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  1. Hi all, thanks to certain someone deleted my post. So now I have to rewrite. Anyway, some of you might have noticed that I am no longer Secretary. To keep it simple, that I am resigning from the position for few reasons. However, I truly had great time with everyone else here. I first joined the team as someone who would simply set up and manage the forums. Then, a certain admin (looking at you Seven) threw everything at me because they didn't know how and I had vast experience in managing servers but at same time I didn't want to be admin. So the position 'Secretary' was thus born. I was pretty much something like assistant for admins. I managed everything, but now... that server is up and running, with smooth sailing. They no longer need me and I don't possess much of flame of passion. So I handed over all controls and access to the server and let them to go on, without their training wheels (me). I am confident that nobody is able to fill Secretary position any better than I did @Sevencix, my boy thanks for bringing me on board, last 6 months with ya has been real fun, if you run into any problems just poke me. Even though I'm retired, you still can ask for advice. ^^ @Tamamo-no-Bae Thanks for being patient with me! Those endless nights where we were working on the damn Prologue Talents and other various DB things. Keep up the effort you're doing it. (Make sure port ALL draenei things when Blizzard releases 7.3) @Black Widow even though there was snagfu between you and other admins, you still started the project and allowed Seven to hire me, so thanks for starting the project. I hope you're doing well now. ^^. @Zusk Thanks for being here, without your storylines and more, I don't think Tales wouldn't be here today, I can trust you to keep it up with! And to everyone else who has been with the team and server, both old and new for being here, I hope to see it growing bigger and bigger. I'll be still around but only as observer, mainly. It was good journey with ya'll. Bye, Danare
  2. It is because you didn't submit it or skipped it over - something like that. Can you please let me know your character's name so I can invalidate them and you can redo them.
  3. What kind of error?
  4. Remove the patch, open the WoW, fix your settings, once it's done, put patch back in and relaunch the WoW. It should fix the issue.
  5. We are aware of this issue, and are working on fixing it hopefully in next hotfix. Thank you for letting us know!
  6. Welcome, Vince! It's good to see you here. But you're dead inside? So you're same species as Sevencix..
  7. Hi all! Welcome to Tales of Warcraft! We've finally opened our server to the public! Now you can get your characters ready and immerse yourselves into our world! But first, you guys need create an account! 1. Account Creation Please go to this website: http://vps1267718.vs.webtropia-customer.com/ (if it says unsafe, don't worry about it. It's safe!) and click on the top "Register here", fill out the necessary information and create your account! NOTE: If you were a player during Prologue Phase C, we already have your account! If you can remember details, you can use it. Just be aware that all characters on your account won't be there anymore. This means you can skip this step. 2. Setting the Realmlist Once you've created your account, we need go to your WoW 3.3.5a folder (If you don't have one, please go here: https://www.warmane.com/download select Wrath of Lich King expansion(Old)), enter data folder, then enter enUS, click realmlist.wtf, edit it to this: set realmlist talesofwarcraft.com then save it. 3. Downloading the Patches. We have a few simple patches, that you will need to function in-game, so please download it: Patch-4 Main: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dy9k68d2yrzkk7k/Patch-4.mpq Mirror: https://mega.nz/#!65pQmAAa!HDkmeTXjRDEQnAeNjbchvHIbP17PrFldiPEA6xsyhFk Patch-5 Main: http://www.mediafire.com/file/p699kp6s6mu9u44/Patch-5.mpq Mirror: https://mega.nz/#!7g80wTJJ!GqoS3oqmu9vJnx3a-aSjydH1aNXwy1ITZ6OYxByAwNg (note: both will download same thing - Patch-4, second DL link is for in case you can't access to mediafire) After you have downloaded it, simply place it in Data folder. Make sure to download the first post-launch patch too! 4. Log in and Create your Character! Now all you simply need to launch your WoW.exe, log in with your account information that you just created, create your desired character. However, before you log in, there is few things you need do first! After creating your character, you will need go back to our website (http://vps1267718.vs.webtropia-customer.com/) and log in, there you should see character list of your characters, click on one of them, click "I validate this character", then select your Commoner or Heroic alignment, then set your path (You can only have two paths!) If you don't understand what I mean, please check here for further clarification: Once you've finished all of that, you can log in and enjoy our server! If you have any questions please make a thread in General Discussion or Staff Private Discussion or PM to any of the staff. Looking forward to see you online! From, Tales of Warcraft Team
