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  1. Approved. and so it starts
  2. The Alarmingly Productive Development Blog #1 Hey y'all. Welcome to the first of hopefully many development blogs where I will on one end slowly descend into a constant nightmare of endless fear and paranoia and eventually go insane, and on the other explain the server's progress from a technical point of view. In this part, we'll go over the world that has been built to cater to the setting, which you can by the way find here. Theramore In the setting, Theramore is supposed to be a complete shithole of an existence due to lack of leadership. After a serious attack, much of the city lies in ruins, and depression runs deep in the streets. Big props to Moon for building the majority of this mess. The Crossroads Due to minor complications (namely that Orgrimmar has fallen), the Horde has moved its capital to the Crossroads. Due to the fact that most of the survivors have crashed here after Orgrimmar and Razor Hill, Zusk took up arms to make it look like a fortified and overrun version of the Crossroads. Northwatch Hold Having been taking over by Venture Co., Northwatch now serves as a pale shadow of its former self as a den of vile dealings and villain clubs. Many props to Liz who mainly worked on this (I think??) and put her heart into this piece of decorating. Yes, I will probably interfere with ERP in this place. Watch out y'all. Ratchet We stole Bonkle's Ratchet edit. xoxo thanks bonkle boi <3 Now, there's a lot more out there that we've built. But go explore, and see if there isn't any interesting spots to RP. Thanks to our builders that did the minor touches on areas not shown in this post, y'all lifesavers. Now, I'm going to go and be a corrupt administrator now. Adios nerds.
  3. u slow af RP Forum made - check off-topic.
  4. <sharpens butchering knife>
  5. now this shit is on our forums too?? fuck i had enough of all the trash dove spam on meme pages and in meme groups
  6. ha ha ha i love creating my own sheets Approved.
  7. Constitution:1 Reflex:0 Strength:0 Dexterity:0 Wisdom:4 Willpower:0 Ingenuity:2 Fortune:0 Haste:0 Total HP: 14
  8. This is like the strongest rogue out there. Oh well. Approved.
  9. /emote begins construction of railroad.
  10. My man you just got APPROVED.
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  12. Approved. Yes, I enjoy doing crime.
  13. Constitution:3 Reflex:0 Strength:2 Dexterity:0 Wisdom:0 Willpower:1 Ingenuity:1 Fortune:0 Haste:0 Total HP: 22
  14. I didn't know half the information you spit, nice.
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