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  1. I really like it so far :3 One word of advice though: Belves don't deal with fel at this point in time, and will not take kindly to Warlocks though, but I'm sure Alisana will find out on her own Here is something sweet I wanted to share: I hope to see you when we launch
  2. Welcome back ^^ It's good to have you with us here on Tales! :3
  3. Compare Lunara to Mylune, Dryads can be completely different and have different beliefs/values just like any other mortal. But unless they're corrupted by the Nightmare or something, a Dryad will always care for the land and it's inhabitants.
  4. Awh poor High elf She's pretty twisted, ye
  5. No problem, we Foxes must help each other out
  6. Fixed But I personally like Alisanai
  7. Welcome to Tales ^^ I hope you'll have fun here :3
  8. Really enjoying the story so far and the way to tell it. Good job (: It'd be interesting to see a Belf Warlock since most Belves aren't dabbling in Fel yet. (At least not the Quel'thalas or Azshara Belves)
  9. Fear not, Forest Trolls will be available as I recently made them
  10. Sounds interesting, you should go deeper into the group's goals and aims, as well as who actually leads it.
  11. Welcome to the server June! :3 I'm pleased to meet you!
  12. HELLO COOKIE CORE, YOU CAN ALSO RP AS COLD ELF HERE! In all seriousness, welcome to Tales of Warcraft (:
  13. The last one isn't correct. It's possible to worship demons, especially higher ones like Sargeras. As for questionable ancestry, remember that half-breeds are a thing. So he could be a quarter elf or something.
  14. Welcome to Tales I hope you'll have fun hopping around in the woods with your kitty
  15. Considering that it's most likely a Forsaken...Probably like rot.