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    BRAYDEN BROWNE OF BLACKWOOD “A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood.” - Lieutenant Browne sharing his philosophy on the topic of war with Sir Gauthier. "Born under the blackened branches of the Elder Tree; Brayden has overcome much in the face of his father's lunacity. I pity him, I do, for I fear what shall become him once we reach Proudmoore's promised haven." - Magus Eldric Rhone, during the Reign of Chaos. ♪ NAME Brayden Browne AGE Twenty-Four BIRTHPLACE Blackwood, Lordaeron OCCUPATION Lieutenant of Theramore TITLES Lieutenant AFFILIATION Lord Selwyn, Military of Theramore ALIGNMENT Lawful Evil MARITAL STATUS Single TRAITS & FLAWS Disciplined - Years of education and time within various military regiments has made formed Brayden into a disciplined man when it comes to managing his own demeanour whether it be in a difficult situation or an evening stroll throughout the city. Conscientious - Brayden ensures that his work is of the best quality he could provide in any given scenario. This was embedded into his personality from hours of hard work following his recent rise to power through the military of Theramore, leading to a want of providing the best work he could possibly provide. Patient - Despite his contradicting flaw of being an enraged man at times, his years in the military addressing his superiors has led him to form a sense of adequacy, abling to shield his anger whenever the need arises where he must control his tone of voice. Content - Brayden has no real motivation to progress within his profession and is seemingly content with his current rank. Having shown the ability to point out his flaws and inexperience, he turned down the rank of Captain and offered the Council a suitable candidate who holds more experience than him. Devious - The stressful duties of being a senior officer of the military have taken a toll on the young man that he now utilises a skilful use of underhand less-direct tactics to achieve his goals and duties, having little regard to the method used so long as he achieves his intended goal. Wroth - Brayden may be a patient man, however, even a patient man has his limits. Even if he might be slow to anger, constant errors and mistakes in his line of work have yielded a sternness bordering on utter anger. Domineering - Brayden leaps forward at the chance of taking control of a situation whenever the opportunity rises. He likes to exert his domineering demeanour over plumpy rascals and remind them how much of a pitiful excuse they are to the world and society.
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    Your post is a cute attempt to put a slant on your OOC feelings on an IC issue. Here, flatly, is what you did; An order was given by the Sergeant to vacate the prison after the Council made the decision that the improvised dungeon (because our fucking cellar is -still- full of rubble for some reason and we have no other place to put prisoners) was to be treated like a fucking dungeon whilst a prisoner was inside of it and half the city shouldn’t be allowed to freely walk up and gawk at the prisoner. Your character, acting on her personal mistrust of the officer attending the scene, refused to comply with the order because of her personal objections. I do not object to your right to do this IC and OOC. I support you in your roleplay. Do what you feel like. What I don’t like is when people whinge like fucking children when they then receive the consequences of their character making a stupid decision. When the officer attempted to escort you away, you drew your weapons. On an officer of the law. If I were to pull a knife on a police officer as they were attempting to escort me away, I’d be fucking tackled and arrested. The logical next step to you drawing your weapons is ‘Arrest her’, but I decided; you know what, her character is a squire. Sewlyn acknowledges she’s young. We’ll just order her escorted away. When we ordered the guards of the city our guild represents (and Selwyn in turn holds power over) to detain your character, a GM - misinterpreting a rumour post - assumed our authority over the military had somehow completely eroded over night and had the guards not only refuse to detain someone that just drew weapons in refusing to deny an officer enforcing the law, but walk the hell away. Whilst the staff weighed up that misconception, I decided this was too fucking stupid and walked, flagging up Sevencix to handle the situation. Then, thinking you were clever (you’re not) you just waited for Gauthier to walk onto your spear and assumed that you wouldn’t be legally prosecuted for assault. Try that on any law enforcement official in the world. ‘He walked onto my blade and died, I’m not responsible’. See how far that gets you. If you stopped for one second to stop ruminating upon how genius your idiotic loophole was, perhaps you’d have employed common sense and realised this wouldn’t wash anywhere outside of your head. So now you’ve injured a member of the law enforcement of the city you’re in, and the next logical step is detention to stop this idiocy. We attempted an attack immediately because we assumed your character wouldn’t resist (as she’d made clear she ‘wasn’t resisting’ in that oh so smug attempt to justify herself); when Seven enforced haste requirements, we complied. Your attempt to miscontrue our attack into anything malicious is wasted, because if we’d just wanted an outright gank the logical thing to do would have been to just wait. We outnumbered you, anyway. It’s clear you weren’t going to win. But instead of surrendering to the threat of force, you lashed out and struck the head of government. Finally, out of any and all patience, my character (who was already irritable for circumstances the DM Solomons can verify) ordered your execution without a trial because a large crowd of people had just witnessed you hit Selwyn, and your actions were utterly indefensible. I’m extremely fucking sorry to my members that had to witness this spectacle, and Gauthier in particular. I’m also sorry for Sevencix having to clean up after your attempt to punch above your character’s weight. This attempt at crying wolf is pathetic, and now we have to live with negative consequences in our city because of your idiotic decision making, when logically this would have been acceptable to most parties.
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    Yo I did a superquickie edit for Theramore and this is the result. I focused on just generally adding to the size of Theramore a bit while keeping the original feel. There's a few side gates added that lead to bits of side-swamp added to the main island for the more shadier aspects of society or just as safe places for fishermen to embark from and dockworkers to gather and go about their business. Here's some screenies. EXCUSE THE RAIN, SEVEN WON'T GIVE ME POWERS SO I COULDN'T TURN IT OFF. But hey, if it looks good in the rain it'll look even better in nice weather. Some added house areas, some with gardens. I also filled the natural "back areas" that form from leftover space with nice nature looking bits. Here's one of the side gates leading to a swampy side-bit. Where the gate leads to (gate is to the right). The swamp area is not that big and is not connected to the main swamp so it doesn't break the "safe" feeling Theramore has. It has a decrepit graveyard area as well: Next to the graveyard is another small sidegate leading to a chapel area, because some people pointed out to me that Theramore is lacking a faith area. The dock also got a change, with a boulevard-style wall. To the far side is a small building I'm planning on turning into a rough sailor bar. And there's now a town hall with a little courtyard for official occasions such as: court proceedings, general administration, executions, climactic dreadlord reveals. That's it for now. It's not a MAJOR edit and it's not super detailed but I've only worked on it for a day and a half so it's decent. I can't promise it'll make it in-game, that's up to the staff bigjobs. TO STAFF: IF YOU WANT IT JUST LEMME KNOW AND I'LL SEND YOU THE PATCH.
