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  1. I mean...since when was that balanced on Kalimdor? I think it is quite absurd to assume that, considering that is the main continent for the Horde. On the other continent, it is the other way around. I do not think that making everyone equal in power should happen when one is a small fracture of a big faction, and the other is more or less the entire faction. Even after a major defeat, it should not be a question which one should be stronger imo.
  2. Should not Master Gadrin lead the village? He was always seen as one of the most trusted advisors of Vol'jin or maybe -the- most trusted one. It is just me, or is this reeking from the possiblity of Orgrimmar being taken to be something not subject to change for a long time? Becuse a very long plotline which might not go anywhere might just burn Horde players out. It might be just me, but I would prefer this mystic force not to be related to very weak forces like the Ragfire group. If they had such an ace up in their sleeve, they would not have been struggling in a state like this for sure, in my opinon. Might work better with someone independent from them. Hiding a super powerful spellcaster down there just sounds a bit silly. Just my two cents at a first glance, but I can't say I'm a too big of a fan of Orgrimmar being taken from the orcs, if that is planned to be something not to be change in quite a while. Even though Barrens is my favourite area, Crossroads is really not a great hub for orcs in my eyes. Also, considering at this point a major part of the Horde's forces were in Orgrimmar, then it is quite worrying that they got beat so easily. It sounds quite unrealstic for the Troggs to be beaten, in the light of the above fact (multiplying at a rapid rate), if not even Ogrimmar could stand a chance. How could a -defeated Horde- take their capital back then?
  3. *gothic skeleton sounds*
  4. We wuz orcs 'N shiet
  5. Orcish backstory Name: Ma'garag Race: Orc Occupation: Shaman Residence: Traveling in the Barrens Affiliation: The Horde Age: 28 Eye color: Red Skin color: Yellowish Green Religion: Orcish animistic faith / Spirit worship Language knowledge: Speaks, reads, and writes in orcish Apperance: He stands about as high as an average orc, does not stand out with his height, green skin, and red eyes. The shaman wears robes in good condition, but clearly used much, the dust of his travels is quite apparent. Wearing his hair as singular fixed tail on the top of his skull, he strikes a stark contrast to how he wears his facial hair, untended, but they share one trait: they are both black. For an orc, he does not seem to possess too many scars, and while muscular, clearly less so then others who dedicate themselves fully to the art of war. Talismans can be seen hanging from his neck, clearly hinting at his occupation as a shaman. A mace hangs from his belt, a true orc is never unarmed, even if he wields the elements. Personality: The orc can be somtimes seen as a more quiet one, but that is more of a consequence of their travels alone, then their inherent nature. Once someone gets to know them, they may act just like any other. Often quite whimsical, trusting his instincts and gut feelings more then rationale, even to prone to being hotheaded in some situations, the bloodthirsty orc nature shows. However, that does not mean that he is incapable of planning and careful execution. He very much is, but simply prefers more simple methods unless he feels the situation warrants it. Backstory: Born not long after the arrival of the orcs on Azeroth, he never lived the traditional orcish life. He was raised around warriors his whole life, teached only when those older around him could spare some time for him. The young orc had to learn to take care of himself early, becuse even though both of his parents luckily survived the wars, that hardly helped. When he was just a bit more then eight years old, all orcs were rounded up, and put in interment camps. While he could not fully grasp the situation yet, having little life experience, growing up in the lethargy of the orcs, did not help much for his warrior sprit to develop. However, this was the time when his connection to the elements first manifested, albeit in a very basic fashion. It was not more then him being able to conjure small figures of earth, or such insignifcant things. For this very reason, nobody took notice, and as the boy was raised at the time when the Horde turned it’s back on the old ways, he did not have any idea either. However, when the liberation wars began, he was already an adult, made durable if not overly strong, by the hard work. Ma’garag was eager to join Thrall’s New Horde, and to learn more about his orcish heritage. Over time he became a decent warrior favoring blunt weapons, especially maces. The big turn in his life was when his abilites were recognised by orcs who did know what it meant. He was told that he is a shaman, and became part of the new surge of shamanism following in Thrall’s footsteps within the Horde. While he never had any personal contact with the new Warchief he respected him for freeing the orcs and uniting them once again. His training was brief, but was more then enough to set him on the right path. As many new shamans at the time, he first and foremost trained himself, devoting nearly all of his time to exploring his new abilities, his understanding grew and grew over the time. Becuse of this, he also became a bit more distant from other orcs, seemingly preferring solitude, when in fact he only wished to immerse himself more in the spirit world and the others were seen as a distraction. This did not mean he would dislike them of course. He did still have a desire for social contact, just less then he used to.With the passing time this came to the point where he was barely even living within the camps. Saying he was travelling with them, but sometimes lagging behind or wandering off would be an accurate assessment. At the time Thrall lead the orcs to Kalimdor, he was already distant enough from the general population that he did not fully understand the situation, but his gut feelings and his trust commanded him to follow the Warchief. The new distant land instantly made a good impression on the orc, despite the harsh situation the newcomers found themselves in. He felt at home on the dry land. Following around the orcs and lending aid in the upcoming battles, he kept closer to them then before. But when the orcs settled down to found their new capital he set off to the wild, on a quest to understand his powers better and to explore the land which fast became close to his heart. And while he was never trained as a tracker, his newfound skills have helped him evade the wildlife, and he was able to survive on his own. He took it upon himself to explore the area commonly known as the Barrens. His ascetic lifestyle came to an end when during one of his rare visits of the Crossroads, he noticed the tide of refugees and heard the dire news of the trogg attacks. Hearing this, made him convinced he should return to his people, and aid them with his newfound powers.
  6. Level: 2 Constitution: 3 Senses:0 Strength: 2 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 4 Willpower:1 Ingenuity: 0 Haste: 0 Fortune:0 Orc spiritualist +1 WSD and +1 WILL HP(10+ 3 per Constitution): 19 Racial Trait: Orc Spiritualist: +1 WPR and WSD