  8. If you have any questions, please feel free to make a thread or poke me. This is a bit of last minute post due to the launch coming quicker than I had anticipated. Cheers, Danare
  9. HEROIC TALENTS Mystic - Harness the power of magic to destroy your foes effortlessly from distance and even bring others back from death… List of talent tiers of this Talent: Channel Energy 0/2 “Power is meaningless without the proper way to display it.” (Rank 1: you learn number of spells that provide you with cast animations. Rank 2: You gain access to a selection of magical and spiritual objects, to be placed at your discretion.) Magic Rupture 0/2 “The principles and laws of this world are yours to bend.” (Rank 1: Grants you the ability to produce a magical-negation shield around yourself and your allies. Rank 2: Grants you access to and the ability to place orbs of rupture, which have a chance of altering the weather in the zone they are placed. In addition, chance of good weather for your guild permanently increase by 5%) Perception “All but the blind see with their eyes, but you will learn to see with your mind.” (Rank 1: You are granted access to the /who list. Rank 2: You have learned to tap into minds of others players without their knowledge. Use the #mind <playername command to view anything that indiviual says for the next 60 seconds.) Dimension Rift 0/2 “Gate to everything, and nothing.” (Rank 1: You learn a spell that will instantly teleport your character to Limbo, a highly dangerous zone used as waypoint between the regions of Azeroth. Most uses this a last resort in case of emergency, and others choose to explore… Rank 2: You will gain the ability to bring fellow adventurers to Limbo. HOwever beware that even numbers won’t triumph over the horrors you will find there! Leaving as quickly and silently possible is usually recommended.) Soul 0/2 “Conquer death, and you shall have no regrets in the end.” (Rank 1: Grants you one-time use Phylactery object which increases your character’s amount of lives by one when placed. Can be destroyed if found by another player, which then will decrease your life energy. Rank 2: Your character gains the ability to use the magical “Resurrection” item carried only by a mysterious merchant who wanders the world. Use this item with the aid of three other players to bring previously deceased character back to life. The spells used are of dangerous nature and you risk the death of one your companions through the use of this ritual.) Body - You train your body endlessly, who can compare to your might? List of talent tiers of this Talent: Protector 0/2 “Fasten that buckler tight!” (Grants you a horn of war, blow when there are enemies nearby. Rank 2: You are ready for battle at all times, provides +300 strength. Also grants you a placeable training dummy.) Stopping Power 0/2 “You shall not Pass! I hope…” (½ - Allows you to quickly set up barricades. 2/2 - Grants you +300 Stamina and the ability to knock others out.) Valour 0/2 “Rally to me!” (Rank 1: Grants you the ability to place a banner giving benefical buffs to all friends who stand near it. Rank 2: Decreases the chance for stalkers to kill you with strangle by 20%. Additionally bandit attacks are reduced by 5%) Charge 0/2 “Coming through, move aside!” (Rank 1: Grants you the ability to sprint very fast for 15 seconds. Rank 2: Your charge ability is astounding, so much that not even Mystic Orbs could stand in your way.) Hardened 0/2 “I eat steel for breakfast.” (Rank 1: your body has been through many scar and knows pain. You can take one additional injury point. Rank 2: You are so used to battle scars that injuries now heals 25% faster.) Diplomat- Your tongue is your weapon; one must bow to your wits and ability to bring peace. List of talent tiers of this Talent: - Established Emissary 0/1 “Peace bro” (You can now assume the title of Diplomat and gain access to a flag of neutrality on your travels to signify