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    Obvious rant here and the only reason I haven't posted it sooner is because I thought that the event where Kipp got made the Hand of O'ros got retconned the day it happened. Do I even need to make an argument about why this is stupid and should be retconned? First off, You made someone the "Hand" of an entity that doesn't have hands. Secondly, one of the wisest beings on the planet has for some reason made a random adventurer that it has met once its official representative on Azeroth. Not one of the 35,000 year old Draenei who saw their entire race genocided and stuck with it. Not one of those Draenei who have devoted their entire existence over thousands of years to the service of O'ros and the worship of it as a deity, no, fuck those guys. Instead, O'ros the all wise has chosen for its official representative on Azeroth some random fucking 20 something adventurer human who it met once because he walked one Draenei home through Ashenvale. The reasoning? Because it read its mind and he was a good guy and devoted to the destruction of the Legion. I mean, nevermind that it has literally an entire race of 30,000 year old experienced warriors who have provided it with millennia of service and have devoted their existence to the same thing, let's just give it to fucking Kipp. I mean I pity anyone who's currently playing a Draenei and who has to treat Kipp IC as the official and correctly appointed Hand of O'ros. It must be incredibly stupid having to pay the enormous respect afforded by such an appointment to some 20 year old adventurer character. And as if that's not stupid enough, he's also been appointed a Diplomat. A Diplomat representing who? No one but himself! Who else? Apparently on this server Diplomatic status is in actual fact not something which is conferred upon a few trusted and carefully chosen senior representatives who have a specific job to represent their faction in discussion, apparently on this server because of ST decree all Diplomacy between the two biggest factions on Azeroth - The Horde and Alliance - is funneled through two random adventurers, Kipp and Nerarrii, for no good reason whatsoever. Seriously STs, you need to think before you hand out important titles to characters who have no sensible reason whatsoever for holding those titles. This isn't a hate thread against Kipp and Nerarrii, it's a thread about how it's stupid that this was done in the first place and even stupider that it wasn't retconned. Kipp rightly points out that his character isn't going to say no to a Naaru, but it shouldn't have been offered in the first place.
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    Well. I am absolutely horrid at using forums, but I will do my best to explain my thoughts/feelings and make a full statement regarding how I believe the Amy situation is regarded. I will state it here first. My original character for Tales that you all know and meme, Amy, was utter shite. Her creation did not even have a character description. This led me to care less about the level of RP in regards to her and I fully accept that this has also been the case many times in the past. I have not often created a full description or even put effort into the roleplaying of my characters. That said, I would like for you to give me a chance to show you that I am not complete and utter shit with Eleanor. I do understand I am not the most expert at OOC knowledge of matters such as the Arcane and Montague called me out on this. I accept I was completely in the wrong and my lack of knowledge led me to roleplay a little overpowered. I will now detail my side of the Amy situation. Initially, I highly accept that I acted far out of line, spamming STs and GMs with annoyance, just because I had to wait 35 hours. I will add that this amount of time was allowed by myself to be waited. I could have logged off at any point but was waiting for a player to come on, that could have had a chance at fixing the situation. This is what drove me to go immediately to the members of the staff and not attempt to talk it out with the players, as they're involved. After a while, I realized that the situation was not going to get better on my end and this annoyed me further. With information that had been passed to me about, frankly, some people memeing around in a discord/raid/party, I took those words far too seriously and passed those on to the staff also. That just got to me, because it made me believe this sort of thing was happening all the time without fail or stopping. In short, I began to become highly self-conscious about the words being said and, once again, instead of asking players why they are saying things, I took it to the staff. That was wrong of me and I admit it. After this, I did not know what to do, so I just sat back and let things happen. I believe ICly Amy's side of the trial was handled fairly well, and I wish to thank Norzium for playing out a proper judge, instead of succumbing to what he could easily have done and just execute her even though she did well in the trial. As little as it matters, I respect him for this. It shows he's willing and able to adjust himself for others and that is a damn good trait. From here, I made this account. I had hoped for a completely fresh start, to prove that I can RP out the concept at least -decently-, to an -acceptable- standard. I learnt that the Theramore guild is not all that I made them out to be initially, and were just irritated with Amy as a character. I realized you're all actually really chill people and I truly hope no bad blood is felt from both sides. I am more than willing to get over a number of meme-based insults, if you lot will allow me to show you that I can fit in and not just get in the way, as I have. As for my behavior in general toward certain people, it has been utterly appalling. I completely understand this and have made an effort to change. In short, the Amy situation was unpleasant to experience from both sides of the coin. It caused a lot of drama that could have easily been avoided by me just sucking it up and rolling a new character, even if it was to try again. So. To the entire community behind Tales RP, I am honestly and utterly sorry for the shitfest you have had to experience due to me. It will not happen again, you have my word. I hope that you will be able to give Eleanor a chance, as I feel like I have actually put effort in and am working alongside people to ensure I don't mess up (too much). Please, if you feel I have acted out of line or out of lore, could you drop me a whisper? I'm new to mage RP. <3 I'd just like to also drop a fucking -massive- thank you to anyone that has supported me through this, even though I have been blatantly in the wrong. You're all cool dudes. I love you all. You're a great community that didn't deserve the shit on a plate that I served you. ((help how do I do this forum thing can someone add me on Madeline#8868 and teach me forums cause not knowing how to use a forum in 2017 is a joke and im totes ashamed))
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    I would like to address a small event which happened only about an hour and a half ago, and a cause of some annoyance to myself and those involved. We requested a storyteller to oversee a bit of illusion magic which I believe Tamano initially handled. Making high roll checks, Jeffy succeeded in the task of disguising Amber, Gauthier and himself as Draenei. However, providing the morphs, Tamano decided to morph all individuals involved into Winter's Veil Draenei slutmogs. This was highly immersion breaking, considering that we were carrying through with a serious mission and were there for serious roleplay instead of the comedy bullshit he proceeded to pull. I offered NPC displayids as a replacement and he instead deemed it fit to leave them in said morphs, so we had to go to another staff member to have it fixed. I personally feel that this is highly unacceptable behavior, especially so considering that Tamano is an admin. This kind of storyteller conduct should not be condoned in any way. Relevant screenshots below.
