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  1. Since there's no other submissions and I'm too lazy to wait for entire week. I will HEREBY ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS! FIRST PLACE GOES TO.... *drumroll* @Ignamist! Congratulations on winning the first place! The reward are: your logo will be displayed on our forums, get 50+ rep (Not even any of our staff have this!) and fancy group allll for you (and for future artists that contribute to this forums frequently) but you the winner will get to pick color, name of the group (within reasonable limits) and be group leader! Please submit the data to my PMbox and I'll get it done! SECOND PLACE GOES TO.... *drumroll* @Nojaw! Second place reward are: get to be second member of the new group and get 25 rep point! THIRD PLACE GOES TO.... *drumroll* @lalaria! Third place reward are: Get to be third member of the new group and get 15 rep point! Congratulations, winners! (Sorry Zusk bro) And thanks to all who participated! In this contest, though supporting artists, feedback and more!
  2. well excuse me for studying for something important
  3. If I have time, I'd definitely be up for forum rp. If needed, I can create a subforum for forum RP. Just not right now
  4. polymorphs the dragon this is fun, I like polymorphing dragons.

  5. As some of you might've noticed, we have changed the theme to our desired one (Big thanks to the donator, Nojaw for buying it for us!) So all entries are permitted modifications until end of this month (Feb 28th) where I will decide which logo will be the winner and reap all rewards, as well 2nd and third place! Great entries so far! Hopefully I will see some more before 28th!
  6. hi

    Welcome to Tales! Please let us know if you have any questions or anything, we'll be glad to help you out!
  7. Welcome to the forums! You seem to be good at Photoshop/art.. (hopefully) if so, then please do check out here: If not, then nevermind also can you give me some of Sevencix's secrets so I can use it against him please? Thanks : D
  8. Hello all! With this temporary theme being our home for a while until we can afford for higher quality theme, we will settle on this. But as some of you who frequent to the forums might can see, that our current logo doesn't quite mesh well with the current theme! So I'm calling all artists of all skills to compete with each other and provide best logo they can draw! How we will decide on this? Of course, though poll voting after I get submissions from the artists! They can either submit here on this thread, or send it to me privately if you wish to remain anonymous. If you win, your logo will be displayed on our forums, get 50+ rep (Not even any of our staff have this!) and fancy group allll for you (and for future artists that contribute to this forums frequently) but you the winner will get to pick color, name of the group (within reasonable limits) and be group leader! Pretty awesome, yeah? Second place and third place will also get to be second and third member of the new group and get 25 and 15 rep+ to their profiles as well. Looking forward to the results, artists! LET THE GAME BEGIN!
  9. What a useless administrator. Why we did even make you admin smh
  10. Seven, you can't just say two words! What a shitty administrator... Anyway, as Sevencix said, Off-Topic discussion is for anything else that is not related to ToW. Of course, you have to follow the rules there as well, only moderation is a bit more relaxed there and post count doesn't count there. If you want to add any forums to it or catergories or whatever, just drop a thread in http://www.talesofwarcraft.com/index.php?/forums/forum/24-staff-private-discussion/ Hopefully that helps you out. ^^ (See Seven? That's HOW you do this!)
  11. Hello all! Welcome to Tales of Warcraft's forums! We just finally finalized few of details regarding to this forums. All of this would not be possible without hardworking team at Tales of Warcraft who has been toiling away for quite few months! Now we have finally true, an actual forum (we used prophpbb forums boards before! I can say it's huge upgrade from that to this.) Of course, this would not be possible without giving huge thanks to Chris (Killaboss) for kindly giving us the forums, but also even bigger thanks to Falafel who originally paid for the forums long time ago! Now, before you jump into and rant about how terrible our staff is, please make sure check our rules the link is below: Not only that, but we also have developed tentative combat system but it is still work in progress! Here's the link: If you have any feedback, we'll welcome it with open arms! Lastly, but not the least, our current team roster: We're excited about getting our server online, soon a Development Diary will be released to let you to know of our progress and how far along we have done! Cheers, Tales of Warcraft team
  12. Welcome to the server and the forums! If you run into any issues or something like that, make sure to contact me. I am God around here.
  13. Hi all, my name is Danare. I was also formerly known as Mokrim to few old veterans of RPing community. I am currently working at Tales of Warcraft as their secretary (more like slave, really...). You might ask what my role does? Well, basically, I manage the forums, I also manage the financial stuff, I also manage the servers. (It was originally supposed to be just financial and forum management.. what did happen?!) So I'm sort of like secretary to the administrators. So hence my role's name. Little about me, I'm currently 22 year old, living in British Columbia, Canada. I am attending a university in program of Criminology, currently single and I have this adorable dog who's yellow labrador. <3 my dog. I just started working out pretty often so most of time I'll be home around evening with exception of Tuesday and Thursday! It's miracle that I even get anything done with my current schedule for Tales of Warcraft, hahaha. My interests are: I enjoy reading Chinese webnovels. (They're amazing, guys!), I also enjoy reading Korean and Japanese web novels. I used to watch quite few animes but most of them already are over or put on hold. Reading is a lot more fun in my opinion! I enjoy going to gym and of course, I love forums. I am still playing retail WoW as well, so if you want my Battletag, just let me know! I have 4 level 110s with one halfway to there so some friends to chat while playing WoW would be nice! I guess that's all for now? Looking forward to meet all of you (and re-meeting some old faces too!) Cheers, Danare
  14. Ahyo, welcome to our official forums~

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