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  1. what the fuck is this heresy norzium
  2. give me back my server or else ill summon the rest of the butcher lads here to cleanse this fucking shit
  3. The man the myth the legend
  4. It's good to see you're making an effort to improve. If you're ever doing something wrong ingame or perhaps doing something you shouldn't be able to do, I will be sure to let you know via whispers. A 'can do' attitude will take you a long way and in time I believe you'll be able to integrate well with the rest of us memers.
  5. brayden sit down and exhale as he prepare for the upcoming long list of complaints amber has to tell him
  6. words of heresy right here
  7. obligatory crony like for my lad
  8. an exception can be made for you baby
  9. holy shit is this a ghost
  11. edited with magus rhone's quote regarding brayden's foreboding past