your peaceful intent.) -Political Endorsement 0/1 “Politics is a funny thing.” (Your charisma and diplomacy has worked in your faction’s favor. You now yield 5 progress points to your guild. *Will be modified in future*) -Negotiations 0/1 (Funny story… but you would not know about it.” (Your tongue is your sword, a hefty decrease of 25% on bandit attacks to your guild. *Will be modified in future*) -Diplomat 4 (Placeholder) Diplomatic Immunity 0/1 “Normally we don’t look too kindly on your people but you’re an exception.” (While unsympathetic to your presence, enemy factions will now tolerate you as a diplomat in their territory) Stalker - Who dares to see you? Because they are already dead before they can see you. List of talent tiers of this Talent: Cat and Mouse 0/2 “I’ll run and you hid- … well wait you can’t do that either.” (Rank 1: Increases your normal running speed by 15% Rank 2: Grants you the ability to ensnare your targets) Enhanced Senses 0/2 “Not even a rat could scurry past me.” (Rank 1: Grants you the ability to Track Beasts and Hidden Threats, also gives +200 Agility and Increases the Progress Point contribution of your characters by 1. Rank 2: Grants you the ability to Track Humanoids and Undead. Additionally your chances of being attacked by wildlife has dropped by 5%) Mastering Shadows 0/2 “The shadows can play tricks on you - you’ll do well to remember that.” (Grants you the ability to be completely invisible for 3 seconds. Rank 2: The time increases to 10 seconds.) Big Brother 0/2 “They call me that because I “look out” for them.” (Rank 1: Gives you access to the /who list. Rank 2: Grants you the ability to spy on Guild Resources (Web Function). The Wire 0/2 “Who joo wan’ me kill?” (Rank 1: You gain access to #strangle command, which strangles your target from behind to death both silencing and immobilizing them for 60 seconds at 80% success rate. Target can not use any sort of chat functions in-game. This command cannot be used in combat or during stealth. Any player can interrupt the strangle and any friendly NPC nearby will runt o your target’s aid. Rank 2: You gaina ccess to a secret section which allows you to change your character name for a steep price. Infilirate, earn trust, kill, get out, change name, get haircut. Repeat.) Storyteller - Your mind brings creativity that would put anyone to shame, knowledge that you have is only second to Mystics. Who writes the fames of heroes? You! List of talent tiers of this Talent: The Village Writer 0/1 “In.. out… in… out..” (Gives you a mailbox to carry around. Managing your letters has never been so easy!” Always Time for a Story 0/1 “Knowledge is always open to those who seek it out.” (You gain access to a grand and secretive library. Only those with this talent may enter.) Teacher 0/1 “There is always room of learning in that thick of skull of yours.” (You gain a 10% chance to obtain a bag of 5 Tales Tokens instead of just 1 Tales Token every 30 minutes. The bag may be traded freely.) Your Reputation Precedes You 0/1 “With age, comes great wisdom… and sleeping disorders.” (Increases the amount of Progress Point you contribute to your guild by 1+ *Will be modified in future*) Uncanny Knowledge 0/1 “It is just as I expected.” (You hear many things on your travels including the movements of others and gain access to the /who list.) Warden - You guard and protect the nature; or you twist and destroy the nature. List of talent tiers of this Talent: A best friend 0/1 “At least this one won’t betray me… I think.” (You gain access to variety of pets. Go see Jaine, Keepers of Pets) Primal Tether 0/1 “This one works for me now.” (Same as above) Serenity 0/1 “Water can be hard as iron” (Your footstep are so soft that they allow you to even walk upon water.) Tranquil 0/1 “Not even the water breaks beneath your step.” (Same as above) Rebirth 0/1 “The flowers in the mountain have broken the rocks” (Your connection with nature allows you to grow small flowers in a blink of an eye.) Rot 0/1 “Even the flowers recoil from your filth.” (Your touch spur a rotten flower.) Visonary 0/1 “A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible” (You can now obtain seeds to plant your own trees, bushes and flowers.) Plague-Shifter 0/1 (Same as above but cursed and dead trees/plants) Owl’s Bidding 0/1 “Patience is the companion of wisdom.” (The wild has granted youa faithful owl to carry your message to any other character. Additionally, chances of wildlife attacks toward your guild is reduced by 20%) Dark Wings “At least it’s not a flying monkey…” (Same as above but it’s a bat.)
