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  1. I'm torn between More than just Circuits and Prophets and Prophecy.
  2. Awesome, look forward to RP with your char!
  3. hi

  4. I suppose a good way to start creating bonds between the members of this community is to have us play games together, so I'm thinking of us having an MP Stellaris campaign. Since we're a community if RPers, I suppose it'd be nice to encourage people to make AARs (After Action Reports) ICly and maybe even spice up the game by doing some RPing in it.
  5. o/
  6. Constitution: 2 Reflex: 2 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 3 Wisdom: 0 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: 0 Fortune: 0 Haste: 0 Total HP: 18
  7. ♪ Name: Lithriel Andilien Status: Alive Race: Blood Elf Age: 27 Birthplace: Andilien Estate, Quel'thalas Class: Hunter Favourite Drink: Suncrown Cheerwine Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: Farstriders Occupation: Ranger Languages known: Thalassian Religion: The Holy Light Marital Status: Single Personality Lithriel is often described as passionate, honest and loyal. She is very proud and protective of her people, with a zealous patriotism forged by the challenges and suffering they've endured and if she came across one in danger or in need of help, Lithriel would immediately rush to their aid. Musical at heart, she loves to sing and play the lute and bears a deep appreciation for nature. Background Born in Quel'thalas, in her family's estate, she's the middle child of her father, a spellbreaker and her mother, a mage. She grew up listening attentively to the tales of the First and Second war, rooting for the heroic Farstriders whom she was very fond of, and eventually experienced it first hand when it came close to home, the great forest of the High Kingdom harmed by the flames of their foes. She was old enough to be allowed to participate in the defense of Quel'thalas during the Third War, mostly helping with the evacuations and the resistance in the streets, being marked by the horror that was the Scourge. Her parents perished, and so did her younger sister, whom she keeps constantly in her thoughts and prayers. Currently she is a young initiate to the Farstriders, who strives to improve her people's precarious position, hoping to aid find relics of their forefathers that may help them at home. Traits and Flaws Selfless - Her people's suffering and her devoted nature means she’ll go far out of her way and even place herself in harm’s way to aid one of her kin. Zealous - Her passion to serve her people and her realm means she'll hardly see limits as to what's right or wrong, as long as it serves the cause of the Sin'dorei. Brave - Lithriel views combat and sacrifice as noble acts, and will step forward when others might step back. Obedient - She follows orders to the letter, bearing intense respect and loyalty to her superiors, to a fault. Gambler - She loves the thrill of gambling and while not particularly good at it she finds it hard to resist an invitation to do so. Gregarious - Cheerful, sociable and eager to drink, this Elf enjoys cheering the mood of others and entertaining them with her voice and her lute. Trusting - She is quick to place her trust in others, too quick. Cook - Lithriel enjoys cooking and has become modestly talented at it from having to fix meals for herself while out camping.