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  1. Talons of Elune The Ashenvale forest burns. The armies of the Horde who had fought so desperately hard for resources in the forest, had been pushed out by demons, leaving the local Kaldorei to watch as a tide of fang, blade and demonic flesh rises from the flames of what remains. Meanwhile, the satyr has caught many Sentinels in the forest, for whatever twisted and perverted purpose they may have. The peaceful life of the Kaldorei in Ashenvale will burn and wither, unless the increasing danger is completely obliterated. Few fighters and healers have now banded together to begin skirmish warfare upon the demons, and hopefully in time cut the head off the snake. Goals. Short term goals. Bolster the ranks of the skirmisher group. Track- and scout the locations of high value demon targets. Begin the fight against the demons for good. Begin the construction of a forward military base in the Ashenvale forest. Mid term goals. Push the Satyr out of Xavian and Satyrnaar. Kill Geltharis and Prince Raze. Seek aid from devoted allies. Free captured Kaldorei from the Satyr if possible. Finish the construction of the forward military base in the Ashenvale forest. Late term goals. Clear the eastern regions of the Ashenvale forest of demons. Reclaim the lost areas of the Ashenvale forest. Expand the Kaldorei military presence. Rules. OOC rules. Respect the server rules. Don’t break character unnecessary. Don’t be a dick to your fellow players. IC rules. NO FEL! Members of the Horde are not welcome in our lands. Members of the Alliance are to be kept under watchful gaze. Any intruders in the forest must be caught and brought back for questioning. Demons are to be killed on sight…. painfully. Races and classes. Races - Kaldorei, Dryads, Frost Nymphs, Keepers of the Grove, Furbolgs and Highborn. Classes - Warriors, Hunters, Rogues, Druids, Priests and Mages (under certain circumstances) Roster. Khutulaar Duskpetal. Rowene Palefeather. Wallenkardi Silverleaf. Mondral.
  2. Constitution - 2 Senses - 0 Strength - 2 Dexterity - 0 Wisdom - 3 Willpower - 2 Ingenuity - 0 Haste - 0 Fortune - 0 Total HP - 18 Racial - Tauren Wildguard +1 Wisdom, +1 Willpower.
  3. The same message on parchment would be delivered to Darnassus and Auberdine. Sisters of the Sentinel Army and our fellow brothers and sisters beneath the white moon! Foul cultists and servants of Fel have inhabited our lands for too long, and now our roads are no longer save for any purpose. It is time for us to realize our peaceful lives will forever be shattered, if we do not dedicate ourselves further to destroying those, who would see this world in ashes. Raise your weapons not in mindless anger, but to eradicate the enemies of Elune. Report to Auberdine if you seek like we do. -Signed Khutulaar Duskpetal.
  4. Constitution - 4 Senses - 0 Strength - 4 Dexterity - 1 Wisdom - 0 Willpower - 0 Ingenuity - 0 Haste - 0 Fortune - 0 Total HP - 26 Racial - Night Elf Sentinel +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity.
  5. Dear, Tales. You have given me many oppertunities to tell stories for some pretty amazing people, and i was honored to be told, i was their favorite Storyteller. However, you have also given me the oppertunity to get slapped so many times. So, dear Tales, i'm not up for that anymore. It's been a blast telling stories for so many of you. Thank you in particular to Brayden, Nihla, Selwyn, Inea, Toaka, Fzaakrum and the wonderful staff i got to work with. Other than that... I will leave with my catch phrase... Go fuck yourself.
  6. Lyria recieves a +1 to Willpower due to her extrordinary show of skill with her healing abilities.
  7. Selwyn recieves a +1 Constitution due to the horrible agony he had to endure during an encounter with fel corrupted Grimtotem. His understanding of pain would no doubt have increased from the agonishing things he had to endure.
  8. Gaspar receives a +1 strength, due to his heroic actions and display of brute force during an encounter with the fel corrupted Grimtotem
  9. A terrible and bloody rumor spread across the Dustwallow Marsh. North Point had been raided by a fel-corrupted Grimtotem warparty. The Theramore Sentries had fought hard and died to a man. Their corpses had been sprawled out for all to see, and scouts swore under drunken oath later that evening that the Theramore forces lead by Lord Selwyn of Theramore, had been able to beat the hell out of the Grimtotems, but at a cost.... Following the battle, a large fel tainted monster with four horns has been sighted stalking the dark corners of the marshes, with a burning hatred blazing in his bright green eyes.
  10. Oooooooooooh, almighty deity of titles and the watchful gaze! Bestow upon me a title thou see fitting of my worth. Be it an insult, insignificant words or a gloriouuuuuus name! Bestow it upon me, so that i may continue to serve thee on the fields of Tales, for i have built much in thei name, and i will continue to do so. Mine events will stretch from the southern barren deserts of Tanaris to the northern reaches of Winterspring. Bestow a title upon me, almighty Seven of the Cix, The Allfather, ERP'ers' nightmare, Slaughterer of traitors, Mememaestro, The Master of Memes, The suicidal staff member, the all-knowing eye of the server. For i.... am thei faithful servant.
  11. A new rumor spreads across the Barrens. In the eastern regions of the great plains, voices has begun whispering in the howling winds. The voices are like shitfting sands, seeking to lead people astray and make them lose their way. The Horde forces in the Crossroads have recieved reports from travellers before, about a settlement of cultists stationed there, but until the mission only known for now as "Them or Us" is complete, then no actions will be taken against them. People are advised to stay away from the area or keep their visits to a minimum.
  12. Rumor begins to spread that the Arch Druid Hamuul has been speaking with his closest advisors and loyal followers. His small new farming and hunting village in the southern Barrens have apparently been pleading him for help, as they have seen eyes in the dead of night, and unnatural voices seeking to lead them astray. Hamuul now considers what must be done.
  13. Khenya recieves a +1 Dexterity from the Repel the Raiders event.
  14. Toaka recieves +1 in Haste, due to his quick thinking, quick adaption to the battle and his constant training in being faster and faster - from the Repel the Raiders event.
  15. Ja'sen recieves a +1 constitution because of the events during the Repel the Raiders assault.