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  1. Welcome Ras. Hope to see you on the field of battle, warrior!
  2. Welcome! may your characters be awesome and your experience likewise!
  3. Its detailed, 'balanced' and all over relatable. Its good to see some alliance initiative as well- very fine work. Have a bread stick.
  4. A good mix of strengths and weaknesses. As for being an elf with demons and fel at their disposal for arms, it'd be interesting to see how Alisana/Alisanai Sunseer became 'the Twisted'. Well done. Have a bread stick.
  5. The background story of Valungu needs some tweaking(I didn't feel a connection between him leaving his village, of which he is likely very loyal to- to aid the Horde. Tad 'off' putting to the viewer.) in order to make a forest troll work with the setting. I like the idea, as in Thrall's new horde, there was established positive-resulting contact between Thrall's horde and the Revantusk tribe so there's clear purpose in doing so, just justify it more clearly as to why he leaves his precious home for unfamiliar lands. That said, as Sevencix stated- no working models are as of yet enabled(Crossing fingers for future troll hype). *update* We have at least one forest troll model coming next patch, which can wear all available clothing.
  6. . Hmm.. Welcome stranger.
  7. Muy bien.
  8. Hit me
  9. Aedelas Blackmoore
  10. VALHALLA! testosterone
  11. Hello guys and gals- I'm a friend of Sevencix(cries). I've come from legacy and Warbound, both meeting their untimely end roundly two months after i and another coming player started. Hopefully we'll do better with your project that we both are looking forward to partake in. Thats pretty much it, if you want more info Seven' is more than happy to talk behind my back, if not- feel free to PM, so i can harass you personally like that arrogant prick i am. Cheers! -Solomons.