  10. COMMONERS TALENTS Architect - A talent where it truly allows you to build anywhere! This is the list of talent tiers in this Talent: Apprentice 0/2 “You have taken your first steps into world of the Architect, work hard and you will learn much!” (You gain access to basic construction pieces of an Architect) Journeyman 0/2 “Months of training have earned you much skill, you are now qualified enough to become a Journeyman Architect.” (More pieces, more opportunites) Master 0/2 “Further study and practice have taught you much, you have worked hard and have now become a Master Architect.” (More pieces.) Grandmaster 0/2 “All those hours of drafting, and putting your plans into action have developed your skill and reputation greatly and has earned you the title of Grandmaster among your trade.” (More pieces.) Legendary 0/2 “Your skill and devotion has made your work renowned all across Azeroth, and have made you one of the Legendary Architects in world.” (More pieces) Medic - Got injured by somebody via our Injury System? This medic can lessen your injury hours! At great cost, though… This is the list of talents tiers in this Talent: Bandages Anyone? 0/2 “Fresh bandages, made for everyone!” (Grants you the ability to purchase bandages from a supplier (NPC), each point unlocks new supplies) Healing Drafts 0/2 “Drink this, you’ll feel better.” (You may now purchase potions from a supplier (NPC) each point unlocks new supplies.) I am a Professional 0/2 “Lay the equipment down there.” (You may now spawn medical equipment on the go, each point unlock a different piece to use.) Triage Care 0/2 “I’ll have you patch up in no time.” (You may now shorten the length of an injury by half for 5 tokens. This is not cumulative.) Just a flesh wound 0/2 “This might sting a little…” (You may now increase the injury point from 1 to 2 on any character for X tokens. Grants the title “Doctor””). Smith - Want be outfitted with EPIC items? This is for you! (*This talent is still in WIP as we don’t have our crafting system online but it is available to allow you guys to develop your talent) This is the list of talent tiers in this Talent: Weapon Apprentice 0/1 “The road to Weapon Smithing starts here.”(You may now purchase weapon item request from any blacksmith in a major city of uncommon quality or worse.) Armor Apprentice 0/1 “The road to Armor Smithing starts here.” (Same as above) My Own Tools 0/2 “Every Blacksmith has one.” (You now possess your own anvil and brazier with which to craft and can take it wherever you go.) Weapon Smith 0/1 “Put that junk away and come have look at these beauties.” (You may now purchase additional weapon item requests from any blacksmith in major city of rare quality or worse.) Armor Smith 0/1 “It might save your life out there.” (Same as above) Practice Makes Perfect 0/2 “Hold it riiight there…” (Your repeated testing of your creations has increased your strength considerably, you gain 100/200 additional strength and get 5% 10% larger.) Weapon Mastery 0/1 “You’re not a hero without this one mate.” (You may now purchase weapon item requests from any blacksmith in a major city of epic quality or worse. However due to amount of work put into these impressive weapons it takes three day for the item to be completed.) Armor Mastery 0/1 (same as above) Brewmaster - Be a chef! Cook super delicious that can even sway kings! This is the list of talent tiers in this Talent: Drinks Anyone 0/1 “Some beer to wash it down? Hehehe” (You can now get hold of brews and liquors) Big Bam! 0/1 “BIG BAM!” (You may now purchase different fireworks from your vendor.) BBQ! 0/1 “Nothing beats a good old BBQ to warm the heart.” (You now carry a portable grill, keg and empty mugs which you can place where you wish.) Food for the Soul 0/1 “Business is good.” (You now recieve a 1+ bonus to your Tales Token gain.) A Professional 0/1 “Patience and hard work has got me this far, so what it will be?” (You gain the titles, Brewmaster, Chef and gain access to some exotic drinks, portable table, chairs and candles. Additionally you may now purchase your own brew tent.
  11. Prologue Talents Comprehensive Guide By Danare What is Prologue Talents? It is a system that was created by a old server that was once called “Prologue” which was led by an individual named S, this system was coded by Dynashock along with collaboration with Claiver (At least I think so). It is a system geared for character progression to give the players more freedom than ever. Each players would be able to pick two alignments: Commoner and Heroic. Both of these alignment have their own perk! If someone were to pick Commoner alignment, they would receive substantially less stats than those who picked Heroic Alignment! However, due to their lesser stats, they have greater power in impacting the economy of the server! Prologue Talents is basically a talent-based system, much like our own PvP talents, we accumulate Renown, which can be earned by having enough Tales Token (formerly Prologue Tokens) or someone else using #renown command on you. You can exchange your own Tales Token to a NPC which in turn will give you renown, but you must have 2 Tales Tokens or more! For example if you want to increase your renown twice, you must have 4 Tales Token! And so on. As for #renown, you will also need 2 Tales Token before you can #renown somebody, that somebody will get 3 renown points from you! It can be for anything, gratitude for helping you out, and so on. Once you reach 100 renown points, you will get 1 point in Prologue Talents! Once you get your first point, you can invest however you want into two of your Prologue Talents, once you’ve invested your point, you can use the perk attached to the talent! I also heard that if somebody somehow reaches 2,500 points maybe they can get special treatment…. Anyway, enough of that. Below post is list of talents by their alignment and in depth description of what talents they will have! (NOTE: Some of talents may be amended in future to further suit Tales of Warcraft, but these would only apply to third or higher tier of the talents so for time being no worries for any changes) Looking forward to everyone else reaching to the summit!
