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  3. The other day Today This post is mostly for the lulz, but if anyone knows how to fix this I'll give you a couple internets for your time.
  4. Post pictures of your pets, other peoples', or random animals. I don't care. Anarchy in the UK. Meet Anubis, my adorable little shit head.
  5. Better late than never.
  6. This one wins in my book, because I've never attended a staff meeting, but I appreciate that you believe in me.
  7. NAME: Lodgram CLASS: Rogue RACE: Dwarf AGE: 33 HEIGHT: 5'3" WEIGHT: 195 lbs BIRTHPLACE: Khaz Modan ORIENTATION: Bearded Women OCCUPATION: Fisherman (Bandit) PROFESSION: Bare-knuckle Boxer AFFILIATION: The Kartosi Cartel PROFICIENCY: Eating, Drinking, Fighting FAVORITE FOOD: Knuckle Sandwich TITLE: Baron Lodgram Von Hammerfist (Self-proclaimed on drunken occasions) Standing at a whopping five feet three inches tall with defined muscles, this is a rather large dwarf. Covered from knuckles to biceps in what appears to be raggedy blood-stained bandages with a shit-eating grin spread across his face, he has clearly been through some shit and seems to enjoy it. Growing up an orphan in Storwind, this dwarf was always getting into trouble and fighting with the other orphans. Having little to no desirable qualities for any potentially adoptive family, he watched many of the other children get adopted, including his younger brother. After that the feeling of being undesirable kicked in and he ran away, catching the earliest tram to Ironforge. He quickly joined a street gang in hopes of finding somewhere he might fit in, and quickly rose to the rank of enforcer. After beating up anyone the gang asked him to for a few years, he eventually got in two deep and almost died when he was ambushed by his target. Surviving this attack, the gang realized the potential beating this dwarf could handle and started placing him in underground bare-knuckle boxing matches, where they would have him intentionally take a dive in a certain round to maximize their profits. After accidentally knocking out two opponents, in a row, the gang began placing bets on him as the winner of his matches. Almost three years he was undefeated, when he began to realize how much profit he was losing by fighting on behalf of the gang. Realizing the extent of which he was being used, he ran away once more and caught the earliest tram back to Stormwind. After shaving his head and beard and changing his name to Lodgram, hoping to conceal his identity from the gang and any authorities, he began enrolling himself into any and all bare-knuckle boxing matches around the Eastern Kingdoms. His reputation began to grow and he got the nickname Lodgram the Hammerfist, because of the strength behind the punches he landed. In his free time he would freelance bodyguard,using his reputation as his resume. After years of being an Old Town vagabond, he was confronted by his old game. Somehow managing to fight his way out of the confrontation, he fled on the nearest boat to Kalimdor in hopes of making a new life for himself.
  8. NAME: Lan’tahk CLASS: Warrior? RACE: Tauren AGE: 44 HEIGHT: 8’8” WEIGHT: 715 lbs BIRTHPLACE: Mulgore PROFESSION: Protector OCCUPATION: Grunt (formerly) AFFILIATION: The Bloodbound Warband PROFICIENCY: Scaring, Smashing, Staying Calm Tall and muscular, this huge Tauren would have a genuinely diplomatic and serious demeanor. Covered with red tribal face paint and wielding a huge club-like mace in one hand, he would give off an intimidating presence contrary to his seemingly calm and composed behavior. Assigned directly by Magatha Grimtotem to aid the enlisted Horde dealing with the infestation of Ragefire Chasm, Lan’tahk was stationed at the Cleft of Shadows in service of the Horde. Enlisted as a Grunt in order to protect Orgrimmar from it’s internal threat, and on active duty at the time, he had a front row seat to the invasion of the Burning Blade. Although little is known of the exact details of his escape, since he does not remember more than a few brief moments of sobriety due to his unrelenting blackout-inducing rage, he is credited as being abnormally calm, slaying at least a few dozen troggs without aid, and saving at least one helpless family that had fallen a victim to the merciless nature of the invading troggs.
  9. Constitution - 2 Reflex - 0 Strength - 5 Dexterity - 0 Wisdom - 0 Willpower - 0 Ingenuity - 0 Fortune - 0 Haste - 0 Total HP - 8 (+10) = 18 total HP
  10. (please don't polymorph the dragon)

  11. 1) inb4 copyright infringement 2) in the style of the old
  12. Constitution: 3 Reflex: 2 Strength: 2 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 0 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: 0 Fortune: 0 Haste: 0 Total HP: 22