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  1. Woo! Just need 2 more people to say ye and I'll cook up a pretty draft.
  2. Are you talking about the Sunhawks that were up in Bloodmyst? Because those were the only organized rp'ers I saw and they rolled with ze Legionz!
  3. Apart from people that hate elves from one reason or the other, is there not interest at all?
  4. I wasn't aware of that, still, I kinda just want to see how many Elves that are Alliance leaning are interested in uniting as one.
  5. Yeah and now I'm making Sunfury on Azeroth. Also, Kael'Thas just told people to sabotage the Exodar, he didn't much explain why except: To restore the sunwell. Kael'Thas' motivation to use Tempest Keep was not Legion-based, but it would've destroyed all of Netherstorm. Edit: I'll change the name though
  6. After the return of Ranger-Captain Flameweaver(crashed in the Exodar along with the punks in Azuremyst) and the conglomerate of Sin'Dorei amassing in Azshara, letters were sent out across Kalimdor to all Sin'Dorei, fel-tainted or not, to gather together once more under the Banner of Silvermoon and of Prince Kael'Thas(as we don't know right now that he's gone bonkers with the Legion). News quickly spreads from word of mouth and the likes, reaching idle ears that the Grand Alliance is once again being hospitable to Elves, despite Garithos' preaching of Betrayal in Dalaran and the Plaguelands. This is an interest check and an attempt at getting some sort of conclusive order when it comes to Elves. We're currently Neutral, distrusted by both Horde and Alliance, because of our previous ties and due to lies propagated of us as allies with all Naga respectively, and we're nomad as our home is tainted with the Scourge from Arthas' campaign in Eversong. As such, this is not only an attempt to establish relations with the Alliance but a call to all Elves who are not affiliated anywhere to join together against the racism and to set things in motion for our dwindling race. tl;dr: Attempt at joining all elves together under one banner again and set political things in motion, heavily alliance based rp, so some elves might not want to join. Looking for someone to co-lead this with me as I have other things to attend to.
  7. Level: 1 Constitution: 0 Senses: 0 Strength: 2 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 3 Willpower: 3 Ingenuity: 1 Haste: 0 Fortune: 0 HP(10+ 4 per Constitution): Racial Trait: High Elf Civilian: +1 WSD and ING
  8. Constitution: 0 Reflex: 0 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 5 Wisdom: 2 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: 0 Fortune: 0 Haste: 2 Total HP (10 +4 per point in Constitution.): 10 Racial Modifier: Blood Elf Farstrider: +1 HST and DEX
  9. The word "Nightmare" begins to circulate around Theramore, many describing the swamp's curse by that word. It soon devolves into a rumor that if you venture into the swamp you will be consumed by a living nightmare. Trouble continues brewing in Felwood and any and all communication to, from and through it is silenced.
  10. Rumors of vile beings starting to rise in Felwood circulate through the Barrens. Something's afoot in the ignored region and, when these rumors reach the ears of those in Theramore they've become something far more menacing. The rumors speak of a sleeping, seething corruption and awaking Satyrs rampaging through Kaldorei encampments.
  11. El approverino as requested by Seven
  12. Constitution: 0 Reflex: 0 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 5 Willpower: 4 Ingenuity: 0 Fortune: 0 Haste: 0 Total HP (10 +4 per point in Constitution.): 10 Racial Modifier: Draenei Caster: +1 WPR and WSD
  13. Constitution: 1 Reflex: 0 Strength: 5 Dexterity: 1 Wisdom: 0 Willpower: 2 Ingenuity: 0 Fortune: 0 Haste: 0 Total HP (10 +4 per point in Constitution.): 14 Racial Modifier: Blood Elf Guardian: +1 STR and DEX
  14. Kirion Flameweaver Kirion Flameweaver, magister, formerly of Quel'Thalas and youngest of three Flameweaver siblings. One of the youngest magisters to ever receive the honor of being bestowed such a title but now just a shadow of his former glory. A blood elf, true and through, blessed with wisdom and power beyond his small years. Bad with a sword, bad with the bow, but most likely one of the most powerful and absolutely determined casters you might ever find but still only a shadow of his older sister, Shana, who along with his middle brother Karaiah is missing somewhere in either Kalimdor or Outland. A curious fellow with eyes plagued with a childish glint to them, a powerful foe and someone not to be underestimated by his feminine form. "Knowledge is worth a thousand blades."
  15. Constitution: 1 Reflex: 0 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 1 Wisdom: 0 Willpower: 3 Ingenuity: 0 Fortune: 0 Haste: 1 Total HP (10 +4 per point in Constitution.): 14 Racial Modifier: Night Elf Sentinel: +1 STR and DEX