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  1. my MAN RETURNS Welcome to Tales fam.
  2. We're launching 26th. We will open a character creation room the 24th, specific time has yet to be determined. More information will be released leading up to the launch. We're nearly there folks.
  3. Modified title and total HP. Approved. I'll approve faster than Zusk, even on phone.
  4. my BOY back at it again For Bloodbound!
  5. it's an antagonist but it's also an elf i'm feeling extremely conflicted about this
  6. <writing chapter 3 intensifies>
  7. This, and I don't think we have forest trolls working yet. @Tamamo-no-Bae oi
  8. like, no promise, but i think the belves might be hit by a mana bomb before launch, thus making them unplayable Welcome to Tales.
  9. This project is the only thing that keeps me from eternal darkness and loneliness. Hi. Welcome to Tales.
  10. I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW............ I fear that this concept might not attract too much attention fam, so be prepared incase that it might only launch off with more than a couple of people.
  11. yo want me to hide this topic too? Welcome to Tales.
  12. Changes: -Black Widow has been fired. -CherryGarcia hired as trial GM.
  13. Approved. Good luck with the Paleface.
  14. Changes: -Zusk promoted to administrator. -Black Widow stepped down to ST level. -Grimvale switching from tech trial to ST trial.
  15. welcome boiii