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  2. Another squad of soldiers and adventurers had taken their chance to kill the large boneworm which roams the cliffs and caves around northern Durotar. They sought to seek vengeance upon the fiend as it had killed over twenty adventurers and military affiliated men and women within its convoluted tunnel system! In the morning, only three returned, beaten and broken. They spoke of the worm and its clutch expanding from the cave where it was first discovered by the elder shaman Ghamulg and his allies. It had consumed them all with either maw or rocks. The three adventurers would report this to Captain Bonemaw and Sergeant Nazgrim who has made Razorhill the base of further horde military operations.
  3. From Razorhill, its been reported several sightings of ragefire troggs in large groups coming down from the north and into the crag, the jagged cliffs that leads from Razorhill to the gates of Orgrimmar. Furthermore, the shadowtalker leader in Razorhill has been detained on the grounds of leading groups of adventurers into a cave system, promising riches for bringing him a special ore without approval of the temporarily rule in the city. These adventurers has not been seen since they departed for the cave upon the cliffs.
  4. Constitution:1 Reflex:1(+1) Strength:0 Dexterity:0 Wisdom:3 (+2) Willpower:0 Ingenuity:0 Fortune:1 Haste:0 Total HP: 13 Night Elf Caster: +1 WSD and SEN
  5. A rumor in Splintertree outpost speaks of a forsaken bearing the title of 'Darkslayer' has recently returned. Some grunts would know the sinister forsaken had been tasked with investigating the Dor'Danil Barrow Den. After a brief meeting with Overlord Mastok, Feran Strongwind walked from section to section within the stronghold to tell everyone that the den was off limits. Soon posters in the local inn would say that Dor'danil was a den of ghosts and horrors from what the poster called 'dream-realm'.
  6. Seven gave Krel +1 ing for his creative way of killing badass crabs
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  8. This is a work in progress, titles and positions and descriptions may change over time.
  9. Rules of a Warband. Each warband is very different from one another. It could be outfits, custom and origin. However, the rules of the Horde applies to the warband as it does any other aspect of the faction under red and black. The most important part is that you cannot be member of several warbands, your allegiance belongs to a single individual in that regard, the warband's leader. The duties and code are as follows; - The leader holds no power to enforce punishment or death to a fellow horde under your protection. Unless you hold a rank of official horde military, the earliest is 'sergeant'. Mind even so, you must inform your superiors of your deeds and a possible replacement, should the right arise. - An unhappy member of the warband can leave it, by denouncing its name and leader- however do not do this often, as it may portray you as indecisive and unreliable to other warbands or even commanders. - What is perhaps more important is the code of the mak'gora(Thrall's version), unless one's honor has been smudged or hurt to the extend that the other party finds it nonexistent, you cannot invoke the sacred trial of combat, unless you hold the right position of command. An example would be that a grunt cannot practice this to a general. However if he gains the support of his squad, he may invoke the mak'gora to his sergeant, as the sergeant is the grunt's closest superior. OOC Just use your common sense, you cannot go about killing other members of the Horde on a whim or invoke mak'gora to everyone that doesn't agree with you. (Mind this is a work in progress, as its use has risen by the current situation regarding the subject of "Warbands" any questions you have- you may direct them to me.)
  10. Three squadrons have been spotted entering Dustwallow Marsh, upon a reluctant agreement from General Twinbraid. From the Horde side, those in the military would know that Eitrigg's promise of aiding the ogres of Brackenwall once Razorhill was taking, had been honored this day. Commander Bargok and his worg riders would reach Brackenwall in the afternoon, to work further diplomatic actions with its leader, Overlord Mok'morokk.
  12. Scout/Grunt Every army needs its foregoers, to see what lies before the battlefield may end a skirmish rather than start it. You're the scout. The grunt is the very bulk of the Horde army, loyal. fierce and trained to endure the savage chaos of war. Standing victorious with their commander or lying in defeat, they find acceptance in one's own death. Sergeant Individuals that have risen to lead squads of grunts and scouts, by showing their might on the battlefield with both blade and mind- the sergeant's perhaps most important task is to control their unit's fury and anger that without discipline and orders may lead to more harm than good for the entire army. When the mire of the battleground becomes too thick, its the sergeant who holds the reins to victory, if no superior is present. Senior sergeant/First sergeant/Warbringer Overseers of the battlements and are battle-hardened fighters. As the conflict commences the superior sergeants controls the Kor'kron warriors on behalf of the general and warlord. They're essential for communication between the various ranks and are often in possession of several signaling flares or horns of war. The Warbringer especially is tasked with relay of communication as he is often seen in the core of the 'meatgrinder' as is his duty. Warbringer employs therefore multiple runners to make sure the information from the skirmish is brought back to the commanders for furthering opportunities to win the day. The Warbringer's boon comes in form of the red flag, strapped to a pole on his back. This makes its easier for the runners to find him, but also inspires the soldiers to fight beside the warbringer in order to not let the bannerman fall. Stone guard/Blood guard the revered guards of the Horde army, that upholds the security of either region, a warlord's homestead or the safety of a city. The stone guard have access to whole squadrons of grunts if it benefits his -burden's- safety, such as mentioned above. The blood guard acts as personal security for commanders of high value and standing, such as general, warlord and high warlord. Some even rise to become the warchief's personally wardens and trusted advisers, hand plucked for their loyalty, abilities and knowledge of assassins. Legionnaire/Centurion Some of the most experienced and best fighters of the Horde army, these positions within the chain of command holds several duties and privileges. As Legionnaire and Centurion, you will be able to choose your own warriors for your squadron and finding yourself close to the highest figures of the Horde's military wing. This position also offers you the opportunity to become Kor'kron, the fighting elite of Thrall's people. Your duties is to fight battles not only on the field, but in darkness and the sky if required. The Legionnaire and centurion often tread water where grunts never imagined a warrior could be fighting, when the battle starts. Their missions varies from flanking, operate behind enemy lines or even surgeon tactics that involves taking out prime targets of the enemy's army, like shot callers and commanders. Captain/Champion The captain's training is unique in the way, that they must be masters of the sea and everything that comes with a territory that sinks everything not capable of keeping itself Afloat. A captain in the ground field are are only surpassed by the generals and their lieutenants. A captain may control huge portions of the Horde army, and is often present in the outskirts of the conflicts, sending out centurions and legionnaire after assessing the enemy's most valuable targets. Lieutenant General/General These are positions that does not require the attendance to the battle, however the title of general in any form inspires the army- that the general's tactics are sound, for the strategist himself/herself is present together with his men. The lieutenant general often works as an adviser to the general in terms of planning the correct and best tactics and also serves to champion the general on the field of battle. Warlord and High Warlord The pinnacle of the Horde army, to be warlord is the highest honor and position one could dream for as a grunt, only surpassed by the High Warlord. The warlord often serves to oversee promotions within the ranks and technology that must always advance and be produced to the army. The warlord does not need to physically tend to these matters of weaponry production and measuring individuals up for promotion, however the glory as well as the blame lands on the warlord should success or failure happen. The High Warlord is the fist of the Warchief and one of his closest advisors that reports the military ongoings of war in any aspect. It is the duty of the high warlord to know everything that concerns the Horde military in order to serve his purpose, being the lord of war.
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  14. Rumor has it that Neeka Bloodscar has been seen entering the Crossroads, then thereafter she and her followers would be welcomed at warchief Eitrigg's command tower. It has become a heavy debate what the Bleeding Hollow chieftain would be doing outside the stagnant oasis, she and her people were tasked to guard for the Horde.
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