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  1. +1 in strength for having furiously made manly workout over the course of a week, Rick surely was a force to be reckoned with in brawls now, to the harm of a specific pirate.
  2. a p p r o v e d
  3. Backup has arrived to Bloodmyst Isles, as stated per rumors in the Exodar. The Aegis which has gained mixed reputation for executing a guest while helping with small things such as test samples for the artificars are heading to Bloodmyst. In any case, the people are cheering them on and hoping victory for them.
  4. Do as they say @Tamamo-no-Bae. Their points are valid, they are actually discussing with you instead of memeing you and you know something is wrong when this many people questions you, -one- individual's decision. Stop being so defensive fam.
  5. The madman gets a point in ingenuity for his quirky potion making in the middle of combat, with a wide variety of effects.
  6. Ganak's proud raptor ride has earned him one haste, as he somehow managed to get up there and ride the damnable thing!
  7. you can tell by the name that some skulls are gonna get carved in
  8. whatever
  9. lol like there's any difference
  10. checks out have a good day
  11. Toranaar gains +1 in strength for having been the bane of filthy shredders and making a centaur into two halves.
  12. yes
  13. kindly fuck off and read the rule about naming of these topics vince die