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  1. The Alarmingly Productive Blog #2 Hi all! Yet new entry in our Development Diary! Some of you might know but we are using Phase C core which comes with some of brilliant systems that Phase C had, such as renown system, APTs, and yes, even Prologue Talents! Honestly speaking, we really racked our brains over this one since we couldn't get it working for newer characters. However, hallelujah! We managed to get it working (I really have no idea how we did it though.) Now, some of Phase C veterans might be quite familiar with this system, but there's some people who isn't familiar with it! In order to use Prologue Talents system, you will need at least 100 renown to get your first 1 point! How we do get renown, you ask? We get it though two methods -- First method is getting Tales Token (formerly Prologue Token) which is simply earned though playtime! You need x2 Tales Token then go to a special NPC to convert it into renown! Second method is to have SOMEONE ELSE to do #renown to you, in process sacrificing their own 2 Tales Token to increase your renown because they think you're awesome! That how you earn Renown. Now, that is all explained away, let's take look at Prologue Talents! How we do locate it? It's fairly simple, in your talents tab, there should be two (or three if you have Dual Talents spec), there should be special icon like showed beneath: See that icon that says "Prologue Talents"? We click that! Now, before I continue here, we have quite few specializations, that's divided neatly into Commoners (Civilians!) and Heroes. In this case, mine is Heroes, and I have chosen Mystic and Storyteller for my character. Check below: See? There's two tabs that clearly says Mystic and Storyteller! Now, I have I have around 3 points left! Let's fill out in my Mystic Talents, hmm? Let's see what's first talent in Mystics is... And it's Channel Energy, with two ranks! First rank, I get some awesome spells, and second rank I get some neat APTs! Check out below: Now hmm, do they really work? Let's see if I can cast Channel Fire! Yup! Now how about my Portable Braizer, oh look here it is! Well, Prologue Talents is pretty much working, but there is still some kinks in the system! Now you might be asking, "Danare! You said there's more specs than Mystic and Storyteller?!" Why, yes. Let me list out the specializations here: Mystic - Wield the fearsome power of magic to point where you might even be capable of returning from death! Storyteller - Have the ability to know the information and I heard rumors that there's some sort of secretive library that only few can enter... Warden - Have ability to grow beautiful flowers and tame flora, or to spread blight and force flora to SERVE YOU! Medic - Are you injured? Medic can heal you and let you stave away death for a bit longer...! Diplomat - Want everyone to get along and have happy peaceful world? One need to start off as diplomat first! Maybe you can enter enemy faction's cities... Stalker - Don't like being out in spotlight and just want to secretly and quietly kill your enemies? This is the spec for you! Architect - Like building things? Then BUILD ALL THINGS! BUILD MORE PYLONS! Body - Want to be stronger than everybody and be more powerful on battleground? This is for you! Brewmaster - Want to be majestic and amazing drinker along with having awesome cooking APTs?! Mmm foood... All of the specs is divided into two alignments: Commoners and Heroic. For Commoners Alignments, they will get: Medic, Architect and Brewmaster (not much choices, I know but more might be added in later.) And Heroics gets: Mystic, Storyteller, Warden, Diplomat, Stalker, and Body. That's the specs that is available to us right now. Few days before the launch, we'll release more information on how to get the talents and more comprehensive guide on how to use it! I hope you all enjoyed the Dev Diary update! Cheers, Danare
  2. Hello! Welcome to our server and I'm glad that you're excited just as we are for this server to go live! If you have any questions, feel free ask any of staff here. ^^
  3. Hello! Welcome to Tales, June! If you need help in anything, just let anyone here know! ^^
  4. Hello there! Welcome to Tales of Warcraft! If you need help, just contact any of us here. ^^
  5. Hello there! Welcome to our forums (and the server!) I too hope it will launch soon.
  6. Ooh I want one too!
  7. This thread is here to facilitate questions, race suggestions and eventually, post-release feedback for the Morph System. Over time we'll add in an FAQs section to give people a go-to post to find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our Morph system. With Demons and Keepers and Ogres, it would be understandable for people to ask: Where is the line drawn? At what point does a morph character stop being a normal application and become a matter of special circumstance? The definitive answer to that, is still in the works. Tales of Warcraft plans to take Roleplay to new heights! But in order to do so without radically unbalancing the world, we need time and deliberation to ensure more advanced things can be on the table. Higher forms of demons and other large and/or powerful beings may one day be playable, in limited number or form and rest assured, we’re always looking for ways to introduce new things without tipping the balance into a one-sided situation no-one ends up happy with. Your voice matters to us here on Tales of Warcraft, let us know your feelings when release days come and make sure to pipe up about races you would love to see added to the Morphs list some day. Constructive Community input will allow us to grow and evolve this system to make it both advanced and balanced as the list grows. That's it for now, feel free to post your questions below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
  8. Since there's no other submissions and I'm too lazy to wait for entire week. I will HEREBY ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS! FIRST PLACE GOES TO.... *drumroll* @Ignamist! Congratulations on winning the first place! The reward are: your logo will be displayed on our forums, get 50+ rep (Not even any of our staff have this!) and fancy group allll for you (and for future artists that contribute to this forums frequently) but you the winner will get to pick color, name of the group (within reasonable limits) and be group leader! Please submit the data to my PMbox and I'll get it done! SECOND PLACE GOES TO.... *drumroll* @Nojaw! Second place reward are: get to be second member of the new group and get 25 rep point! THIRD PLACE GOES TO.... *drumroll* @lalaria! Third place reward are: Get to be third member of the new group and get 15 rep point! Congratulations, winners! (Sorry Zusk bro) And thanks to all who participated! In this contest, though supporting artists, feedback and more!
  9. well excuse me for studying for something important
  10. If I have time, I'd definitely be up for forum rp. If needed, I can create a subforum for forum RP. Just not right now
  11. polymorphs the dragon this is fun, I like polymorphing dragons.

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  12. As some of you might've noticed, we have changed the theme to our desired one (Big thanks to the donator, Nojaw for buying it for us!) So all entries are permitted modifications until end of this month (Feb 28th) where I will decide which logo will be the winner and reap all rewards, as well 2nd and third place! Great entries so far! Hopefully I will see some more before 28th!
  13. hi

    Welcome to Tales! Please let us know if you have any questions or anything, we'll be glad to help you out!
  14. Welcome to the forums! You seem to be good at Photoshop/art.. (hopefully) if so, then please do check out here: If not, then nevermind also can you give me some of Sevencix's secrets so I can use it against him please? Thanks : D
  15. Hello all! With this temporary theme being our home for a while until we can afford for higher quality theme, we will settle on this. But as some of you who frequent to the forums might can see, that our current logo doesn't quite mesh well with the current theme! So I'm calling all artists of all skills to compete with each other and provide best logo they can draw! How we will decide on this? Of course, though poll voting after I get submissions from the artists! They can either submit here on this thread, or send it to me privately if you wish to remain anonymous. If you win, your logo will be displayed on our forums, get 50+ rep (Not even any of our staff have this!) and fancy group allll for you (and for future artists that contribute to this forums frequently) but you the winner will get to pick color, name of the group (within reasonable limits) and be group leader! Pretty awesome, yeah? Second place and third place will also get to be second and third member of the new group and get 25 and 15 rep+ to their profiles as well. Looking forward to the results, artists! LET THE GAME BEGIN!