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  1. Level: 1 Constitution: 3 (1+1+1) (Body passive, Guardian racial) Senses: 3 (1+1+1) (Night Elf, Guardian, Reflex passive) Strength: 3 Dexterity: 1 (0+1) (Night Elf) Wisdom: 3 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: -1 (Night Elf) Haste: 0 Fortune: 0 HP(10+ 3 per Constitution + Armor): 21 Race: Night Elf Racial Trait: Night Elf Guardian Passives: Body, Reflex Preferred Armor: Leather
  2. More fleshed out idea using willpower conversion: Druids don't get a racial bonus (+2), but instead choose a totem. The totem affects the druid's stats in all forms and serves as the "primary" designation for that druid: Druids of the Claw Bear Totem (+1 Str, +1 Con) Cat Totem (+1 Dex, +1 Has) Druids of the Talon Raven Totem (+2 Wis) Owl Totem (+2 Wpr) Other totems? Owlbeast (+2 Str) Snake (+2 Dex) Stag (+2 Has) Boar (+2 Con) Wisdom Conversion The druid's primary casting stat for adopting forms and casting offensively is wisdom (max 5 unbuffed at char gen). 1. Switching between forms - including humanoid and animal - will take a full combat turn, if it combat. 2. When the druid is in a different form, their wisdom stat gets converted directly to the stat corresponding to that form as follows: Bear -> Str Cat/Snake -> Dex Travel (Cheetah, Stag) -> Haste Owlbeast -> Con (Only increases potential maximum HP, does not add to current) 3. The druid is assumed to have naturally 0 WIS and 0 WPR in all animal forms, though they retain any bonuses they gain from their totem.
  3. Constitution:1+1 Reflex:2 Strength:2+1 Dexterity:0 Wisdom:2 Willpower:0 Ingenuity:0 Fortune:0 Haste:0 HP: 16/16 Racial: Tauren Bluffwatcher (+1 Con, +1 Str)
  4. How do we handle the fact that druids have different forms in the RPG system? Obviously it doesn't make sense that a caster has the strength/con of a bear, or the dex/haste of a cat. I would suggest we either have a) a separate set of stats for each form, but it takes a full combat round to shift between them or b) have a universal conversion of wisdom -> the appropriate stat (e.g. str for bear, dex for cat) when the druid is in that form.
  5. Con : 2(+1) Str : 5(+1) Racial : Arathi Barbarian (+1 Str, +1 Con)
  6. We look forward to naval battling with you =)
  7. Currently particularly looking for: * A surgeon/doctor (Preferably old school leeches and hacksaws doctor rather than a magical healer) * A shaman to help us control the weather and talk to the Elder Gods
  8. Tell your mum to charge less then, mate.
  9. yes gief vindicator pl8 back
  10. Constitution: 1Reflex: 1Strength: 0Dexterity: 0Wisdom: 0Willpower: 0Ingenuity: 4 (+2)Fortune: 1Haste: 0 Human Worker: +2 ING
  11. I can see some potential in this as being something like an underground group with goals akin to the Blue Dragonflight storyline in WotLK - hunting down rogue mages, accumulating lore before the Dalaran normies get their hands on it, etc.
  12. So you guys are playing both the Draenei and the belfs of the Bloodmyst conflict?
  13. I have RPd every single thing under the sun. Really. Try to shock me.
  14. Scribbled on a grubby piece of parchment: "Theramore is an autocratic military dictatorship. Disband the soldiery and create a civilian peacekeeping force! ~Disgruntled citizen"
  15. Sup