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    Amber Webb Birthplace: Lordaeron Residence: Theramore Occupation: Lance-Corporal of Theramore ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appearance: Amber is slender in build, though her physique is fitting to one who is very active. She stands above average in height for a woman. Her complexion is pale, though her face shows tell-tale signs of sun damage, with a dusting of freckles adorning her nose and the top of her cheeks. Her eyes are light green in colour, and her hair a dirty blonde. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Traits: Impatient - Amber is quite restless in her demeanour and has a tendency to be irritated quite quickly. She is often easily provoked and defensive. Sarcastic - Another flaw in Amber’s personality is her sarcastic attitude, which can be cutting and sardonic. She occasionally uses this as a form of wit, though it is not to everyone’s taste. Alert - Amber is alert and watchful, a trait she honed after the loss of her parents when she was forced to care-take for her younger brother. This has become a valuable skill, and aids in her job as a scout. Blunt - Amber is a straightforward speaker, and usually says what is on her mind, often without thinking first. This makes her come across as quite spiky at times, but she has little patience for dancing around subjects. Strong Willed - Amber can be stubborn, and once her mind is made up, is usually difficult to change. She acts according to her own rules, even if advised against it, often believing that she knows better.
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    Aegis of the Exodar The Aegis, as they refer to themselves, are a faction of the Hand of Argus prevalent amongst the more hardline members of Draenic society. Remnants of a bygone age, they consist largely of veterans of the Draenei-Orc War, thoughts of treachery lingering in recent memory. Much of their number either fought and survived the Siege of Shattrath during the final months of the war with the orcs or followed the Prophet Velen into the swamps of Zangar to escape merciless slaughter at the hands of the blood-crazed forces of the Horde. Ardent in their support of the Prophet, the Aegis is driven by an idealism and a want to establish a new and final homeland for the Draenic exiles whatever cost there may be. Determined, they press onwards to restore the glory of their people with the aim of ushering in a new, golden era, not unlike that which they had prospered through up until the beginnings of that war which brought about the near end of their species and the complete and total destruction of Draenor. Led by Vindicator Arkos the Oath-Taker, they are unyielding in their pursuit and have made known their intentions to venture forth from Azuremyst, with or without the blessing of Velen, that they may begin to familiarize themselves with the alien land beyond their borders and establish both a presence and secure lasting allies that the Exodar might come to rely upon in the near future. Leadership Vindicator Arkos the Oath-Taker (Bagley) Short Term Goals Venture beyond the shores of Azuremyst and establish ties with native factions Discover the extent of Legion influence on Kalimdor Acquire the numbers and influence necessary to forward the agenda of the Aegis within the Exodar Long Term Goals Facilitate the admittance of the Draenei into the Alliance Establish Forest Song as a front against the Burning Legion. Cleanse Bloodmyst Isle Recover technologies lost to the Draenei in the crash Ultimate Goal Journey’s End: Exterminate all Legion presence in Kalimdor and secure a lasting place for the Exodar and its people in Azeroth Scars of Shattrath: If required, bring the Orcish Horde to heel once and for all Roster Arkos the Oath-Taker (Bagley) Toranaar (Jackhay) Maaro (Kingfisher) Brego (Swegmanjarrow) Haniri (Norzium) Undecided (Leore) Borkoros (Intoxicated)
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    The Unionist Faction The ‘Unionists’ refer to those in Theramore’s population that, far from being dispirited by the recent siege and the crippling losses of much of their territory, seek to use the chaos to stir a martial spirit in the people of Theramore. Unionists are often termed the war party; they take an unfavourable view of the Horde and most other races, pushing for the establishment of the ‘Alliance of Kalimdor’; a union of Bael Modan and Theramore to secure what they see as their manifest destiny on the continent. Unionists generally tend to hail from most walks of life in Theramore, but their ideology is usually characterised with a shred of nostalgia for Lordaeron; former Knights of the Silver Hand and men of upstanding position in the collapsed kingdom see more appeal in it than most. Whilst sympathetic to the stances of Daelin Proudmoore and the ‘deserters’ that claim affiliation to him, Unionists are those that have ultimately decided to chafe under Jaina Proudmoore’s pacifism; guided either by a sense of loyalty to Theramore or a realisation that peaceful change is preferable to a violent revolution. Their plans for Theramore are unclear; some parts of the faction would like to see the city-state become a federated kingdom like old, with extensive settlements sprawled across Dustwallow and the Barrens made ripe for colonisation. Others still say this isn’t enough for permanent peace; pushing for an empire built out of Eastern Kalimdor with Theramore as its center. Whatever their grandstanding ambitions, Unionists are still, as of now, a minority in Theramore. Under the leadership of the Civil Servant and magus Selwyn Lewis, they have taken more proactive steps to court the favour of General Twinbraid; realising the support of him and his military will be crucial in deciding who becomes uncontested ruler of Theramore. Political Leadership: Selwyn Lewis (Norzium) Military Leadership: Roland Merrithew (Bagley) Roster Saul Rodriguez (Balor) Selwyn Lewis (Norzium) Roland Merrithew (Bagley) Sianni Duskbringer (Jaime) Thomas Rhone (Anhalt) Bryan Embry (Leore) Gregory Eyre (Matias) Rogan Augustus Howland (Rogan) Short Term Goals Pursue a permanent alliance between Theramore and Bael Modan Seize political power in Theramore Consolidate Dwarven and Human positions in Dustwallow and the Barrens Rebuild and reinvigorate Theramore’s military Long Term Goals Tame Dustwallow Marsh and establish a road connection to Bael Modan Investigate the vanishing of Captain Evencane Reconcile surviving Deserters with Theramore Rehabilitate Tiragarde survivors Reclaim Northwatch Keep from Goblin debt-slavers Ultimate Goals Heavy Weighs the Anchor: Expunge the Horde from the Barrens and establish Fort Triumph over the smoldering ruin of the Crossroads Manifest Destiny: Settle the entirety of Dustwallow and the Barrens with Alliance colonists
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    Yo. First, welcome to Tales of Warcraft. I do know that for some time me and my bois here have been a highly overdone meme, but that's fine. Doubts and such are always justified. Now, the thing is, as I've come to see in Chronicle's Discord over some time, the community there was a bit too vulgar and such for our taste, which is why we had players coming to Tales as a form of safety. Now, the way I have been handling this place since launch is "we're one big clique" or "we're one big guild", which pretty much meant that we were all on the same side OOC-wise. While, of course, this has swinged quite a bit due to players misbehaving sometimes, it has largely been successful. So why am I directing this at you? It's pretty much common knowledge that cliques are a big fucking mess when it comes to this overall community. Which is sad, but we probably can't change that. Some people may have looked at our rules and thought something like "Hey, that's pretty harsh", but it's honestly because we want to filter out any negative attitude, toxic impact on RP, and just because we fucking despise SCANDALOUZ. (who btw is blacklisted per default thank me later). So it's just a little warning, since I know people have expressed their opinions in an insulting or degrading way and have displayed a toxic attitude quite often on Chronicle, but we won't really appreciate that. And, with our rules, we can pretty much mark you as a toxic addition to the community, and straight up blacklist you. Keep in mind that blacklist status can always be repealed, but we aren't really going to bow because people are circle jerking rumors, shitty memes and bad attitude out of proportion. But hey, please enjoy your stay. Just be careful what attitude you put on, because that can quickly get you a ticket out of here if you're just here to meme shit and ruin stuff for others, even if they're being complete retards and snowflakes on their characters IC. -Seven
