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  1. my original character was a belf but there was noone to rp with, i might make a char for this
  2. im ok with fredecix becoming the crown prince of the sindorei and i think it would be an enriching experience regarding the lore
  3. I'd say you should contact the staff about it to make sure Kael'thas has switched sides yet, because I'm not sure of it at the top of my head and it's the staff's job to precisely pin down the lore of the server, not mine.
  4. I disagree. It's been -years- since it happened. There's no reason to believe that Dalaran citizens would cover up or avoid talking about what Garithos forced Dalaran to do, specially given that there's strong lore basis to suggest that Dalaran's citizens would have sympathized with the Elves, viewed Garithos under a bad light. During the WC3 missions even some of Garithos' own soldiers, dwarves and humans, complain about how they dispise the man, despite following his orders. I cannot fathom that Dalaran's citizens would have not informed others about this, and I firmly believe that Garithos' actions should be public knowledge to most Elven people.
  5. Blood Knights don't exist, the Blood Knight Order isn't founded until Muru is brought to Silvermoon, where the Naru is going to be given a different purpose than Kael'thas had done before, which is to drain Light from for the BKs. I firmly believe you're also wrong on the matter of Elves in Theramore not being aware of what Garithos did, or their people's new name. It's been years, people send letters to Silvermoon, there's trade. If the staff had stated "Noone's heard anything from Quel'thalas since the past # years, then you'd have grounds to suggest so, but even then humans and dwarves from Dalaran would have witnessed and likely gossiped about how Garithos tried to genocide the Elves. Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider and his blood elves waited until the newly arrived naaru departed Tempest Keep. He had little interest in what the naaru hoped to accomplish on this shattered world: it was Tempest Keep that had brought him here. At the prince's signal the elves stormed the dimensional fortress, quickly defeating its automated defenses and claiming its satellite structures. The only real threat the elves discovered was a lone naaru who had stayed behind to maintain the keep's defenses. With some difficulty, Kael'thas subdued the energy being and sent it to Quel'Thalas so that the magic-addicted blood elves could feed upon it. Back in the capital city of Silvermoon, Magister Astalor Bloodsworn was not content with this idea. After long months of study and experimentation, he and his fellow wizards learned how to manipulate and corrupt the naaru's luminous energies. In the end the wizards devised a process by which the powers of the Light could be transferred to recipients who had not earned such abilities. Instead of feeding upon the naaru's magic, the blood elves would wield the naaru's Light-given powers themselves.
  6. ♪ Name: Lyria Andilien Status: Alive Race: Blood Elf Age: 43 Birthplace: Andilien Estate Class: Priest Favourite Desert: Blueberry Cobbler Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: Church of the Holy Light Occupation: High Cleric of Theramore Languages known: Thalassian, Common Religion: The Holy Light Marital Status: Single Personality Lyria is often described as calm, sincere and kind. She is very grateful towards humans for the sanctuary they've given her and her people and an advocate for the strength and unity of the Alliance. She's known and criticized for her abundant compassion. Background Born in Quel'thalas, in her family's estate, she was handed to the church by her mother who saw it as an easy way to keep this daughter from becoming as decadent, arrogant and improper as her elder siblings had become. Lyria became a parish girl and was raised to become a lady of the church, taking many of the values the religious men and women into her heart, such as their humbleness, spirit of service and piousness. Much to her mother's regret, she felt true calling in this and would not leave such a lifestyle at her request. She learned how to cook, how to sew clothes, take care of wounds and sickness through practical means and of course how to call upon the Light's mercy. Upon hearing of Jaina Proudmoore's words and how many of her kin were heading out to the dangerous unknown, she decided that she could not let them go on without a spiritual guide. She embarked not because of the mission or the tales of Kalimdor, but to look after those that did. Serving as one of the few priests in Theramore, she was thrust into the position of High Cleric by Lord Selwyn and now leads the Church of Theramore. Traits and Flaws Selfless - Her kind nature means she’ll go far out of her way and even place herself in harm’s way to aid someone else. Pious - Her faith in the Light is unwavering, taking refuge in it when in adversity. Trusting - She is quick to place her trust in others. Fearful - Lyria dislikes confrontations and violence and will likely surrender, flee or freeze in such a situation. Weak - Spending most of her time praying, reading, sewing, cooking and taking care of children means she hasn’t built a lot of muscle.
  7. The Church of Theramore calls for the generosity of our citizens that are blessed by a roof above their heads and food at their table in order to aid those that are in a precarious situations due to their service for our city and our people, more specifically the widows and father-less children of our city. When defending this noble city our soldiers should at least rest assured that their families will be well taken care of in the case that they fall in battle. For this purpose, the church will match silver by silver of each donation in order to create this fund, which the church will manage and put to work in our city, not only with the intention of having it generate a self sustaining growth, but to spurn the economy of the city and create much needed jobs. We will be focusing on our refugees, our brothers and sisters who've lost their homes and ways of earning coin for themselves and their families due to challenges our city has been facing. Our plan is to make use of as much arable land available to us and gain land from the march and the sea through the construction of a polder and the draining of the marsh. We will not sit with cross arms and watch our city be held hostage by outside forces who greedily make a profit out of our hunger, blood and suffering, we must secure Theramore's independence. Light willing we will tame this land and cleanse the corruption that lays over it like a dark cloud. (An event will be held soon to attempt and clear the marsh near Theramore of foul and dangerous beasts) Lyria Andilien, High Cleric of Theramore
  8. In case something like this happens, it'll be asked for both parties to behave politely and allow the person who logged in to leave without pretending they broke in. The party who logged in to find the house in use should also behave to the same standard and leave without bothering or disrupting the RP that's taking place.
  9. With Theramore becoming a hotspot for RP and the new nice edits (god bless you bonkle) that make a few houses available, I'd like to propose guidelines for how to handle player housing in the city. Since Theramore's size is limited, I think having houses built for each character is not feasible and hence make this a reasonable option. If noone is currently RPing inside the house, then someone can walk in and pretend it's ICly theirs, and others should respect whoever is RPing inside a house and do not dispute their claim or disrupt their RP, politeness being key in this system for it to work. If someone wants to use a house, please move on to one of the other unsused houses, or in the case that they're all currently being used, wait until someone vacates them. The claim someone has upon a house ends when they leave the house to RP somewhere else, allowing for other players to walk inside and begin RPing in it. Feel welcome to discuss this subject and share your ideas about this proposal.
  10. Lyria sips tea at the Inn, wondering what is all that noise outside.
  11. Awesome! How did you do this so quickly?!
  12. With permission of Lord Selwyn, the City of Theramore requests aid to move one of the crumbled pieces of the wall in order to create a suitable memorial for all those who sacrificed their lives so we should live. We must never forget those who perished defending our beloved city. We must make sure to honor them and treasure their righteousness. Their names shall be carved on the stone, as they're carved in our hearts. Those refugees that step up to aid our soldiers move the stone to its resting place are promised to receive a meal for their work. Light bless the people of this city and may Theramore shine again. -Sister Lyria, High Cleric of Theramore
  13. In her quarters, High Cleric Lyria purses her lips as she looks thoughtfully at a revealing Elven dress she's brought out from her closet. "Hm.. I mean.. It doesn't hurt to have a little bit of fun, does it?"