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  5. Nerarii receives +1 CON, due to her renewed belief in Velen's words and gift.
  6. For a few hours in the evening, people did not whisper and banter about hated green-skins and demons in hiding. A loud roar had swept through the streets of Theramore like a tide, every hub and workshop, every barrack and tavern would for this night!.... Speak of an 'auriferous' dragon. Man of sword and guzzler alike tells a tale to have witnessed its soaring glory. Could this be the newest edition to the Legion's arsenal. Has swamp's fury finally come? What purpose would dragons have in Theramore? Time is short, questions aplenty- Where does a citizen turn to for answers?
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    Another blue one.... Hands Dragonox to Theramore.
  8. Rumors tells of the great fel-fire in Bashal'aran has finally died out. However, the forest tells of deep marks of scorched earth. Though the fire had died, it left itself has left a memory upon the grounds surrounding the old ruin.
  9. The time had come to advance into the crimson land that was named after the Warchief's father; Durotar. All who believed that their skill in battle held merit, and the courage in their hearts pumping, would find themselves across the already taken bridge at Southfury River. Kargal Battlescar had protected the important bridge alone for far too long! Commander Eitrigg, together with Chieftain Gargok calls forth their champions. A missive would be sent out to the veterans of 'The Warsong Retreat' operation. Messengers would run their heels bare to reach the champions of Dreadmist, calling home the heroes of the Horde once more. "The moment to reclaim the home of our Warchief, begins NOW!" - Eitrigg addressing the masses. OOC. This Horde event will commence Friday the 28-04-2017. In the evening hours, server time. (More information will be available upon closing in on the date.)
  10. Where no felguard, succubus and eredar have never tread- truly the meek shall inherit the earth...
  11. Burn them all. approved.
  12. Faint tavern-talk names Nerarii to have been under attack from a winged and horned human-like monster a few days back. Scholars call it a Nathrezim, more commonly known as 'Dreadlord'. Since the incident is said to have occurred at the docks, the workers and fishermen have become somewhat spooked. Unease spreads around the piers with almost magical haste. One could ask themself; "Could this be the regularity that the workers of Theramore face from now on?".
  13. Both nightelf sentinels and Horde grunts are report increased sightings of the Legion's lackeys and minions. The druids of Astranaar can feel the withering outlet from Satyrnaar itself, in the past days.
  14. In the dead of night, doing festive hours at the Warsong camp, a female warrior was found mutilated beyond recognition. Only her clansmen could identify by her trophies from the Dreadmist, skulls of cultists and demon nails. Whispers told the story of her being in charge of cultist prisoners, and the fact she had useful information regarding what some may call the "Stone of Royalty." which is said to be a powerful Legion artifact with potential to restore demonic souls to their full potential in moments after use of this 'stone'. What could possibly be going on in the Crossroads? A new death in the chain of gruesome murders.
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