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  1. Aw. Thanks guys!
  2. Aetherweaver and Danare combo is too stronk
  3. I'm okay with setting up either Jackhay's or WoD core, but I'd honestly rather easier over complicated Also @Tamamo-no-Bae, Modcraft is still dead. Like I can't get to the thread that you linked in here.
  4. Hi all, thanks to certain someone deleted my post. So now I have to rewrite. Anyway, some of you might have noticed that I am no longer Secretary. To keep it simple, that I am resigning from the position for few reasons. However, I truly had great time with everyone else here. I first joined the team as someone who would simply set up and manage the forums. Then, a certain admin (looking at you Seven) threw everything at me because they didn't know how and I had vast experience in managing servers but at same time I didn't want to be admin. So the position 'Secretary' was thus born. I was pretty much something like assistant for admins. I managed everything, but now... that server is up and running, with smooth sailing. They no longer need me and I don't possess much of flame of passion. So I handed over all controls and access to the server and let them to go on, without their training wheels (me). I am confident that nobody is able to fill Secretary position any better than I did @Sevencix, my boy thanks for bringing me on board, last 6 months with ya has been real fun, if you run into any problems just poke me. Even though I'm retired, you still can ask for advice. ^^ @Tamamo-no-Bae Thanks for being patient with me! Those endless nights where we were working on the damn Prologue Talents and other various DB things. Keep up the effort you're doing it. (Make sure port ALL draenei things when Blizzard releases 7.3) @Black Widow even though there was snagfu between you and other admins, you still started the project and allowed Seven to hire me, so thanks for starting the project. I hope you're doing well now. ^^. @Zusk Thanks for being here, without your storylines and more, I don't think Tales wouldn't be here today, I can trust you to keep it up with! And to everyone else who has been with the team and server, both old and new for being here, I hope to see it growing bigger and bigger. I'll be still around but only as observer, mainly. It was good journey with ya'll. Bye, Danare
  5. It is because you didn't submit it or skipped it over - something like that. Can you please let me know your character's name so I can invalidate them and you can redo them.
  6. What kind of error?
  7. Remove the patch, open the WoW, fix your settings, once it's done, put patch back in and relaunch the WoW. It should fix the issue.
  8. We are aware of this issue, and are working on fixing it hopefully in next hotfix. Thank you for letting us know!
  9. Welcome, Vince! It's good to see you here. But you're dead inside? So you're same species as Sevencix..
  10. The Alarmingly Productive Blog #2 Hi all! Yet new entry in our Development Diary! Some of you might know but we are using Phase C core which comes with some of brilliant systems that Phase C had, such as renown system, APTs, and yes, even Prologue Talents! Honestly speaking, we really racked our brains over this one since we couldn't get it working for newer characters. However, hallelujah! We managed to get it working (I really have no idea how we did it though.) Now, some of Phase C veterans might be quite familiar with this system, but there's some people who isn't familiar with it! In order to use Prologue Talents system, you will need at least 100 renown to get your first 1 point! How we do get renown, you ask? We get it though two methods -- First method is getting Tales Token (formerly Prologue Token) which is simply earned though playtime! You need x2 Tales Token then go to a special NPC to convert it into renown! Second method is to have SOMEONE ELSE to do #renown to you, in process sacrificing their own 2 Tales Token to increase your renown because they think you're awesome! That how you earn Renown. Now, that is all explained away, let's take look at Prologue Talents! How we do locate it? It's fairly simple, in your talents tab, there should be two (or three if you have Dual Talents spec), there should be special icon like showed beneath: See that icon that says "Prologue Talents"? We click that! Now, before I continue here, we have quite few specializations, that's divided neatly into Commoners (Civilians!) and Heroes. In this case, mine is Heroes, and I have chosen Mystic and Storyteller for my character. Check below: See? There's two tabs that clearly says Mystic and Storyteller! Now, I have I have around 3 points left! Let's fill out in my Mystic Talents, hmm? Let's see what's first talent in Mystics is... And it's Channel Energy, with two ranks! First rank, I get some awesome spells, and second rank I get some neat APTs! Check out below: Now hmm, do they really work? Let's see if I can cast Channel Fire! Yup! Now how about my Portable Braizer, oh look here it is! Well, Prologue Talents is pretty much working, but there is still some kinks in the system! Now you might be asking, "Danare! You said there's more specs than Mystic and Storyteller?!" Why, yes. Let me list out the specializations here: Mystic - Wield the fearsome power of magic to point where you might even be capable of returning from death! Storyteller - Have the ability to know the information and I heard rumors that there's some