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  1. plumpy rascal innit
  2. i admit it was me........................
  3. Character: Horadin Discord: Horadin
  4. give me spellbreaker robe.
  5. I'm trying to find out why people exist to this day that are hoping for good graphics in a Blizzard MMO lmao, let alone RPing on a private server where you have to imagine 99% of the things you do. The only advantage that WoW as a platform offers over PnP isn't quality ,it's the fact you can get a bit more engaged with your character because you can see them as a figure running around, I had zero problems RPing with vanilla models just as I have zero problems RPing with ugly WoD models which, by the way, are still better than vanilla ones. If you're looking for quality of RP, pleasing aesthetics to the eye shouldn't make you feel like your RP is better, being immersed in good storytelling should be what does that.
  6. I have roleplayed over 10 years consistently as only a dwarf and only twice as a human. I hate elves although I did make one, do fuck me up please. I want the hardest you can think of please.
  7. Level:1 Constitution: 1 Senses: 2 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 1 +2 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: 0 Haste: 0 Fortune: 0 Total HP: 14 Archetype: Blood Elf Caster (+2 WSD)
  8. okay sure
  9. i'll take it
  10. Hi!

    i remember
  11. Directive As of the present day, Sir Horadin Ironfoot, Captain of Theramore's Guard, has issued a formal directive to increase the pay of all active military personnel with the surplus funds left after the demobilization of the militia by Lord Selwyn. The changes in the wage will gradually start taking effect in the following days until the financial plan has been entirely invested.
  12. abu bakr mcmohammed i need to fuk u up in for honor again.
  13. Constitution:3+1 Senses:2 Strength:2+1 Dexterity:0 Wisdom:0 Willpower:0 Ingenuity:0 Haste:0 Fortune:0 HP:26 Racial Trait: Dwarven Mountaineer (+1 STR ; + 1 CON)
  14. yes
  15. Constitution:4 Senses:0 Strength:4 Dexterity:0 Wisdom:0 Willpower:1 (+1) Ingenuity:0 Fortune:0 Haste:0 Total HP:26 Racial Modifier: Dwarven Mountaineer (+1 STR; +1 CON)