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    <A notice is hammered to the noticeboard near Theramore Keep, below is extensive space for members of the public to sign the petition or add their own comments> Dear Lord Selwyn We, the undersigned, demand that you take action at once with regards to the noisy, smoke emitting Gnomish and Goblin transportation machines which have been polluting the streets of Theramore. Not only are such devices, noisy, inconsiderate and likely to cause damage to the air which will hinder the growth of plantlife within the city. They are also remarkably dangerous. It seems merely a matter of time before one of Theramore's children are knocked over by these devices. Certain members of Theramore's guard have even been seen atop these contraptions while on duty - a crude and silly look which does nothing to replicate the gravitas and confidence which is demonstrated and exuded by a properly equipped soldier on Horseback, as has been the military tradition for as far back as any can remember. Let us not also forget the damage these devices have the potential to do to Theramore's stable boys, who could well be left without a job unless action is taken at once. With the facts as clearly laid out as they are, we demand that you take action at once to put an end to these menacing devices plaguing our city's streets and restore the horse to its noble, respected and traditional position. Signed: Sir Glerad Aurielus Knight of the Silver Hand Chairman of the Theramore Gardening Society
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    A few recruitment posters begin to appear around Theramore which have been commissioned by the Lieutenant in hopes of targeting and encouraging able-bodied men and women to take up arms in the upcoming campaign against the corrupt Grimtotem invaders. [Featured: Ye old patriotic Uncle Tom] [Featured: LT. Brayden Browne]
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    A band of ogres wandering around Kalimdor searching for a home. Lead by the mighty Warlord Grubo, and his trusted Ogre war host, embark on a journey to create an Ogre empire in the mountains. Early Game: - Scout out an area for the Ogre settlement - Create a small camp (Some Ogre mound in the mountain) - Find allies in weaker creatures (Orcs, troggs, Centaurs) Mid game: - Fortify settlement - Create a slavers road (Sell, trade) - Conduct minor slave raids on nearby weaklings Late Game: - Create a great Ogre city - Construct Minor camps around the city - Continuously expand until Ogres rule over all peoples - Enslave orcs, trolls, tauren, etc. PLEDGES: ROTHMEME JACKJAY Darkywatcher Eathwen Ogrelord (Afro American) Grubo Discord https://discord.gg/fjQ5wCr
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    I've neglected to chime in on this conversation until now. But Tamamo, I'm going to respectfully ask you to overturn your decision. Sprongle stated many valid reasons, but please, just overturn it without much fight. Kipp has already stated he'd be okay with it. It'd give everyone a much finer peace of mind. And it would make a LOT more sense as well. Look, this is no shame on Vince as an RPer - Kipp is a young human paladin. And without going into the same arguments that have been hashed out, just please see reason with this one. It's simple and easy. Especially since the person who has received the title already stated they're okay with it being revoked/retconned. I hate to be that asshole when I say this, but show the server you're willing to do this and you'll probably get a lot more trust in your future actions on your side.
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    The Baffling Coin "Open for business!" When you enter the inn, the following plaque hangs out "No shirt, no drinks!" A bouncer stops you! "Nay weapons allowed!" You'll have a drink! "Preferably Shipwreck, but you won't walk again!" REPEAT THE NEXT DAY See ye at the Bafflin' Coin, mateys!
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    Lord Selwyn in a candid moment, consulting correspondences late at night Selwyn Lewis Occupation: Acting Lord of Theramore Allegiances: Theramore, the Grand Alliance Origin: Andorhal (birthplace), Dalaran (apprenticeship) Appearance Slewyn looks every part the clerk, of moderate height, thin and with a sharpness to his features that can give the notion of snobbishness. Despite his unintimidating posture, it is clear he takes efforts to maintain this appearance out of habit; with a trimmed, clipped beard for frequent stroking and a dour frown that perfectly sets his contempt for any victim to it beyond the range of doubt. He has the features of a man of Lordaeron; blonde and blue-eyed, and a pale complexion suited to the damp conditions of the Dustwallow Marsh. He dresses pragmatically to indicate his status as a mage; in a robe decent enough to make him appear formal in his day to day workings. Personality "Selwyn might just be a snob. But he's a snob that gets things done; what would Theramore's state be without his guiding hand? I cannot come to imagine the anarchy that would ensue. You may complain about him all you want but at the end of the day, he will be the man to lead this city into a Golden Age - a city free of poverty, of tyrants, of injustice. " - Lieutenant Brayden Browne, lecturing Lance-Corporal Amber Webb Educated Selwyn graduated Dalaran as a Cyromancer, and carries with him all the hallmarks of the well-educated. Well-read and well-rehearsed in his chosen magical profession, he delights in scholarly pursuits and games of wits. Arrogant Selwyn feels naturally superior to those that lack his own level of education in the magical arts; if some of his behaviour is any indication, he doesn't even trust the clergy or Church to get things done entirely right. He is prone to passing acts of elitism and often believes he alone is capable of solving problems. Cunning Selwyn demonstrates a certain aptitude with resourcefulness, and utilizes his talents both magically and otherwise to effects that are both amusing and devastating on and off the battlefield. He is calculated and quick on his feet, though often lacks long-term perceptions of the consequences of his actions. Patient Selwyn knows how to play a long game, and is well aware that a single battle or victory will not ensure his or Theramore's long term prosperity. He is able to swallow his reservations about certain enemies if it means thwarting others, and will tolerate insults that may start wars if the conditions are adverse enough.
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    A letter is deposited near the petition for public viewing. Sir Glerad, The Council takes this matter very seriously and will consider this petition with extreme interest in our next meeting. Thank you for partaking in the political process. Gratitude, Selwyn Lewis Some time later, Lord Selwyn is heard to be screaming at a wall.
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    Dear, Tales. You have given me many oppertunities to tell stories for some pretty amazing people, and i was honored to be told, i was their favorite Storyteller. However, you have also given me the oppertunity to get slapped so many times. So, dear Tales, i'm not up for that anymore. It's been a blast telling stories for so many of you. Thank you in particular to Brayden, Nihla, Selwyn, Inea, Toaka, Fzaakrum and the wonderful staff i got to work with. Other than that... I will leave with my catch phrase... Go fuck yourself.
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    I don't really have a well thought out guild proposal, just thought we should do a Dwarf/Gnome guild since Bael Modan is cool and Dwarves are cool.
