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  1. I am not, I told you what happened. If you see it as an "excuse" then it's your problem. Also stop calling me that, I told you my username is Tamamo-no-Bae.
  2. You have to use your imagination regardless, you can't always have an ST, have the item you want, the clothes you want, etc.
  3. No I had to go walk my Dog, as it was getting late. You could very well have used your imagination and ICly changed the illusion to have different clothes, or imagined it to have different clothes to begin with. Also it's Tamamo!
  4. There is no way he wouldn't have switched sides due to the Exodar related stuff.
  5. You never specified it was an npc ID. I assumed it was a displayid, and I used it, and Amber became a neon green Blood elf. Please be more specific in the future that it's a creature. Also my username is Tamamo-no-Bae, I will accept you calling me Tama, Tamamo, Bae or Tamabae as well. Please stop calling me other things
  6. I said that after Arkos provided two morphs that didn't work. Also I wasn't eventing there, I literally came by and did you a favor.
  7. Ok I'll make this quick. I was asked to help out with illusions, Draenei do NOT have a morph that retains clothing like some other races do. So I looked up a Draenei morph quickly since I had to go. People complained and I got two alternative morphs, one was a neon green Blood elf, the other was an abomination that has a Draenei body but a Human skin. Having to go, I was then told Jeffy and Gauthier needed one too, so I applied the morphs, and closed the game. I'm sorry if it made you sad that I didn't have time to get a better one.
  8. Ah I stand corrected about the Blood Knights. I was so sure there were Blood knights in Outland and in Bloodmyst, and Bloodmyst took place before the Pilgrimage. As for Garithos remember the following: 1. Most of the Belves Garithos tried to slay left for Outland with Kael. Shortly after Garithos and his forces were slain by Sylvanas. 2. The Blood elves in the Thalassian Basecamp were sent on their mission before Kael'thas met Maiev and Tyrande. 3. The Theramore High elves went to Kalimdor with Jaina after the Culling of Stratholme. So who'd know of this? 1. Dalaran - The Kirin Tor would know since they allowed Garithos to do this to Kael's forces. The majority of the Kirin Tor have isolated themselves in a bubble now as they rebuild the city though. 2. Survivors - Any Blood elf survivor who fled and wasn't taken captive by Garithos, and any survivor who managed to escape the fate that befell Garithos and his army. 3. The Outland Belves So for the most part it would be rumors and nothing confirmed. And no, Quel'thalas is currently in a war against the Scourge there to even survive. Silvermoon is not reclaimed, and there is no Forsaken aid yet. When TBC was released, the Alliance was surprised that the "Elves finally left their forest only to join the Horde" implying they were isolated.
  9. Blood Knights DO exist, but only in Outland. Also the bad kind of Blood elves have started manifesting, in Bloodmyst that has a direct portal to Outland. But yes, the Thalassian Basecamp Belves have green eyes due to being near Dalaran, which was deeply inundated in Fel during the Third war. The Theramore High elves do not know for the most part of what happened with Garithos and the people's new name.
  10. I need to figure out what causes it. It's a bit of a mystery, one thing is for sure, it's related to charsection.dbc.
  11. After Lord Selwyn addressed Fredric Ix Zipperbrain and Tisha Longbridge, an agreement was reached, and the Gnomes have returned to work after only a few hours. The exact terms of this agreement is unclear, but it appears the Gnomes consider their rights protected.
  12. There are rumors coming from Theramore of an effort to ban Gnomish transportation machines. The Gnomes of the city immediately united against this. It is said that Grand Master Engineer Tisha Longbridge is supporting Marine Fredric Ix Zipperbrain as the speaker for the Gnomes during this endeavor. The Gnomes were also said to participate in a big rally in the Plaza. Marine Fredric Ix Zipperbrain stood on the podium, as an angry crowd of Gnomes turned up to protest. Chants such as "Death to Cabbages", "Down with the Gardening Society", "Protect our Machines!" and "Long live Fredric" echoed across Theramore as the Gnomes held their rally. After the rally, it is said that all of Theramore's Gnomes have laid down their duties. Workers no longer work. Engineers no longer service others, Guards have stopped turning to work. Almost every Gnome in the city is protesting the new petition. Refusing to work until the Lord has secured their rights and rescinded the offensive petition.
  13. It is time for another patch, this is another minor patch but it contains an addition I'm sure you'll like. Changelog: * Added additional skins for: Male Gnomes, Male Draenei, Male and Female Humans. * Added Bonkle's Theramore edit * Fixed Razormane Quillboar faction so players aren't automatically exalted with them anymore. The Quillboar got tired of having Elves in their midst. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sg8d76gcrqvbpa8/Patch-6.mpq
  14. Hi!

    Hi! Good to see you again <3
  15. Approved.