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  3. +1 Fortune to Rorick for dominating the title match against Lodgram, accumulating some sort of artifact amulet, and for walking into Camp Taurajo and living to tell the tale.
  4. ò¿ó
  5. Word would spread that "the Hammer" is back in the ring and once again a most viable contender. Around 1 AM at the Marshlight Tavern, Lodgram "the Hammer" layed out Theramore's very own Gauthier "Big G" in a quick yet calculated round of pugilism. Although Lodgram won the match, he did so only by the skin of his teeth (literally), as he was seen leaving the ring with a swollen cheek, a fat lip, a bloody mouth, and possibly one less tooth. It also must be noted that Lodgram has publicly challenged Rorick "the Carpenter" to a rematch, to reclaim his title as the Theramore Pugilism Champion, referring to Rorick as a "low down, dirty, no good, cheat." How will Rorick react? Will there be any repercussions to the statements made by this feisty little Dwarf? When will be the rematch? Find out next week, on Theramore Pugilism Weekly. The re-cap for anyone who missed it and cares:
  6. Definitely not approved. Clearly a troll, no one puts 6 in Senses.
  7. The level of win in the title alone is off the charts
  8. +1 Con 'cause Damage Reduction is for babies. +1 Haste, cause we re-vamped the stat system and I don't want Lodgram to be a Dwarven clone of Lan'tahk.
  9. Approved.
  10. Approved.
  11. Unless anyone has a problem with this, I would like to award Kukri +1 to Ingenuity for all of his wily schemes and shenanigans.
  12. Word would spread that a new champion of the Marshlight Tavern has been crowned on this day. Rorick "the Carpenter" has defeated previous champion, Lodgram "the Hammer," around 8:30 PM in a bare-knuckle boxing match in Theramore's very own Marshlight Tavern. The match was epic, and brutal, and entertaining to all who witnessed it's glory. What will become of Rorick? What will become of Lodgram? Will there be a re-match? Find out next week, on Theramore Pugilism Weekly. The re-cap for anyone who missed it and cares: