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  1. Garden Society Notice All members of the Garden society are asked to devote at least one fifth of their plot to herbs for use in the infirmary. The Society never shrinks from the common good! Sir Glerad Aurelius Chairman of the Theramore Gardening Society
  2. Updated into some kind of order. The first draft was half finished at best, I'm a little happier with it now.
  3. >posted 24 April C'mon Dasc my man you can shitpost on current threads.
  4. Lord Selwyn, Steward of Theramore It is unfortunate that I must again write to you as I would much sooner trust to the civil leadership of the nation to see to things personally and leave me in peace to enjoy the retirement I so long craved, but alas my sense of duty demands that I draw to your attention a number of pressing issues. First and most importantly, I have sensed a disturbing presence within the bounds of the city as of late. This could well be an attempt by the demonic forces in the swamp to infiltrate our walls, or it could be the result of something you and your fellow magi have been up to behind the closed doors of your tower. I would like to ask that you make me aware of any such activities or at least take due concern at my warning, coming as it is from an experienced Knight of The Silver Hand who certainly knows more on the topic of combating demons than the over-eager cowl wearing giggly apprentices which flood our streets so heavily of late. You ought to seek advice from those who are experienced enough to give it. Secondly, something ought to be done about the crude criminal element cropping up on the shore front of the city around the disused barn. This crime wave threatens the peace and quiet of all citizens of our proud city and risks permanently tarnishing the nation's character if left untreated. I demand in the strongest possible terms that you give immediate consideration to action which will bring these rogue elements under control. Not only is the building itself an eyesore on what could be a proud shore front, but it has attracted everything from loitering to gunfights. Finally, I would like to ask that you consider making funds available for the beautification of the city. I know for a fact that Lieutenant Brayden agrees with me on this, we would like to install flowers and trees around some of the less decorated areas of the city. Yours Sincerely Sir Glerad Aurelius Knight of the Silver Hand Chairman of the Theramore Gardening Society Theramore Marine
  5. Constitution: 3 Reflex: 0 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 1 Willpower: 3 Ingenuity: 0 Fortune: 0 Haste: 0 HP: 21 Human Soldier
  6. I don't really know if my characters fit into a neat stereotype but I definitely have preferences in the races I'll play and the character types so I'll just list the most recent characters I've played: Garlinad - Human peasant soldier from Westfall with a fairly dry, stoic attitude to life. Spogwell - Goblin Tabloid editor who lives for sensationalism and serving the Trade prince, cowardly and selfish. Drazzle - Venture Co Goblin Foreman, fairly stereotypical Goblin. Glerad - Grumpy old retired Knight of the Silver Hand and Gardener. Hopkins - over the top human knight who believed in serving Stormwind, being heroically stupid and smashing Johnny Orc. Also a Draenei Anthropologist, I can't remember his name, I went around studying the races of Azeroth so that the Draenei can understand them. Throw something my way I guess.
  7. And just to try and elaborate further on why this is objectionable for you Tamamo. If my character meets Kipp IC and is told he's the Hand of the Naaru, then suddenly my character's IC experience of the Naaru is that apparently who they choose to act as their official representative on Azeroth is a 20 year old adventurer with no loyalty to either the Alliance or any other significant faction. What does that tell my character? It tells him that the Naaru don't actually seem to care about The Alliance since they're chosen someone unaffiliated to it as their representative and this is apparently an admirable thing, so now my character has to react to the fact that the divine deity of the new race he's just encountered, The Draenei, actually doesn't agree with The Alliance they want to join and thinks we should just abandon our stance against The Horde and be neutral. If he takes a disliking to Kipp, then it colours my character heavily against the Naaru since it might make him think that they appoint fools as their official representative. Kipp's appointment has massive implications for what my character learns about the Naaru because his appointment implies a great deal that actually isn't in keeping with the Draenei's character as a race whatsoever. The Draenei are not a pro-racial harmony faction who admire those who put aside racial prejudice - they are the tattered remnants of a people who have suffered Genocide at the hands of the Orcs. You roleplaying their divine leader in this way and appointing Kipp as the Hand of the being which drives their religious belief system (and remember how important religion is to the Draenei) totally shifts the way every other faction perceives who the Draenei are and what they stand for. Having a random adventurer who happily rubs shoulders with the same Orcs who not too long ago genocided the Draenei race is something that I would find extremely hard to deal with if I was playing a Draenei character and his appointment also massively effects how the Alliance Rpers see the Draenei because we still don't know them very well and every interaction is informing what our characters think of them.
  8. The hand bit was more of a flippant joke than a real point, but I wasn't aware of the A'dal title. It's not really part of why I actually object anyway. Again, to repeat what others have said - you shouldn't be handing out major IC status to characters on the basis of good intentions and zero accomplishments. Kipp might be a nice guy, but treating being willing to "put aside any racial hatred or prejudice to unite against the Legion and further the Will of the Light" as if Kipp is the only character who holds those beliefs or as if those beliefs are so rare as to be worthy of praise is again, stupid. You know what happened the last time the Legion attacked? Basically the entire population of Kalimdor put aside racial hatred and prejudice to unite against them. If the qualification for being appointed the Hand of O'ros is that you think the Legion are a bigger deal than your other worldly foes then I look forward to O'ros appointing every single one of the thousands of Grunts, Footmen, Peasants, Night Elves and Wisps who fought at Hyjal to this title since basically the entire population of the server are playing characters who believe that when it comes to the Legion it's worthwhile uniting against them. Thinking the Legion are bad guys is not something rare and worthy of praise, you've appointed Kipp to an extremely important title for holding an opinion that 99% of people on Azeroth hold. This is why it's stupid to appoint someone to a major title by one of the most powerful lore characters in the setting just for holding agreeable opinions.
