who originally paid for the forums long time ago! Now, before you jump into and rant about how terrible our staff is, please make sure check our rules the link is below: Not only that, but we also have developed tentative combat system but it is still work in progress! Here's the link: If you have any feedback, we'll welcome it with open arms! Lastly, but not the least, our current team roster: We're excited about getting our server online, soon a Development Diary will be released to let you to know of our progress and how far along we have done! Cheers, Tales of Warcraft team
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    Iv been around, so of course ill be around here too xD. Will be interesting to see if this gets anywhere or if it goes the way of every other recient attempt at a server since the close of legacy
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    Hey we got the server up, a patch, an almost complete world and forums! Oh and uh... Welcome?
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    well excuse me for studying for something important
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    I'm down for Warhammer, either one. Starwars, really only intrested in the droid one, I mean who even gives a shit about Night Sisters or a race of perfect slaves?
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    what a pleb
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    nice a fancy target dummy
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    <sharpens butchering knife>
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