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  1. Character: Melandrella Dscord: Tamamo-no-Bae
  2. If that's what you believe, why not go RP on Minecraft? Or use text? After all, this is all cosmetic. In any case, I will respect the community decision even if I am personally against it.
  3. How would you add features the Wotlk client does not and can never support? Wotlk has many limitations, with each expansion they pile up more and more. For instance, it's not even possible to convert particles anymore, because they're done in a way that 3.3.5 can't handle. Our WOD's models have low res textures because Wotlk cannot properly run the textures. And you can never have true neutrality in Wotlk, because it's hardcoded to either make you Horde or Alliance. A core has nothing to do with armor, That isn't part of the core, and not all the post-Wotlk stuff is snowflakey.
  4. The other community is the community that made literally ALL the tools we use for world editing and modding, and who run multiple projects. They are not some amateurs, they are pioneers and modding geniuses. And yeah I'm aware Modcraft is dead atm, otherwise I could instantly silence these naysayers.
  5. Aether wrote that before I pointed out Phase C and Jackhay's core has different DB formats and lines. Really, if we are going to abandon all our work anyway, we should upgrade to something greater that gives us many more possibilities instead of sticking with the same old deal.
  6. The client fixes many internal bugs, has far better balance and stability than 3.3.5 (No more startup crashes for instance), and has far more abilities engine wise, which means the spells can do MUCH more. Plus it has many more engine features. The things we can do with WOD spells in storytelling would blow your mind.
  7. The WOD core is actually the most customizable now since all the tools are being made for WOD now. And everything made in 3.3.5 can be ported over, but the new engine features cannot, and 3.3.5 is really starting to show it's age.
  8. Ok so I'd like to say that Modcraft has fully upgraded and started to support WOD. WOD has all the tools and everything we make in Wotlk cna now be ported over to WOD, Modcraft also has detailed documentation and support for running a WOD server. In my opinion we should upgrade to WOD, as we'd get so much more out of it. Trinitycore, the developers, do not yet fully support WOD, BUT, Modcraft does, and Modcraft wouldn't support WOD unless they knew it could be stable. No matter what we do, we lose the Gobs and characters and such from the current core. But in the WOD core we gain so many new features that cannot fully be ported to Wotlk. If we go with Jackhay's core we lose all our work for very meager gains. WOD has so many more features. Think of all the things added there. Full support for the new texture format, terrain phasing, Fully implemented new character models, New playable races with support for neutral playable races, Proper Cata water, Sunglare, A ton of creature models and Gobs without needing gigantic patches and much much more. http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=11180.0
  9. You have what it takes to be a bigger person and apologize, I respect that and I am willing to forgive you as this is meant to a be project for everyone, even you, but I do not forget the mean things you said to me and did.
  10. I am not even going to answer someone who even lacks the basic respect to use my current username. But yes I doubt there is more to say regarding this matter since people are not in the mood to listen anyway. It's been dealt with.
  11. Well if Zusk supports a retcon, then there is nothing I can do about it. I still don't like this entire situation though. This had very valid IC reasons for happening, Kipp didn't get it out of nowhere, and with retconning this, you damage my future plans I had for Kipp and for that storyline, but whatever. He will keep the shield though.
  12. I have taken your concerns into consideration for the future, Rest assured.
  13. Naaru are able to read the minds of other beings. He doesn't need to know Kipp for long, when he can look back and see his deeds. The ST team has already dealt with this issue, it's a closed case, there is no reason to bring it back up. Move on.
  14. I'd say the title stays. Not only did I state why it makes sense, but it has also been a thing that was recognized by many characters, and it would be a mess to retcon it now. That and I despise Retcons. Zusk has already addressed this and stated that he believes it should not be retconned. I'd urge you to look up the meaning of an honorary title.
  15. I will not compromise my roleplay and what is ICly correct because some people dislike that. O'ros had every IC reason to do what he did, just because Vincent is okay with a retcon to quell the masses doesn't mean that I am, especially when the masses are irraitionally salty. I just countered Sprongle's reasons.