  12. The Alarmingly Productive Blog #2 Hi all! Yet new entry in our Development Diary! Some of you might know but we are using Phase C core which comes with some of brilliant systems that Phase C had, such as renown system, APTs, and yes, even Prologue Talents! Honestly speaking, we really racked our brains over this one since we couldn't get it working for newer characters. However, hallelujah! We managed to get it working (I really have no idea how we did it though.) Now, some of Phase C veterans might be quite familiar with this system, but there's some people who isn't familiar with it! In order to use Prologue Talents system, you will need at least 100 renown to get your first 1 point! How we do get renown, you ask? We get it though two methods -- First method is getting Tales Token (formerly Prologue Token) which is simply earned though playtime! You need x2 Tales Token then go to a special NPC to convert it into renown! Second method is to have SOMEONE ELSE to do #renown to you, in process sacrificing their own 2 Tales Token to increase your renown because they think you're awesome! That how you earn Renown. Now, that is all explained away, let's take look at Prologue Talents! How we do locate it? It's fairly simple, in your talents tab, there should be two (or three if you have Dual Talents spec), there should be special icon like showed beneath: See that icon that says "Prologue Talents"? We click that! Now, before I continue here, we have quite few specializations, that's divided neatly into Commoners (Civilians!) and Heroes. In this case, mine is Heroes, and I have chosen Mystic and Storyteller for my character. Check below: See? There's two tabs that clearly says Mystic and Storyteller! Now, I have I have around 3 points left! Let's fill out in my Mystic Talents, hmm? Let's see what's first talent in Mystics is... And it's Channel Energy, with two ranks! First rank, I get some awesome spells, and second rank I get some neat APTs! Check out below: Now hmm, do they really work? Let's see if I can cast Channel Fire! Yup! Now how about my Portable Braizer, oh look here it is! Well, Prologue Talents is pretty much working, but there is still some kinks in the system! Now you might be asking, "Danare! You said there's more specs than Mystic and Storyteller?!" Why, yes. Let me list out the specializations here: Mystic - Wield the fearsome power of magic to point where you might even be capable of returning from death! Storyteller - Have the ability to know the information and I heard rumors that there's some sort of secretive library that only few can enter... Warden - Have ability to grow beautiful flowers and tame flora, or to spread blight and force flora to SERVE YOU! Medic - Are you injured? Medic can heal you and let you stave away death for a bit longer...! Diplomat - Want everyone to get along and have happy peaceful world? One need to start off as diplomat first! Maybe you can enter enemy faction's cities... Stalker - Don't like being out in spotlight and just want to secretly and quietly kill your enemies? This is the spec for you! Architect - Like building things? Then BUILD ALL THINGS! BUILD MORE PYLONS! Body - Want to be stronger than everybody and be more powerful on battleground? This is for you! Brewmaster - Want to be majestic and amazing drinker along with having awesome cooking APTs?! Mmm foood... All of the specs is divided into two alignments: Commoners and Heroic. For Commoners Alignments, they will get: Medic, Architect and Brewmaster (not much choices, I know but more might be added in later.) And Heroics gets: Mystic, Storyteller, Warden, Diplomat, Stalker, and Body. That's the specs that is available to us right now. Few days before the launch, we'll release more information on how to get the talents and more comprehensive guide on how to use it! I hope you all enjoyed the Dev Diary update! Cheers, Danare
  13. Hello! Welcome to our server and I'm glad that you're excited just as we are for this server to go live! If you have any questions, feel free ask any of staff here. ^^
  14. Hello! Welcome to Tales, June! If you need help in anything, just let anyone here know! ^^
  15. Hello there! Welcome to Tales of Warcraft! If you need help, just contact any of us here. ^^