  9. Being the messenger who delivers those messages to the faction leaders is important - how the message is delivered and who delivers it is a key part of Diplomacy and the Rp around it. The factions should really be delivering their messages directly to each other, Kipp doesn't have any authority to see over fairness between Azeroth's great powers.
  10. As far as the title goes, if that's from the talent tree then so be it, that's fine. I have more of a problem with the way a lot of the Horde/Alliance communication is being done through people who have taken this title but aren't actually part of either of the factions. Maybe that's more the fault of the Horde and Alliance guilds than the STs, but I'd like to see diplomacy done by actual representatives of the organisations. Someone from the Horde warband and someone from the Theramore guild, not neutral unaffiliated wanderers.
  11. Obvious rant here and the only reason I haven't posted it sooner is because I thought that the event where Kipp got made the Hand of O'ros got retconned the day it happened. Do I even need to make an argument about why this is stupid and should be retconned? First off, You made someone the "Hand" of an entity that doesn't have hands. Secondly, one of the wisest beings on the planet has for some reason made a random adventurer that it has met once its official representative on Azeroth. Not one of the 35,000 year old Draenei who saw their entire race genocided and stuck with it. Not one of those Draenei who have devoted their entire existence over thousands of years to the service of O'ros and the worship of it as a deity, no, fuck those guys. Instead, O'ros the all wise has chosen for its official representative on Azeroth some random fucking 20 something adventurer human who it met once because he walked one Draenei home through Ashenvale. The reasoning? Because it read its mind and he was a good guy and devoted to the destruction of the Legion. I mean, nevermind that it has literally an entire race of 30,000 year old experienced warriors who have provided it with millennia of service and have devoted their existence to the same thing, let's just give it to fucking Kipp. I mean I pity anyone who's currently playing a Draenei and who has to treat Kipp IC as the official and correctly appointed Hand of O'ros. It must be incredibly stupid having to pay the enormous respect afforded by such an appointment to some 20 year old adventurer character. And as if that's not stupid enough, he's also been appointed a Diplomat. A Diplomat representing who? No one but himself! Who else? Apparently on this server Diplomatic status is in actual fact not something which is conferred upon a few trusted and carefully chosen senior representatives who have a specific job to represent their faction in discussion, apparently on this server because of ST decree all Diplomacy between the two biggest factions on Azeroth - The Horde and Alliance - is funneled through two random adventurers, Kipp and Nerarrii, for no good reason whatsoever. Seriously STs, you need to think before you hand out important titles to characters who have no sensible reason whatsoever for holding those titles. This isn't a hate thread against Kipp and Nerarrii, it's a thread about how it's stupid that this was done in the first place and even stupider that it wasn't retconned. Kipp rightly points out that his character isn't going to say no to a Naaru, but it shouldn't have been offered in the first place.
  12. Constitution: 3 Senses: Strength: Dexterity: 2 Wisdom: Willpower: Ingenuity: Haste: 4 Fortune: HP(10+ 4 per Constitution): 22 Racial Trait: (Gnome???) Sneaker (actually a Goblin)
  13. the fire rises

    <A new notice is posted beside the original statement> Theramore, The allegations made by Magi Manaspring against the Theramore Gardening Society are absurd in the highest decree. The Gardening society has always and always will support the Alliance, and those familiar with our "Dig for Victory" campaign should not doubt this for one moment! In fact, our society has many Gnome members. We would like to encourage our fellow citizens to imagine the other end of this - an Alliance without proper fruit and vegetable dishes, where soldiers march to battle on an empty stomach, where the streets of Theramore are littered with loud clanking contraptions instead of the pleasant flower beds so well maintained by this society's hard work and effort. The Theramore Gardener's Society plays a key role in the maintenance of this city and have a right not to have the growth of the city's plant life stunted by poisonous fumes and flowerbeds ruined by wild engineers doing circles in their machines. This is to say nothing of the manure shortage which could be created were these vehicles to supplant the horse! We urge Lord Selwyn to keep a cool head and act in the best interests of the city as a whole. The Gardener's Society has no issue with the Gnomish population, we merely insist they use a less obnoxious, loud and smokey form of transportation. Signed Sir Glerad Aurielus Knight of the Silver Hand Chairman of the Theramore Gardening Society
  14. <A notice is hammered to the noticeboard near Theramore Keep, below is extensive space for members of the public to sign the petition or add their own comments> Dear Lord Selwyn We, the undersigned, demand that you take action at once with regards to the noisy, smoke emitting Gnomish and Goblin transportation machines which have been polluting the streets of Theramore. Not only are such devices, noisy, inconsiderate and likely to cause damage to the air which will hinder the growth of plantlife within the city. They are also remarkably dangerous. It seems merely a matter of time before one of Theramore's children are knocked over by these devices. Certain members of Theramore's guard have even been seen atop these contraptions while on duty - a crude and silly look which does nothing to replicate the gravitas and confidence which is demonstrated and exuded by a properly equipped soldier on Horseback, as has been the military tradition for as far back as any can remember. Let us not also forget the damage these devices have the potential to do to Theramore's stable boys, who could well be left without a job unless action is taken at once. With the facts as clearly laid out as they are, we demand that you take action at once to put an end to these menacing devices plaguing our city's streets and restore the horse to its noble, respected and traditional position. Signed: Sir Glerad Aurielus Knight of the Silver Hand Chairman of the Theramore Gardening Society
  15. Anything beats Newbie I guess.