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  1. give Back Server Or We Kill @Kitsuahri
  2. Stop protecting her icly or else I will gut you too
  3. you are too mean such conduct shoould be baned
  4. Gauthier takes a nod at the board, he then takes whatever he can find to write down the following underneath: "Sir Gauthier of Lordaeron, Knight-Sergeant of Theramore Marines."
  5. I am sorry for being unable to construct on this thread, I am partly at fault for that but as I said, I can't, this is just a big spergfest, I'll silence myself and let the calm people speak.
  6. Funny you know which GM that was, we weren't even told.
  7. Your thickness surprises me, I haven't seen this thick since the referandum of government in Turkey. You called your GM friend and he defended you obviously. Regard to the meme earlier. I'll remind you that LORD SELWYN IS A LORD.
  8. I can't even take this situation seriously. I am sorry I just can't. You were ordered to walk away by a ranking officer and the Lord himself. Because your speaking to a prisoner was restricted, you refused to DO SO then you PULLED A WEAPON. AND you made it WORSE by smacking the LORD HIMSELF. You should have just walked off instead of sperging. And I still demand the information of the first GM. This will be a big meme: *Guards walk away mad at their officer *
  9. Appearently Webb family has a big webb :)))
  10. oyyy lite gime str...

  11. First
  13. If you were to inspect the post, you would notice that there is only one note posted, it would read: "FIRST."
  14. Hello guys Scarce Dalekfodder here. I like rp I heard there is a little rp I come for little rp. I hail from kebabistan and I like kebab like alot rp or die tbh
  15. Constitution:2 Reflex:1 Strength:4 Dexterity:0 Wisdom:0 Willpower:0 Ingenuity:0 Fortune:0 Haste:1 Total HP (10 +4 per point in Constitution.): 22 ((2+1)*4+10) Racial Modifier: Human Soldier(+1 STR, +1 CON) ((edited once, given a point to str from con))