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  1. *Reaches end of story* No... NO! *Shakes screen* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Absolutely love it.
  2. Welcome to the ranks!
  3. Welcome to Tales. I hope you'll enjoy our setting once we launch, and that we will cross paths.
  4. Welcome to Tales!
  5. While Seven and Bae discuss their things, I just want to compliment Wedinn on the vague information given after the general preliminary informations. Vague and dismissive, while enough to keep someone interested and wanting more. Besides, who doesn't love it, when the information doesn't even come from the character, but is narrated by someone else. LUV ET!
  6. I'll leave the hoof crossing to yo- Erh, that sounds sexual.... I'll let you cross hooves with- Nope, that doesn't work either. Yes, all the hooves!
  7. We share your hopes, ilovecats. At least i can say so for myself. *Crosses fingers and toes*
  8. The general scribbles of a crazed. Name - Ukhel the Insane. Race - Orc, descended from the Warsong Clan. Age - 20 summers old. Gender - Male. Class - Axe moron. Affiliation - The Bloodbound Warband and the scattered Horde. The mind of a madman. In a world such as azeroth where blood, fury and ancient honor reigns supreme among the strong, it can hardly come as a surprise, that insanity can be found within the cracks and crevices of the world. Ukhel, a young orphaned orc, is known to suffer from madness. Yet, there is nothing wrong with a bit of insanity if it benefits a cause. Ukhel, however, lived in complete denial of his affliction, which made benefitting from it very hard, and he always had quick snappy replies to defend himself with. From his perspective, his actions and extreme fetish with dolls were very different from other lunatics’ madness, and he was never acting weird. No matter what he did, be it crafting sets of dolls from the hair of fallen enemies, chasing the pigs outside Orgrimmar’s gates naked while yelling Orcish insults, or stitching the scalps of fallen foes into flails and pretending to assault grunts with them. Much to his disliking when he got punched in the face as a consequence. During the massacre in Orgrimmar, Ukhel found himself frozen and petrified, as the massive army of troggs descended upon everyone. His former days of glory from the Third War had become a distant memory in his shattered mind, and as he watched the people he cared for get clubbed to death, he was unable to tap into the brutal lust for war, he had once had. He would have died, had it not been for an older orc named Terrac, who saved the younger lunatic. A refugee from his own home, Ukhel’s thoughts were weighted down, by something he had never felt before. Or at least, he didn’t think he ever had. It was the remains of his orcish mind, roaring at him from the dark depths of his shattered brain. He felt shame. Crushing shame. From that shame, a sense of calm was wrestled from the claws of insanity, and Ukhel found old strength return to him, as he settled his mind on a single goal. Redemption. He had dishonored himself, and all of his ancestors in his cowardly actions during the massacre, but he would regain his fallen honor. He would wage a bloody war on the troggs, the Burning Blade and all of their loyalists, and he would use his insanity, which he felt constantly claw at the back of his cranium like bladed spider legs, to leave displays of gore and blood in his wake. Ukhel now fights his inner demons in his young head. The constant urges of his madness, the shame of his defeat, and the will to redeem himself in the eyes of his ancestors. The appearance of a lunatic. Ukhel is a young orc, and his youth is clearly visible in his appearance. He doesn’t adorn as many battle scars as other orcs, but he is still wears former signs of glory, and he is marked with primitive orc skulls, carved into his flesh in obvious self mutilations. He has stubble hair and beard growing from his green skin, creating matt areas. However, his crossing from youth into adulthood have not made him weak. Trained beneath the harsh orcish teachers, broken by the horrors of the Third War, elevated back into savagery by insanity, Ukhel is an orc and stands as an orc. Strong and proud. His Warsong heritage stands out; muscles like tightened ropes ripples beneath his thick orcish hide, and the traditionally tribal-styled black tattoos found among Warsong warriors, slithers around his arms like lightning serpents. His fetish for dolls is still ever-present, and it shows upon first sight. He always carries a set of five dolls with him, either hanging from his belt or tied across his chest. Screamer, Slasher, Knife-ear, Blueblood and Butcher. Screamer is made of sun-bleached straw tied together with stolen tailor’s string to resemble a female orc with burned feet. Slasher is crafted from the claw of a Durotar scorpion to look like a male orc warrior, but is in truth just a stinger with a painted angry face. Knife-ear is a masterpiece made from the blue hair of a Kaldorei scalp, braided together to resemble a Sentinel, with the dried flesh as the head. Blueblood is a stolen Kaldorei childrens doll. Lastly, Butcher is a doll consisting of Quilboar flesh sewn together to somewhat resemble a worg, painted red with thick paste.
