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  1. All good points here. I think it's an important issue to address for one key reason that Sprongle touched upon in that it is not harmless nepotism here. It is not giving someone a fancy, but purely flavourful, title or a cool cosmetic item or a weapon with a neat backstory. Those things are fine, although in moderation. Nepotism is just part of how private servers work, everyone has their favourites, their biases and such. However, a title such as this given to one person is like at best saying that other people's characters are undeserving, which is something that should be treated with reverence, or at worst a middle finger to every other related character. Similarly, with diplomat, it is putting a character on a pedestal really that they may or may not have earned, regardless a title given to a few people almost says to everyone else: These are the LEGIT diplomats. To be a diplomat you need the title. It makes them stand out among the rest and comes with a sort of staff endorsed sticker of approval. Although in some cases I can see it that someone has earned a title through dedication to a particular role and thus they deserve that kind of signifier that they're legit, however willy nilly handing them out to a few random adventurers because they're ooooh nice and ooooh neutral is not really good enough. It seems retcon is the best solution imo but in a general sense, things like titles or endorsements from major lore characters really do need to be well thought over and given proper reverence and consideration into the consequences, good or bad, of giving out such. Thoughtlessness from STs happen and things get fucked up... granted certain staff members are more prone to it than others, but it is important not only to see that you've fucked up but make sure it doesn't happen again. Shit gets tiresome fast.
  2. we're saved, panic over, our lives are okay we can once again lose ourselves in rp and not have to confront the crushing reality that nothing will ever truly fulfill us
  3. that's not even a threat, like... please do
  4. spared topper's life, good lad 7/10
  5. The title with the white background breaks the aesthetic of the darker theme (which i use). Delet this.
  6. Constitution: 2 Senses: 2 +1 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 3 + 1 Wisdom: 0 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: 0 Haste: 0 Fortune: 0 Gnome Marksman: +1 DEX and SEN HP: 18/18
  7. its so beautiful to see two arabs reunited
  8. Constitution: 1+1 Senses: 0 Strength: 0+1 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 0 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: 0 Haste: 0 Fortune: 6 Undead Deathguard: +1 STR and CON HP: 18/18