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  1. Don't know if this is the correct place to post. But we require a shaman for our pirate crew who can progress in the following things (not limited): -Mist weaving and concealing [Essential] -Talk to the death / Talk nerglish (seacreature talk) -Summon sandbanks -Bend water and wind to our will Preffer a troll. Yo do some voodoo mon.
  2. Kukri is currently being placed in home arrest at the baffling coin. Guards at the door are preventing him to go out.
  3. I'd love to see some new guild concepts around. I'd suggest to focus on establishing some sort of foothold in the dust wallow march though, competition could keep things interesting.
  4. Paying handsomely for golden tip to Seawing's lair! KUKRI
  5. As there is currently no economy present and people just randomly produce coin out of their pocket, I thought I'd make some simple suggestions to implement regarding an economy! This is open for brainstorming, if you have a better idea you can write it down here. Suggestion 1: Hourly coin Although it also appears magically in your pocket, it still gives some scent of people know value of coin. It also encourages activity. Suggestion 2: Guild dividing Create a "Guild Coin request" section on the forums. Requesting a certain amount of coin for your group/guild that can be divided accordingly by a bookie / guildmaster. After creating such request, the terms are agreed to give up Weekly - Per two Weeks - Monthly revenue to the guild. Take in account the factors can make it more beneficial or worse towards the next periodic payment. It can take into account the character guild plans and creates new potential for guilds. Example: John runs a miner guild, he has 2 people under his service. He requests 30 silver, 10 for himself, 5 for his fellow colleagues, the rest he keeps in the guild bank in case of scarcity. His miner' excavation site got overrun by kobolds. He had to make some repairs, -10 silver for his next payment. Good thing he made a scarcity fund, he can still pay his workers!
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  7. I'd like to give it a go, give me something difficult! Only tried pirates.
  8. Character: Kukri Discord: I don't use the damn thing
  9. A lot of ruckus goes around The Baffling Coin, shouts of being thieved. It does not go unnoticed by the customers. Rumors start to spread about a Cursed Necklace being take by a "Doctor". What would be so special about this necklace? There seems to be a need of trackers to find the "Doctor" in the Baffling Coin! Perhaps a way to earn a Coin?
  10. The Baffling Coin "Open for business!" When you enter the inn, the following plaque hangs out "No shirt, no drinks!" A bouncer stops you! "Nay weapons allowed!" You'll have a drink! "Preferably Shipwreck, but you won't walk again!" REPEAT THE NEXT DAY See ye at the Bafflin' Coin, mateys!
  11. There is a new drink in town called "Shipwreck", a self-brewed Moonshine that knocks you from your feet. Slowly becoming popular among sailors.
  12. They switch sides rather quickly depending on the situation.
  13. The Daggerfin Corsairs Leader: Captain Kukri Location: Theramore, Ratchet Info Literally the worst pirates privateers that ever existed. We are a mixed themed group between adventure (if not too ambitious), sailing and disrupt peace. Goals Nothing set in stone, we truly lack ambition, we just see what gets thrown our way! How to join Create a wacky character, our crewmembers are on the edge of insanity. Add some grog with that. Become a privateer (who am I kidding, we are just pirates) by talking to Kukri, he will present you with a QUEST to complete!
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