  9. The story of the warband. “They descended upon us like a tide of claw, teeth and clubs! I’ve never seen so many of them before! They pulled away my workers… My sons fought to stop them… I may be old, grey and beaten, but i will have vengeance for their deaths!” -Kar’thrak the old. Left in the wake of the brutal battles for dominion of Orgrimmar, which ended in a crimson slaughter and a terrible defeat, a small group of loyalist survivors from the bloody fights scattered across their old home of red barren rocks. Refugees, all accompanied by their common shame of defeat. As much as they all hated to admit it, the Horde was no longer in control of Durotar. A new master sat upon the seat of power. Their search for momentary sanctuary and an old memory of the trials of youth took them to the Valley of Trials, where they sat up a flimsy excuse for a camp. It was nothing fancy to look at, but morals was crushed beneath the thought, that the previously thought inferior Troggs, had washed over the Grunts of Orgrimmar with a sudden savagely strong unity and strength in numbers. The camp was dirty rags of linen cloth, sun-bleached bones and wounded members of the scattered Horde. Yet, it would suffice. Although, in the Valley of Trials the small band of survivors found strength and solace in their shared defeat, in their many losses and in their common wish to reclaim their rightful home, granted to them by their warchief. The survivors banded together, and formed a small warband with a simple goal; gather the survivors with the will for revenge and retake Durotar... For the Horde!. They were not elites, far from it, nor were they armed with the best of weapons or armor, but they would wage bloody war on the Troggs and Burning Blade loyalists or die gloriously in the heat of battle, as all of their ancestors had done before them. Yet, that would prove easier said than done, and not only were they isolated from the rest of the Horde, but enemies lurked all around them. Watching with shrouded blades and sharp predatory eyes. No reinforcements would come to aid the warband. No supplies would arrive in great caravans. They would have to hunt their own food, craft their own equipment, secure their borders against intruders and invaders, and most important of all; keep a constant supply of drinkable water. Guerilla warfare wasn’t cheap, and they had already paid a heavy price to survive, but once everything had been taken from their hearts, they no longer had anything else to lose. There was only victory or death. “Apart we will fall! Together, we, are, HORDE!” -Terrac Thunderfront. The goals of the warband. Short term goals. Establish means to keep the warband members, refugees from Orgrimmar and lone survivors fed, healthy and safe. Salvage and scavenge supplies, armor, weapons and useful items from the warzones. Seek other surviving groups of the Horde. If possible, open hidden trade- and supply lines to other surviving groups of the Horde. Mid term goals. Fortify the Valley of Trials. Capture and train beasts of war, including worgs and kodos. Raid the occupied zones and plunder everything of use. If possible, free any prisoners which may still live. Late term goals. Reclaim Razor Hill. Reclaim Durotar. Reclaim the gates of Orgrimmar. Reclaim Grommash Hold. The rules of the warband. In-character. Everyone contributes to the survival of the Valley of Trials, the refugees and the warband. Everyone contributes with their particular skills, strength or intelligence. Everyone gets to eat. Disputes between warband members are settled with duels of honor. These duels will always be one on one, and will not end in death (hopefully), as we need all of our people focused on the enemy. Killing an ally will result in a trial, where the warband commanders will act as judges and juries, though not necessarily executioners. Members of the Alliance are not to be killed on sight. They are to be captured if possible, for future hostage exchange for materials, supplies or food. Fuel for the Bloodbound Warband warmachine. Note - If capturing the Alliance individual is not possible, and they refuse to surrender… Slaughtering them may be a last resort or option as self-defence. Out-of-character. Follow the server rules. Respect your fellow players. Disputes between players will be handled by a guild officer, if the players are unable to come to a compromise or solution. The races of the warband. The orcs of Orgrimmar The tauren of Thunder Bluff The Forsaken of the Undercity The trolls of the Darkspear The goblins of the Cartels Roster. Ukhel the Insane. Terrac Thunderfront. Rogan. Lan'tahk Wartotem. This is a work in progress. I apologize. -Bloodtotem Chief.