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  1. I personally do not really like racial modifiers idea. The reason is, simply, becuse we have too few abilities, or at least too few mental ones. Let us say...minus wisdom. That means you are less intelligent, ye? But also that you are a -worse shaman and warlock too becuse they use the same stat to attack-. This goes for willpower too, actually. Both of the two "casting/mental" stats are way too broad for these sweeping changes, or are we going to say that orcs are worse shamans then say dranei? A race with a long history of shamanism versus one not so focused on it? That would kinda not make sense. We either need to change these up, or do something about it. Before someone starts pulling the DnD references, I would like to remind everyone that -customs- were a major factor in those too. Reason why Grey Orcs actually had +2 wisdom, was their very strong religious culture among (dnd) orcs. Etc. Also, negative modifiers on classes again limit the scope of what you can do....will we just instantly state that all knights are dumb, and all wizards are weak? This is not a good thing in DnD, and frankly only encourages bland powerbuilds. Why not just focus on your one ability, when you are actively being punished for doing anything but that?
  2. Fast addition: This is for STs: Please, do give modfiers on actions. If someone has a great plan, reward that. If someone tries to do something very whacky/complicated, punish that. A +/- 1/2 can give some more feel sometimes. Plus Bonkle's suggestions are great too.
  3. Honestly, I would vote for simplicity. Even though I'm a -big ass- fan of customization, hear me out. I have three points to raise: 1. Ease of use: This is really just that. A 3d6 system with mods is very easy to use and get into. Even for those who are not used to this sort of stuff. 2. Balance: More stuff IG, more stuff to balance. We are right now not too PvP happy, which makes me glad and lessens this issue, but more stuff will result in imba combos. And after a point, those really do hurt fun if you want to play anything, but someone weak/useless. Our system is not flawless, but it is not that bad either. Plus people can just not worry about what bonuses their weapon gives them and just pick something they like (within reason). And I did not even mentioning adding CC and what not to the system....I would rather leave all that to STs and players really. I have some trust ("naive fool" I know), that the community will handle it maturely. 3. Feeling of non-annoying randomness: Even with our pretty impactful modifiers (3.5 is a roll average, with 6 points of bonus, you are essentially rolling 5d6-1), the system is random, and that allows for fun. It is 100% to possible for a level 10 char to die to a level 1, due to the system still having a wide array. And that keeps people on ease. Not sure if anyone played high level DnD 3.5, where the fighter could naked beat the goblins with his donger, becuse his AC was so high, only nat 20 would hurt him, and even them the goblins won't be able to confirm the crit...resulting in him taking about 5> dmg. When he has 400 HP. Bottom line is, current system allows for randomness, while those specalised to get a significant advantage.
  4. I personally joined the Bloodbound Warband, which has quite a few shamans in it right now, with main goals to reclaim Durotar. Considering the current leader is a shaman too, I think it is fair to say that shaman RP will happen within the guild. While not 100% what I wanted, I think it works, at least for me.
  5. Dalek learn to dev pls not just bully pls
  6. Ck images, wow, such charm much sexy
  7. Just RP it out really, we can all do that. Much easier too.
  8. why ar u so minn angri ork no good, treat bad us
  9. I actually have more fleshed out concepts. That is not the problem. The problem is that there is acutally about 4-5 who could even potentionally join a horde guild. Coming out with a very strict and already "done" idea probably won't work, as I need more or less all current Horde shamans to be part of this, to even have an existing membership. This is as much of an "intrest check for -any- shaman related groups", as an actual guild proposal. Becuse really, with this low pop, first you need to know what others are intrested in, if you don't want a one man guild. And there is no good reason t make something detailed, if it turns out you are a the only guy even intrested in that kind of thing. So, this thread is more about a general intrest check and brainstorming, then one actual concrete idea.
  10. Essentially, seeing that we have a fair number of horde shamans, I was thinking about maybe forming a group of them. I will give a base idea to go off, but essentially, it all can be subject to smaller or even bigger changes. The aim is only clearly to bring a group together, which could bring Horde back from it's seeming inactivity. If someone has some tips how to incorporate non-shamans, those are welcomed too, but as of the current situation, I made this the main theme. I'm of course willing to pledge my current shaman (Ma'garag) to this. The guild is aimed to be a proactive one, possibly taking part in higher circles of the Horde too, if things go well. The idea: As I wrote above, the group would mainly be formed from shamans, and ambitious ones, using their shamanism to rise within the Horde. However, helping eachother they may achieve greater results, then trying alone. This can be more or less sinister as things become more clear, but the idea of trying to gain more power and control over the elments of the Horde is a main element. The current situation is a perfect time for heroic deeds, and in such a society as the orcish, that may directly lead to influence. The shamans would work together trying to achieve such. Again, it is up to debate if they should work secretly together or form a group openly, ideas on this are very much welcome. However, for this they also need to become personally powerful as shamans, deepening their connections to the elements. On this path they can of course help eachother as they can, becuse if the individual members are stronger, that will have a direct positive effect on the group. What this may be, can vary from person to person, but helping eachother is very important here too. That is the basic idea of the group. Short term goals (accordingly to the above, as I see it): - Forming the group - Outlining goals - Personal paths to power - Starting to gather influence - Active participation in the war effort Mid-term goals: - Gaining positions within the Horde - Retaking Orgrimmar - All involved becoming powerful at their own right Long-term goals: - High leadership positions within the Horde - Becoming influential as a group, make an effect on decisions Let me know down below if you are intrested/have ideas and/or comments on it.
  11. A large piece of paper can be seen at the enterance of the Crossroads inn. There are large black letters on it, and the writing is more or less legible. Cleanse Dreadmist! The mountain of Dreadmist is infected with filthy kobolds, who are hostile and hamper shamans from cleansing the mountain. I'm looking for warriors and fellow shamans to get rid of the flith and to finally restore the peak. Everyone is welcome who can aid in our mission. Look for Ma'garag. Lok'tar. /// OOC note: I'm GMT+1, basicly most evenings work for me there.
  12. I would be very much intrested in this. However, I'm not sure if we have enough areas of our own to RP in, though. But if there is a decent amount of people intrested, I would be willing to join this.
  13. Under the poster, a small piece of leather is placed with words carved into it: "I would be willing to aid you. I hate the Kolkar and for attacking my clan they must pay with their lives. Seek out Ma'garag in the camp of the shamans. Lok'tar."
  14. I mean...since when was that balanced on Kalimdor? I think it is quite absurd to assume that, considering that is the main continent for the Horde. On the other continent, it is the other way around. I do not think that making everyone equal in power should happen when one is a small fracture of a big faction, and the other is more or less the entire faction. Even after a major defeat, it should not be a question which one should be stronger imo.