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  1. I've read an article on WoW wiki about Dryads, and it said that some do leave the forest and go on adventures, so that would be ok with my future character, but what I don't know is what are they personality-wise. It said that they are curious and rather playful, but do they still show the calm wisdom you associate with Keepers of the Grove and old druids (sexist Blizzard can only create silly/crazy female characters!)? Obviously my character is not going to be this annoying clumsy-stupid type, but I wonder if there is some sort of a limit for adventure-seeking tendencies and acting without thought. My problem is that I just cannot play a serious character. I always wanted to be a pirate instead. How do you see Dryads?
  2. Not hooves?
  3. Hello, I'm ilovecats and I love cats. I saw a post on reddit advertising this server earlier today and I'm really hyped for the Dryad race. Thinking of being able to trot around with a lavender tiger by my side makes me very happy! See you on launch! I hope the idea brings many players to this realm.