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    Sir Glerad Aurielus Retired Knight Of the Silver Hand, Chairman of the Theramore Gardening Society Affiliation: Theramore Marines, Retired Knight of the Silver Hand Birthplace: Lordaeron Sir Glerad Aurielus was once a man feared by his foes and respected by his enemies, a mighty warrior known for his bravery, prowess in battle and his grasp of strategy. Unfortunately that was a long time ago. The once well toned and trained body of the Knights is withered and aching, his memory has begun to play tricks on him and he doesn't quite understand this new Dwarven and Gnomish technology. Glerad has spent his recent years away from the field of battle, retired in a small house in the city and concerned solely with the maintenance of his vegetable garden. Unfortunately, his peace was shattered when the walls of the city collapsed, destroying his prize cabbages. In these times of desperation, he is quite confident that he has a few things to teach the young men of the Theramore Marines. The battered hammer has been taken from the wall and the polished armour taken from its display. The elderly knight has once more answered the call of The Alliance. Appearance An elderly man dressed in old but well maintained armour and wielding a worn and old hammer of the Knights of the Silver Hand.
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    Honestly, even though this is vanilla, the suggestion that the Forsaken have any hope whatsoever of forming a friendship with the Alliance is ridiculous Just a brief reminder to you that this is what The Forsaken have just done in their recent history and are doing at the moment: The Forsaken recently betrayed Marshal Garithos and slew all of the Human and Dwarven forces who had united under his banner to retake Lordaeron from the Undead. The last time any humans trusted the Forsaken, they died for it through outright and blatant betrayal. The Forsaken are currently in the process of battling Kirin Tor mages in the North Eastern Kingdoms and driving the Dalarani survivors away from any attempt to hold their territory outside the city. The Apothecary society are meanwhile killing the farmers of Hillsbrad and experimenting on them with plague based weaponry. They are also skirmishing with the Dwarf garrison of Dun Garok and waging open battle against Stromgarde. The suggestion that as of Vanilla WoW, The Forsaken could "Build a relationship" with the Alliance is absurd. The Frozen Throne campaign literally ends with them betraying and wiping out a combined Human/Dwarven army. The Horde may not like them, but the reason they joined the Horde in the first place is to avoid getting wiped out by the living in retaliation for the things they did in Warcraft 3.
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    As Sergius struggles to open a 'Shipwreck' liquor bottle, would stumble upon the Notice Board and the specified Church's announcement, seemingly becoming irritated. " 'Em longears wantin' more coin to sustain 'eir luxurious lives..- Bah, if father Exaviel was the damned head..- All'd be fuckin' differen'! " Sergius, taking his time gathering enough spittle within his mouth, would distastefully unleash it upon the parchment of paper, laughing. Afterwards, he would turn around calmly leaving the scene, as the thrown spittle, slimy as it is, flows downwards slowly.
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    Just curious if there's anyone that'd be up to do a Warsong group or a similar orc group (ok horde group ahem) A main motive of the group could be to assist the efforts to retake the lost ground in Ashenvale. Other motives could be to assist the Horde efforts in Durotar/Barrens, or raid hostile (ahem alliance) settlements in the area. Not much of a thread but it's something if people might be interested.
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    The Folly of Sirs Fredrich and Aldrich (Knights of the Realm of Azeroth) Amid the shallows of Dustwallow, Rode two men of qualitie, T’was Fredrich Anselm, Sir, Knight of Stormwind, smart, With the favour of Lady Prestor, Clenched in a tie to his heart; And twas Aldrich with no noble name, A knight of his own might and main, Each came out to the swamp this day, Questing for the winged serpent, The architect of much dismay; The dense marsh fog did not prevail, To either knight the dread-beast’s trail, And as their courage began to ail, ‘Pon two Elves, atop their sabers, Came riding with their favours; “We’ll join your quest, here to go,” Said the fair maiden in her robes; “If for a piece of yonder dragon’s hoard,” And, as all knights chivalrously know, To refuse a maiden’s word is a hellish low, So with the elves they did adjourn, To the den of the dragon’s hellish scourn, Deeper still did they dwell, In caverns hidden and places Fel, Yet when ‘pon a mountain did they see, The plumes of fire smoke, Fredrich, did he; Declared with all his righteous vaniglorie; “What ho, beast, we come at last, To be singed by glory’s firey blast, Here today, to your dismay, We’ll rend our names historie!” And ‘pon the dark place did they fall, The Elves at their back cowering, all, As with a flash of lighting sword, A dozen scaled heathens, Fell, what a horde! And as their companions did they soothe, The maddened roar overhead did move, Aldrich, limping, graced by battle, To Fredrich’s side as they grit their mettle. The flames grew to swallow the dark, The marsh so scalded parted, “Hark!” Cried Fredrich, blade ready, Aldrich at his side, steady, And with a cry of “For the King!” Their death-words in the swamp did ring, As Anselm’s sword rendered the drake’s wing, Falling to wounded Aldrich, whose sword, Was the last to sing. And when the dragon’s body fell, The Elves fled with their spell, As Fredrich, dying, was left to burn, And yet, the fates themselves did they spurn.
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    Leaflets begin popping up around Theramore amidst a growing rumour, perhaps payed for out of pocket by the man himself, having his signature slapped onto it perhaps it was a statement of some kind, one of unity no matter ones race...
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    Lmao am I reading this right? Your character impaled another character without rolling for it and disregarding his emote of 'hitting the spear away'?
