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  1. Scribbled on a grubby piece of parchment: "Theramore is an autocratic military dictatorship. Disband the soldiery and create a civilian peacekeeping force! ~Disgruntled citizen"
  2. Looks dope, gon throw a character into this.
  3. Sup
  4. Constitution: 1Senses: 3Strength: 0Dexterity: 3 (+1)Wisdom: 0Willpower: 0Ingenuity: 0Fortune: 0Haste: 0 (+1) HP: 14 Racial: Human Marksman (+1 DEX, +1 HAS)
  5. I don't really have a well thought out guild proposal, just thought we should do a Dwarf/Gnome guild since Bael Modan is cool and Dwarves are cool.