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  1. To any prospective new joiners: Send Thanduril a nod in-game.
  2. for the love of god please
  3. I really like Kael'thas Just a quick notice that a few of us have taken to playing Blood Elves from the Sunhawk faction if anyone fancies hopping in and joining us. PM me on Discord (norzium #3211) and we can chill in Bloodmyst together. im very lonely
  4. If you can't access it, try disabling GHI altogether. It's a relatively useless addon anyway and I'm now able to see both my Renown Bar and my Prologue Talents.
  5. Level: 1 Constitution: 0 Senses: 0 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 3 (+2) Willpower: 2 Ingenuity: 0 Haste: 0 Fortune: 2 HP(10+ 4 per Constitution): Racial Trait: Blood Elf Caster: +2 WSD
  6. better than any apology thread and gave me an erection, 7.5/10
  7. The Folly of Sirs Fredrich and Aldrich (Knights of the Realm of Azeroth) Amid the shallows of Dustwallow, Rode two men of qualitie, T’was Fredrich Anselm, Sir, Knight of Stormwind, smart, With the favour of Lady Prestor, Clenched in a tie to his heart; And twas Aldrich with no noble name, A knight of his own might and main, Each came out to the swamp this day, Questing for the winged serpent, The architect of much dismay; The dense marsh fog did not prevail, To either knight the dread-beast’s trail, And as their courage began to ail, ‘Pon two Elves, atop their sabers, Came riding with their favours; “We’ll join your quest, here to go,” Said the fair maiden in her robes; “If for a piece of yonder dragon’s hoard,” And, as all knights chivalrously know, To refuse a maiden’s word is a hellish low, So with the elves they did adjourn, To the den of the dragon’s hellish scourn, Deeper still did they dwell, In caverns hidden and places Fel, Yet when ‘pon a mountain did they see, The plumes of fire smoke, Fredrich, did he; Declared with all his righteous vaniglorie; “What ho, beast, we come at last, To be singed by glory’s firey blast, Here today, to your dismay, We’ll rend our names historie!” And ‘pon the dark place did they fall, The Elves at their back cowering, all, As with a flash of lighting sword, A dozen scaled heathens, Fell, what a horde! And as their companions did they soothe, The maddened roar overhead did move, Aldrich, limping, graced by battle, To Fredrich’s side as they grit their mettle. The flames grew to swallow the dark, The marsh so scalded parted, “Hark!” Cried Fredrich, blade ready, Aldrich at his side, steady, And with a cry of “For the King!” Their death-words in the swamp did ring, As Anselm’s sword rendered the drake’s wing, Falling to wounded Aldrich, whose sword, Was the last to sing. And when the dragon’s body fell, The Elves fled with their spell, As Fredrich, dying, was left to burn, And yet, the fates themselves did they spurn.
  8. Level: 1 Constitution: 3 (+1) Senses: 0 Strength: 2 (+1) Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 0 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: 0 Haste: 0 Fortune: 2 HP(10+ 4 per Constitution): 26 Racial Trait: Human Soldier: +1 STR and CON
  9. twat
  10. Lord Selwyn in a candid moment, consulting correspondences late at night Selwyn Lewis Occupation: Acting Lord of Theramore Allegiances: Theramore, the Grand Alliance Origin: Andorhal (birthplace), Dalaran (apprenticeship) Appearance Slewyn looks every part the clerk, of moderate height, thin and with a sharpness to his features that can give the notion of snobbishness. Despite his unintimidating posture, it is clear he takes efforts to maintain this appearance out of habit; with a trimmed, clipped beard for frequent stroking and a dour frown that perfectly sets his contempt for any victim to it beyond the range of doubt. He has the features of a man of Lordaeron; blonde and blue-eyed, and a pale complexion suited to the damp conditions of the Dustwallow Marsh. He dresses pragmatically to indicate his status as a mage; in a robe decent enough to make him appear formal in his day to day workings. Personality "Selwyn might just be a snob. But he's a snob that gets things done; what would Theramore's state be without his guiding hand? I cannot come to imagine the anarchy that would ensue. You may complain about him all you want but at the end of the day, he will be the man to lead this city into a Golden Age - a city free of poverty, of tyrants, of injustice. " - Lieutenant Brayden Browne, lecturing Lance-Corporal Amber Webb Educated Selwyn graduated Dalaran as a Cyromancer, and carries with him all the hallmarks of the well-educated. Well-read and well-rehearsed in his chosen magical profession, he delights in scholarly pursuits and games of wits. Arrogant Selwyn feels naturally superior to those that lack his own level of education in the magical arts; if some of his behaviour is any indication, he doesn't even trust the clergy or Church to get things done entirely right. He is prone to passing acts of elitism and often believes he alone is capable of solving problems. Cunning Selwyn demonstrates a certain aptitude with resourcefulness, and utilizes his talents both magically and otherwise to effects that are both amusing and devastating on and off the battlefield. He is calculated and quick on his feet, though often lacks long-term perceptions of the consequences of his actions. Patient Selwyn knows how to play a long game, and is well aware that a single battle or victory will not ensure his or Theramore's long term prosperity. He is able to swallow his reservations about certain enemies if it means thwarting others, and will tolerate insults that may start wars if the conditions are adverse enough.
  11. Reclamation of the Tower Rejoice, citizens of Theramore! Lady Jaina's seat of government has finally be cleared of the debris and is now once again open as a center of study and magic in Theramore. Together, we magi will light the fire of knowledge to sear away our ignorance of this new continent. As of now, access to the BOTTOM FLOOR of the tower is permitted to the public for consulting Lord Selwyn Lewis. Any attempt to access the top floors by a non-mage will be dealt with harshly by the tower's arcane guardian. - Selwyn Lewis
  12. handsome boy alert
  13. the fire rises

    Lord Selwyn is said to have been sobbing at his desk most of the afternoon.