sort of secretive library that only few can enter... Warden - Have ability to grow beautiful flowers and tame flora, or to spread blight and force flora to SERVE YOU! Medic - Are you injured? Medic can heal you and let you stave away death for a bit longer...! Diplomat - Want everyone to get along and have happy peaceful world? One need to start off as diplomat first! Maybe you can enter enemy faction's cities... Stalker - Don't like being out in spotlight and just want to secretly and quietly kill your enemies? This is the spec for you! Architect - Like building things? Then BUILD ALL THINGS! BUILD MORE PYLONS! Body - Want to be stronger than everybody and be more powerful on battleground? This is for you! Brewmaster - Want to be majestic and amazing drinker along with having awesome cooking APTs?! Mmm foood... All of the specs is divided into two alignments: Commoners and Heroic. For Commoners Alignments, they will get: Medic, Architect and Brewmaster (not much choices, I know but more might be added in later.) And Heroics gets: Mystic, Storyteller, Warden, Diplomat, Stalker, and Body. That's the specs that is available to us right now. Few days before the launch, we'll release more information on how to get the talents and more comprehensive guide on how to use it! I hope you all enjoyed the Dev Diary update! Cheers, Danare
  11. Hello! Welcome to our server and I'm glad that you're excited just as we are for this server to go live! If you have any questions, feel free ask any of staff here. ^^
  12. Hello! Welcome to Tales, June! If you need help in anything, just let anyone here know! ^^
  13. Hello there! Welcome to Tales of Warcraft! If you need help, just contact any of us here. ^^
  14. Hello there! Welcome to our forums (and the server!) I too hope it will launch soon.
  15. Morph Rules & guidelines. Here on Tales of Warcraft, we maintain a Morph system, intended to allow players to roleplay using a number of races outside of the standard ones on the character selection screen., Detailed below will be a list of available races as well as several guidelines and rules to help clarify this system . Current available morphs. Current available morphs are as follows, more morphs will be added in future patches. Dryad Keeper of the Grove Forest Nymph Centaur, Male and Female Broken Male Sin’dorei(Blood Elves) Quel’dorei(High Elves) Naga, Male and Female Harpies Gnolls Goblins, Male and Female Ogres, one head and two headed variants Forsaken/Scourge male Warrior and Mage Sayaad(Succubi) Purple, White and Classic variants. Felguard Imp Satyr(Red Skin, Brown Fur. Blue skin, Purple fur.) Kobolds Reference screenshots below. How to get your Morph In order to have a morphed character, you must make a thread requesting the morph under Staff Private Discussion, wherein you will be asked to put down a brief description of the character’s appearance and if that character intends to break from their factional mold in their backstory. If a ST has questions regarding your application they may ask you here - otherwise or if your application is all good it will be approved and locked by a ST. When it is approved you may make a ticket in game to be given your morph. Example application below. Thread Name: Tes’Nag the Exampler Name: Tesnag Morph: Blue Naga Background ( 2 Paragraph Limit ): Naga stolen from clutch at birth during the Third War and raised by a Goblin who sought to gain an advantage and high profit by having it steal from shipwrecked vessels. Has no knowledge of Azshara and has a distaste for their own kind due to their upbringing and tutoring. Notes Morphs in Tales of Warcraft are handled through custom spells rather than previous projects custom display ID’s - as such it is mechanically impossible to ask for a morph not on this list. Characters are not to be granted unique powers or abilities due to their morph OR backstory. Each morph player character is assumed to be at a comparable strength level to any of the other playable characters in regards to their ‘power level’. A Keeper of the Grove player does not inherently gain more power than a Kaldorei Druid player. Characters must have justification if they intend to break from their races ‘stereotypes’ significantly through giving an In-Universe example of another group of their race breaking that mold. Individuals that broke off the beaten track aren’t enough. A Gnoll player could bring up the “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan” Gnoll’s to justify a Gnoll sharpshooter while a Demon player could not bring up Lothraxion to justify playing as a Demon Paladin. Naga and other to-be-added Aquatic morphs can be given swim speed and water breathing on request Equestrian based morphs such as Keepers of the Grove, Dryads and morphs that cannot use mounts may be given the spell ‘Boar's Speed’ on request to account for their movement speed. All Morphs will be given the ‘Smash Mammoth Trap’ and ‘Hold Rifle’ spells in order to allow them some rudimentary control of their characters animations ( Considering that many of these morphs are rather bare-boned in comparison to normal races. ) High Elves will have the racial ‘Magic Resistance’ in place of their old one. Naga do not have the box on their head normally - that is just a visual bug Naga Female, Broken Male, Male & Female Sin/Quel'dorei and Goblins all have functioning Geosets - a technical term meaning that armor will appear on them Originally written by Black Widow.