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  1. A lot of ruckus goes around The Baffling Coin, shouts of being thieved. It does not go unnoticed by the customers. Rumors start to spread about a Cursed Necklace being take by a "Doctor". What would be so special about this necklace? There seems to be a need of trackers to find the "Doctor" in the Baffling Coin! Perhaps a way to earn a Coin?
  2. The Baffling Coin "Open for business!" When you enter the inn, the following plaque hangs out "No shirt, no drinks!" A bouncer stops you! "Nay weapons allowed!" You'll have a drink! "Preferably Shipwreck, but you won't walk again!" REPEAT THE NEXT DAY See ye at the Bafflin' Coin, mateys!
  3. There is a new drink in town called "Shipwreck", a self-brewed Moonshine that knocks you from your feet. Slowly becoming popular among sailors.
  4. They switch sides rather quickly depending on the situation.
  5. The Daggerfin Corsairs Leader: Captain Kukri Location: Theramore, Ratchet Info Literally the worst pirates privateers that ever existed. We are a mixed themed group between adventure (if not too ambitious), sailing and disrupt peace. Goals Nothing set in stone, we truly lack ambition, we just see what gets thrown our way! How to join Create a wacky character, our crewmembers are on the edge of insanity. Add some grog with that. Become a privateer (who am I kidding, we are just pirates) by talking to Kukri, he will present you with a QUEST to complete!
  6. Hi!

    I do
  7. I don't like these toxic topics one bit. Can this please just be locked and spoken out privately? I don't see why an entire community needs to be involved in it. Right?
  8. Bonkle's the man please implement this asap
  9. Hahaha best editor ever
  10. I'm wondering if there is the possibility to add minor edits to the world that make Theramore a better place for RP. Places like these should grant access to some fun freeroam events. Feel free to put up for suggestions! Jail: An actual jail where people get locked up, this provides actual good RP if the player isn't left out there to rot. But give them something more than only that => Visiting hours, community service, ... A court: A place where people can stand official trail. Poorman bar: One for sailors, vagrants, fishers it is a port after all. The one guards usually get frowned upon and the fun suddenly stops when they enter. Various new shops: Alchemist, antique vendor, herbalist, engineer, smith, shipwright, undertaker, ... These provide always good RP when needing to ask advice / buy / restock supplies for certain things. More housing/slums: I'm not saying necessarily for player housing, but having a wild environment like that encourages people to go to different places / walk through slums. (not all need to be edited, and some can even be locked doors). Encourages a lot of free RP and even guard patrols! We all want those tiny streets! Guard posts: Pretty common thing, so patrols can be set out from guardhouse to guardhouse, even be asked papers from time to time when passing through town. More ships & more crates: Duh. It's a port! And has large docks, better fill that space so it looks busy! Festival area: A place for stands for events, such as markets, festivals, ....
  11. yes me!
  12. Constitution: 0 Senses: 3 Strength:0 Dexterity: 3 Wisdom:0 Willpower:0 Ingenuity:0 Fortune:0 Haste: 3 Total HP: 10 Racial Modifier: Human Marksman (+1 DEX and HST)