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  1. Constitution: 2 Senses: Strength: 0 Dexterity: Wisdom: 1 (+2) Willpower: 4 Ingenuity: 0 Haste: 0 Fortune: 0 HP: 16 Racial Modifier: Human Caster (+2 WSD)
  2. Event rescheduled to the same time on Sunday due to poor player attendance.
  3. Constitution - 2(+1) Senses - 3 Strength - 2(+1) Dexterity - 0 Wisdom - 0 Willpower - 0 Ingenuity - 0 Haste - 0 Fortune - 0 Racial - Human Soldier +1 CON, +1 STR Total HP - 19/19
  4. Event updated with time. See you there!
  5. What's Bugging Lost Point? Marine Corps Event Whilst many of the old road fortifications have been reclaimed from the cold grasp of the marsh, the fate of Lost Point has always been enigmatic. With the threat to Northpoint Tower dispatched, Captain Ironfoot has ordered the tower reclaimed immediately. As rumours begin to link the tower to a dangerous group of Daelin sympathisers, however, it becomes clear that the marines will likely not be simply moving in to the ruins and setting up shop, after all. When: Sunday(20:00 ST) Contacts: Horadin or Norzium In-character leaders: Gauthier and Horadin
  6. Taming the Marsh A Theramore Campaign thread “Citizens of Theramore, the time has come to grasp the mantle of our destiny and wretch it from the hands of this hostile continent. It was never enough to sit in our fortified walls and pray for the Light to deliver us; only with strong backs, and stronger convictions, can we begin to build the new Lordaeron.” ~ Acting Lord Selwyn Lewis The purpose of this thread is to function as an archive for the series of events Theramore has planned over the next few weeks. Event dates and times will be posted below a day or so before they will happen. Anyone interested in participating should contact myself (Selwyn), Horadin (also his in-game name) or Scorpio (Brayden) and you’ll be added to the Theramore Discord. Elements such as redshirts are encouraged with ST recognition and support. Phase 1: Consolidation Seize Witch Hill back from the hands of the corruptive Witch Coven. Negotiate a settlement for the return of refugees from Alcaz Isle. Begin construction of the Proudmoore Dam to irrigate the marsh around Witch Hill. Negotiate the resumption of shipments of colonists and refugees from Stormwind. Discover the fate of Lady Proudmoore. Send marines to re-garrison Lost Point and discover the fate of the Deserters. Phase 2: Congregation Begin settlement of marsh areas around Sentry Point. Establish permanent road links with North Point and other outlying towers. Deal with the Defias insurgency on Kalimdor. Investigate the mysterious events of the Shady Rest Inn. Sanctify and construct a monastery atop the former Blackheart Fortress. Phase 3: Our Destiny ‘Deal with’ the Ogres of Brackenwall. Finish construction of the Proudmoore Dam. Squash the pirate threat to Northwatch Keep. Begin construction of the Menethil Dam south of Lost Point. Phase 4: Building the New Lordaeron Aid in the efforts of settlers in the marsh. Colonise significant portions of Northern Dustwallow. See irrigation efforts bear fruit. Investigate the Wyrmbog.
  7. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT DON'T BE A QUEEN, BE A MARINE THERAMORE'S PUBLIC SERVICE NEEDS YOU! With the recent deluge of adversities against our fair city, many vacancies have appeared in the ranks of our brave defenders. Do you wish to fight with the same heroes that reclaimed Northwatch Hold, or destroyed the devil Rodan and his demonic hordes? Do you wish a bed, stable pay and the ability to provide for one's family whilst defending one's country? Then enlist today for the Theramore Marines!
  8. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT REGISTRATION OF MAGIC USE It has come to the attention of the Tower of Theramore that certain individuals are RECKLESSLY MISUSING the GIFT of magical aptitude to DABBLE IN FORBIDDEN ARTS and evade custody. In an effort to encourage the RESPONSIBLE use of magic, the Tower now requires all magic users within the city to REGISTER with the Tower and be provided with a license in order to be able to freely practice magic within the city. FURTHERMORE, excessive and unnecessary use of magic is forbidden within city limits. Illusion magic - except for the purposes of the Council of Theramore and with the approval of the Tower - is also forbidden within city limits. Penalties for unregistered magic use include everything from FINES to TEMPORARY DETAINMENT. REGISTRATION CAN BE CONDUCTED AT THE OFFICE OF MEDIATION WITHIN THE TOWER OF THERAMORE. ALL MAGIC USERS ARE EXPECTED TO HAVE REGISTERED WITHIN A WEEK OF THIS BULLETIN BEING ISSUED.
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  14. An Announcement from the Council of Theramore VOLUNTARY SURRENDER OF DARK ARTIFACTS BEGINNING TODAY, the Council of Theramore is offering citizens the chance to surrender any CORRUPT or FEL-INFUSED items WITHOUT QUESTIONS ASKED to the TOWER OF THERAMORE. This includes objects that citizens suppose are CURSED or in any way MAGICALLY TAINTED. The Tower will continue to accept all such items WITHOUT LEGAL PROSECUTION until the end of the month, following which anyone found possessing such objects will be faced with SERIOUS CHARGES and be prosecuted TO THE ENDS OF THE LAW. Don't risk your or your family's well-being to the dangerous allure of such CORRUPTING INFLUENCES. Help preserve your city.
  15. A Public Service Announcement from the Council of Theramore DON'T DOUBT OR POUT (or 'Internal Security') Do you feel beligerent about the direction Theramore is taking? Much rather stick your sword in Orcs than in the BURNING LEGION? Then it is possible you are being targeted by the mental perversion of the Nathrezim, our ETERNAL ENEMY, as he seeks to draw the world and our fair city to ruin! Did you know that recent KIRIN TOR studies have linked Nathrezim presences to large increases in the DISEASE of DEFEATISM AND DESERTION Before you dissent, it is important you consider whether your actions are truly your own.