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  1. Personally, I've had no issues using TRP2 and Gryphonheart mods. You do have Patch-4 correct? Patch-4 should be 2.89 GB on the dot. This may be confusing to some because the Warmane torrent also uses a Patch-4. We have also released an updated Patch-4 as of a day or two ago. Below I will show you what you should have in your addons folder. Unfortunately, this is a server that does not encourage any addons that are not suggested by us. PrologueTalents is a sensitive and particular system, it changes UI and core game features. So addons can interfere. 1. This is what your addons folder should look like. Below this is Total RP 2: UI & WoW Ratchet Holdem ( I couldn't post due to length of the screenshots ) If you don't have this loud out of addons, something could be amiss. 2. This is what your directory should look like. (Your directory is when you very first open your WoW folder) 2. This is what your data folder should look like.
  2. At this point I can only ask what race and class combination are you playing? Out of character, that is. Make sure you have no other patches in your data folder loaded besides Patch-4. No letter patches, nothing. Patch 1-2-3-4, that's it. Clear cache like I said. If all else fails, try creating a new account and tell me if it works then. Because this is rather unusual if none of this works. So it could either be a bugged class/race combination, or account for whatever reason. Also, if you have any other addons besides we have provided, disable them. Texas holdem is part of our patch, so keep that one. (although if you don't wanna bother with it you can disable it too) That's as far as the extent of my help can reach. Good luck m8. Report back your findings please.
  3. Always check your addons and make sure that Prologue_UI and PrologueFeedback addons are enabled in your addons on the loginscreen. If it says 'out of date' click 'load out of date addons' at the top. Clear cache before entering the game almost every time, this will just keep things running smoothly in general. You should be able to see the side bar no matter what as long as these conditions are met. If you mean the talent tree, then I may have an answer to that. Sometimes that can not-show-up if you login to your character before setting a path. At least, from what I've found. It works best on fresh characters. Try setting your path before you even login for the first time on a newly created character. Like how you would fill out information in Morrowind for new character creation. Dunno if you've played, but best example I could think of.
  4. Welcome to Tales of Warcraft! Looking forward to yourself and hopefully your friends joining us on launch.
  5. Welcome!
  6. This is the best one in my opinion. Good job!
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