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    I had not been an apprentice for long within the walls of Dalaran. My capabilities proved to be adequate enough to further my studies at a surprising rate. My sister, Alasong, had already taken upon herself the mantle of 'Tutor'. Jealousy was a common trait between her and I, which caused sibling feuds to transpire on occasion. Many found our arguments amusing. Some even spurred us on. Of course, we did not always stumble upon the other in a hostile manner publicly, only a handful of times. She often treated me like a child, preferring to condescend and berate me, rather than compliment or show any pride in her youngest sister. Unfortunately, one of our rivalries eventually struck each others heart. A place where no one should ever be wounded. One morning, Alice had returned to Dalaran in a peculiarly terrible mood. Her eyes, having once been a pale-blue glow of beauty, now carried a tinge of sickly green. The appearance was not familiar to me, yet I did not initially question it. Some elves were known to gain such eyes through their attuned spirits to nature. And yet, my sister was no naturalist. She was a Sorceress. What had begun to cause the transformation of her eyes into such an alien, yet soothing colour? My inability to discover the truth would soon be answered. I allowed myself some time to gather my thought before confronting my second eldest sister. I often held her high as an idol - something to make an example of - and yet now I sought to bring her low. I desired answers to a mystery I knew nothing about. I entered her abode without warning. A vivid flash of green briefly blinded my eyes, causing me to shield them. However, I did not need my eyes in order to feel the demonic taint of, what I would soon realize was, Fel. Never before I had laid eyes upon it, let alone sensed it, so near to me. For the first time, I beheld the image of my sister's hidden self. I memorialized her, blinding myself to her intentions. I never truly realized that my sister would have committed to darker studies, but the signs were there. It tortured me to see how noble and pure she had been, and what a vile parasite she had become. A profound sense of injury - of loss and betrayal - welled up in me so overwhelming I could barely contain it. All I wanted at that moment was to submit to my fury and destroy her. And yet, I could not. Her eyes, now glazed over, burned with a sickly fel-green, as she looked up at me in utter shock. The gasps she exhaled were those of ecstasy as the demonic energy fueled her insatiable desire for magic. What had she become? She was nothing more than a shade of her former self, now consumed by a darkness this world would collectively destroy in the years that followed. I could not bear the sight of her. A woman - my own sister! - that I once idolized, now lay before me twisted and broken. Had she been a servant of the Burning Legion for longer than I had thought? The thought only weakened my resolve, which I refused to allow. "What the hell are you doing, Alice!? Have you truly subjected yourself to demons!? How could you insult our eldest sister's sacrifice so easily!?" I had little control of my emotions. Tears welled up in my eyes, and my voice strained. My shouts of anger were merely those of furious whimpers. "S-Sister! Wh-Why are you here!?" Alice questioned. Her confusion was evidence enough that she thought herself safe from suspicion. She continued to tremble as the demonic energy coalesced within her, satisfying the unending addiction bestowed upon their kind. "I had guessed I would find you here. I suspected treachery, and was not disappointed. The answers have been revealed, Alice, and now I will have to act upon such... Horrifying transgressions." I paused. It was difficult to admit that I would have to ensure that judgement be delivered to my own sister, but it had to be done. "Vale, I beg you! Do not alert the council!" Alice said. Her words tugged at my heart. I felt weakened by a growing sense of sympathy. Such sympathy did not last as she took up the crystal again to sickeningly sate herself. The pleasured sounds escaping her disgusted me. "Enough, Alice! For once, -I- am the mature individual in this situation, and -you- are the one grovelling and whimpering in defeat! This will continue on no longer, and I shall damned well see to that myself if I must." I reached out to grasp at her abnormally frail arm, yet something stayed my hand. "This was none of my doing. I have only ever sought to aid you by tempering your heart and mind, steeling you against the world itself! What I have done here is only a testament to that, I promise." Alice said, trembling. Her words were convincing, but only briefly. I saw through the veil of her charade. "Why, you're trembling, Alice. Has your confidence abandoned you? You seem to have made a fatal error by leaving your cunning behind as you indulged in that demonic creation. Is that where all your courage comes from?" At that moment, I did not understand why it was that I felt the need to berate my sister. Perhaps it was a moral sense of victory that stirred my own confidence. Perhaps it was something more sinister. "Listen to me, Vale. You don't know what you're doing! I have taken an enormous risk by appear in Dalaran. so defenseless, yet eager to prove my good intentions!" She slowly rose, straining to speak as she progressively recovered from the demonic taint that now fueled her, "If there is anything left of the sister I love within you, right now, you won't do this!" The tainted Alice reached out to grasp at my extended arm, only to have her hand knocked aside, "While you threaten me, your true enemy eludes you!" I was silenced by her pleading. I had never seen my sister act as she did now with an indelible amount of cowardice. It was pathetic. And yet, one thought provoked my curiosity. What did she mean by my 'true enemy'? Was there more to this than I initially considered? "What do you mean, Alice?" I questioned, maintaining my emotions. For the moment. Chaos erupted within the walls of Dalaran. How long had the madness been carrying on for? My fury dissipated immediately as my instincts urged me to aid my colleagues. I made a fatal error in turning my back to the sister I once idolized, for now her devious actions became a sight to behold. An aura of vivid emerald erupted around her elven form, which shimmered and twisted with every passing second. A demonic confidence exerted from her as she spoke, "The wheel of fate, Vale." "What did you say?" I asked. The words were out of panicked curiosity. I was uncertain of what to do in that moment, but watch as fear paralyzed me. "The inexorable cycle of life and death to which all mortals are compelled, dearest Vale. I'm certain you will comprehend it in due time, assuming you survive, of course." Alice said. The shimmering intensified. However, as the energy grew around her, there was a sudden rush of agony that flooded her body. Tortured wailing erupted from my own sister; a sound I never thought I would witness. "Alice! What's wrong!?" I called out, yet my words fell on deaf ears. Her screaming debilitated me, leaving my mind crippled. I could not bear to hear the wailing of my own sister. I collapsed to the ground, clutching my ears in terror. It was then that it all ceased. With one final tormented scream of utter pain, my sister had vanished before my very eyes, leaving behind nothing more than a smoldering pile of smoke and ash. The smell of brimstone assaulted my nostrils so profoundly I gagged. The experience had been too much. The room we had been in spun rapidly. Then, without warning, the world faded to darkness. I had awakened upon a ship to the city known as Theramore. My memory felt clouded. I knew little of what occurred in Dalaran, only waking to bear witness to the crumbling spires of the glorified city from a distance. It had been too much for me to bear, it seemed. I supposed I would reflect upon what had happened that caused my mind to reel upon itself. The event must have been traumatic enough to become a forgotten piece of my own history. I was determined to divulge the secrets locked away within my own mind, once I had the privacy to do so. The Theramorian Beginning The breath of fresh air was astonishing. For weeks I had locked myself within a room of the impossibly crowded tavern. Normally, I would not complain, but the numbers had grown over the few weeks I had been surviving here. I need to escape, and so I left. The nearby wall was unguarded, and provided me enough space to be on my own. The pale, silver moon shrouded the Dustwallow Marsh in a macabre display of delicate beauty. I was awestruck. My people placed their faith in the Light of the Sun, yet seemed to have forgotten the inherent delight of the moon's presence. No matter, for I relished in its-... What is this? Someone approaches? Is it a guard? No, the steps are not plated, nor are they heavy. They seem unaware and sluggish, light and careless. A man donning a violet, gold-trimmed robe, bearing a mantle and hood of the same design, calmly stood beside me. In his mouth rested the disgusting creation humans called a "cigar". A foul creation. The silence grew between us as we stared out into the distance. The common rainfall of the marsh pattered against our clothes and skin alike. He seemed troubled, lost in a cage of thoughts. His stare resided thousands of yards away. My eager curiosity blossomed. Something about him triggered a innate desire to learn. I looked at him, briefly, then mustered the courage to speak... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    I don't think it's really down to player-preference, so much as DM. Some DMs can't handle individual, some don't like the constriction of groups. I often tend to mix and match, depending on who it's with, how many there are, etc. You can't really make a solid point / rule on this.
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    Selwyn Lewis “Restraint is not wisdom. Complacency is stupidity. History does not remember those that hesitated, it remembers those that acted.” Affiliation: Theramore, Kirin Tor, Nationalist Interests Age: 32 Occupation: Civil Servant Location: Theramore Isle Origin: Andorhal, Lordaeron Appearance Slewyn looks every part the clerk, of moderate height, thin and with a sharpness to his features that can give the notion of snobbishness. Despite his unintimidating posture, it is clear he takes efforts to maintain this appearance out of habit; with a trimmed, clipped beard for frequent stroking and a dour frown that perfectly sets his contempt for any victim to it beyond the range of doubt. He has the features of a man of Lordaeron; blonde and blue-eyed, and a pale complexion suited to the damp conditions of the Dustwallow Marsh. He dresses pragmatically to indicate his status as a mage; in a robe decent enough to make him appear formal in his day to day workings.
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    It really does not paint a good picture for anyone when the way concerns are addressed essentially sums up to "IC IS IC, IT'S VALID AND WE REFUSE TO RETCON". Within the last week or so there have constantly been threads popping up from different directions about issues with storytelling. Maybe instead of trying to justify what you did you could maybe try and instead correct things so it won't happen again? RP servers function on the community and when it's clear the community is displeased, it's the storytellers that need to change things, not the community. The job of the ST team is to provide an enjoyable experience for the players, so when the players don't enjoy it, stop forcing it. And don't go pulling the VOCAL MINORITY card, when your active player base is ~40 players or so and this many people quite clearly take issue, it's not just some radical group screeching. That said, I agree with what Sprongle said 100%.
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    The Church of Theramore calls for the generosity of our citizens that are blessed by a roof above their heads and food at their table in order to aid those that are in a precarious situations due to their service for our city and our people, more specifically the widows and father-less children of our city. When defending this noble city our soldiers should at least rest assured that their families will be well taken care of in the case that they fall in battle. For this purpose, the church will match silver by silver of each donation in order to create this fund, which the church will manage and put to work in our city, not only with the intention of having it generate a self sustaining growth, but to spurn the economy of the city and create much needed jobs. We will be focusing on our refugees, our brothers and sisters who've lost their homes and ways of earning coin for themselves and their families due to challenges our city has been facing. Our plan is to make use of as much arable land available to us and gain land from the march and the sea through the construction of a polder and the draining of the marsh. We will not sit with cross arms and watch our city be held hostage by outside forces who greedily make a profit out of our hunger, blood and suffering, we must secure Theramore's independence. Light willing we will tame this land and cleanse the corruption that lays over it like a dark cloud. (An event will be held soon to attempt and clear the marsh near Theramore of foul and dangerous beasts) Lyria Andilien, High Cleric of Theramore
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    The time had come to advance into the crimson land that was named after the Warchief's father; Durotar. All who believed that their skill in battle held merit, and the courage in their hearts pumping, would find themselves across the already taken bridge at Southfury River. Kargal Battlescar had protected the important bridge alone for far too long! Commander Eitrigg, together with Chieftain Gargok calls forth their champions. A missive would be sent out to the veterans of 'The Warsong Retreat' operation. Messengers would run their heels bare to reach the champions of Dreadmist, calling home the heroes of the Horde once more. "The moment to reclaim the home of our Warchief, begins NOW!" - Eitrigg addressing the masses. OOC. This Horde event will commence Friday the 28-04-2017. In the evening hours, server time. (More information will be available upon closing in on the date.)
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    Following a rather enthusiastic hate-speech from the Priest Exaviel, tensions in Theramore have begun running high - people whisper that Sergius and Fredric the leader of the great gnome strikes have joined forces with Exaviel to form a union of hatred surrounding Elves. Some of the words of the priest did get through to the citizenry, but most just turned up their noses in disgust at their behaviour. With tensions already high, people fear that the 'anti-elven' faction may come under increased fire. And with them all being servants of Lord Selwyn and with Lord Selwyn having met the priest moments before, fingers are beginning to be pointed in his direction, could the honourable Lord be behind this hatred?
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    Reclamation of the Tower Rejoice, citizens of Theramore! Lady Jaina's seat of government has finally be cleared of the debris and is now once again open as a center of study and magic in Theramore. Together, we magi will light the fire of knowledge to sear away our ignorance of this new continent. As of now, access to the BOTTOM FLOOR of the tower is permitted to the public for consulting Lord Selwyn Lewis. Any attempt to access the top floors by a non-mage will be dealt with harshly by the tower's arcane guardian. - Selwyn Lewis
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    Arcanists in the Crossroads are screaming in anger after they have traced rubble that was teleported ontop of an unlucky civilian to Theramore, inside the city. A demand for the magi in question who teleported the rubble there is loudly resonated through out the town.
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    [Posted on the Noticeboard at waist level for Humans] Theramore, This assault on the Gnomes of the city has not gone unnoticed. It is a clear attempt at stifling our genius and I dare say this "Gardening Society" wishes to dismantle the Alliance and what tenants it was created to uphold. Our creations won the Second War alongside the Paladins of the Silver Hand, and if not for our help the Bronzebeard Clan would have never perfected the steam tank. Imagine this, fellow Gnomes, an Alliance without us. Forges would go without repair and never invented, cannons that malfunction, and zero firepower to match the likes of the Venture Company which I will remind you has wrenched Northwatch from our grasp. The Gnomish population of Theramore is small, but our impact is large. For that reason I urge you all to take to the streets in peaceful protest against such draconian and illogical acts that would be to ban our inventions. I trust Lord Selwyn will not marginalize such a loyal and hard-working people. Signed, Jeffy Manaspring Magus of the Kirin Tor Circle of Theramore
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    God what a lol fest. They call Sweg the master of Lolrp. Jesus. Sorry I tried to read the whole thing but I cannot, it feels like nobody there had their morning coffee. I feel sorry for Selwyn for having to live with people who obviously have no care for IC rank and repercussions. This post has (atleast in my opinion) highlighted the lack of care for some characters for IC hierarchies.
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    I can't even take this situation seriously. I am sorry I just can't. You were ordered to walk away by a ranking officer and the Lord himself. Because your speaking to a prisoner was restricted, you refused to DO SO then you PULLED A WEAPON. AND you made it WORSE by smacking the LORD HIMSELF. You should have just walked off instead of sperging. And I still demand the information of the first GM. This will be a big meme: *Guards walk away mad at their officer *
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    Saw some familiar faces in the Discordo de Mundo. Soooooo I think it might be time to get back into WoW RP. Hello, how do you all do?
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    I'm wondering if there is the possibility to add minor edits to the world that make Theramore a better place for RP. Places like these should grant access to some fun freeroam events. Feel free to put up for suggestions! Jail: An actual jail where people get locked up, this provides actual good RP if the player isn't left out there to rot. But give them something more than only that => Visiting hours, community service, ... A court: A place where people can stand official trail. Poorman bar: One for sailors, vagrants, fishers it is a port after all. The one guards usually get frowned upon and the fun suddenly stops when they enter. Various new shops: Alchemist, antique vendor, herbalist, engineer, smith, shipwright, undertaker, ... These provide always good RP when needing to ask advice / buy / restock supplies for certain things. More housing/slums: I'm not saying necessarily for player housing, but having a wild environment like that encourages people to go to different places / walk through slums. (not all need to be edited, and some can even be locked doors). Encourages a lot of free RP and even guard patrols! We all want those tiny streets! Guard posts: Pretty common thing, so patrols can be set out from guardhouse to guardhouse, even be asked papers from time to time when passing through town. More ships & more crates: Duh. It's a port! And has large docks, better fill that space so it looks busy! Festival area: A place for stands for events, such as markets, festivals, ....
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    Posters would begin popping up around Theramore, cheap designs appearing upon them as though to be trying to gather the attention of all. "By the permission of his lordship of Theramore and of given presence of the council during the time in question, a dance competition shall be hosted during such daunting times in order to raise moral and happiness across Theramore! We ask that you bring only your groovy self and some style with it, the winner shall be announced and made 'Lord of Dancing!' Feature contest coming soon, keep an eye out for updates!"
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    Dig For Victory! With Theramore's outlying areas in ruins, it's likely that the city may experience food rationing. In order to alleviate this, the Theramore Gardening and Allotment Society encourages all citizens to turn wasteful patches of turf into their own allotments for the growth of cabbages, potatoes, carrots and more! Anyone seeking advice on starting their own garden should seek out a member of the society or find one of our pamphlets helpfully deposited in the inn. Sir Glerad Aurielus Knight of the Silver Hand Chairman of the Theramore Gardening and Allotment Society
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    Lieutenant Brayden Browne read the Dryad's note, carefully scrutinising it word for word before nodding contently. A pleased expression was apparent across his visage until he spotted the needless drawing of a flower at the bottom of the note. His pleased expression suddenly turned into one of dismal as he begun tearing off the flower at the end of the note, ensuring the rest of the note remained intact. "Unnecessary. We are not five-year-olds."
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    Let it be. Then watch as it becomes world of castcraft. I like 76s comment more.
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    Roland Merrithew “We cannot allow the pestilence that is the Horde to linger any longer. They are alien to this world and know only the call of chaos and death, all else is foreign to them for they are no better than the beasts of the land.” Affiliation: Theramore, Silver Hand, Nationalist Interests Age: Thirty Occupation: Paladin Location: Theramore Isle Origin: Stormwind City, Azeroth Appearance Roland stands at an average height among his fellow men, being built of sinewy muscle and a hardy constitution forged through two decades of martial training as a paladin. Dark haired and hazel-eyed, he sports a full beard peppered with specks of grey and paired alongside dark circles which plague his under eyes, one could assume that it was the result of the baneful ubiety of stress. Found most always in a hauberk of mail and plate, he favors soldier's dress and keeps to drab, earthy colors in casual settings. He is never seen without a wooden talisman strung around his neck, carved in the likeness of the symbol of the Church of the Holy Light as an open display of his faith.
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    Hi all, thanks to certain someone deleted my post. So now I have to rewrite. Anyway, some of you might have noticed that I am no longer Secretary. To keep it simple, that I am resigning from the position for few reasons. However, I truly had great time with everyone else here. I first joined the team as someone who would simply set up and manage the forums. Then, a certain admin (looking at you Seven) threw everything at me because they didn't know how and I had vast experience in managing servers but at same time I didn't want to be admin. So the position 'Secretary' was thus born. I was pretty much something like assistant for admins. I managed everything, but now... that server is up and running, with smooth sailing. They no longer need me and I don't possess much of flame of passion. So I handed over all controls and access to the server and let them to go on, without their training wheels (me). I am confident that nobody is able to fill Secretary position any better than I did @Sevencix, my boy thanks for bringing me on board, last 6 months with ya has been real fun, if you run into any problems just poke me. Even though I'm retired, you still can ask for advice. ^^ @Tamamo-no-Bae Thanks for being patient with me! Those endless nights where we were working on the damn Prologue Talents and other various DB things. Keep up the effort you're doing it. (Make sure port ALL draenei things when Blizzard releases 7.3) @Black Widow even though there was snagfu between you and other admins, you still started the project and allowed Seven to hire me, so thanks for starting the project. I hope you're doing well now. ^^. @Zusk Thanks for being here, without your storylines and more, I don't think Tales wouldn't be here today, I can trust you to keep it up with! And to everyone else who has been with the team and server, both old and new for being here, I hope to see it growing bigger and bigger. I'll be still around but only as observer, mainly. It was good journey with ya'll. Bye, Danare
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    All good points here. I think it's an important issue to address for one key reason that Sprongle touched upon in that it is not harmless nepotism here. It is not giving someone a fancy, but purely flavourful, title or a cool cosmetic item or a weapon with a neat backstory. Those things are fine, although in moderation. Nepotism is just part of how private servers work, everyone has their favourites, their biases and such. However, a title such as this given to one person is like at best saying that other people's characters are undeserving, which is something that should be treated with reverence, or at worst a middle finger to every other related character. Similarly, with diplomat, it is putting a character on a pedestal really that they may or may not have earned, regardless a title given to a few people almost says to everyone else: These are the LEGIT diplomats. To be a diplomat you need the title. It makes them stand out among the rest and comes with a sort of staff endorsed sticker of approval. Although in some cases I can see it that someone has earned a title through dedication to a particular role and thus they deserve that kind of signifier that they're legit, however willy nilly handing them out to a few random adventurers because they're ooooh nice and ooooh neutral is not really good enough. It seems retcon is the best solution imo but in a general sense, things like titles or endorsements from major lore characters really do need to be well thought over and given proper reverence and consideration into the consequences, good or bad, of giving out such. Thoughtlessness from STs happen and things get fucked up... granted certain staff members are more prone to it than others, but it is important not only to see that you've fucked up but make sure it doesn't happen again. Shit gets tiresome fast.