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  1. Constitution: 1(+1) Senses: 1 Strength: Dexterity: Wisdom: 2 Willpower: 3(+1) Ingenuity: Haste: Fortune: HP(10+ 3 per Constitution): 16 Racial Trait: Troll Voodoo Master +1 CON and WPR
  2. This is more of a recommendation to STing rather than a change to the RPG system, but: One solution could be doing simple stat threshold actions in events. If someone needs to lift a heavy rock in an event, right now every character has a chance to lift it with pure rolls, even without modifiers. This doesn't make sense to me. Using physical strength against an inanimate object isn't something that happens by chance. You aren't sometimes able to lift the rock and sometimes you're not, since your strength is constant. Why not give the action a minimum stat requirement? Only people with 2+ Strength are able to lift this rock. Remove the rolling aspect. Only people with 3+ in Wisdom are able to figure out the runic language on the wall. You require at least 2+ Dexterity to balance on this rope to the other side. It takes at least 1+ Senses to spot the outline of an enemy approaching through the mist. You need a minimum of 2+ Haste to make the jump across that gap. Doing small checks like that during events could potentially incentivise people to spread their stats out a bit more. It wouldn't work during combat against animate things such as players or NPCs since there's still an element of luck involved in hitting something that moves and fights back (hence the rolls), but it could very well work for the other (granted, more rare) kind of events. Not really related to Seven's original question other than it proposes a potential solution to a problem with minmaxing.
  3. What a weird question. In my opinion you're allowed to change whatever you want because you're admin and you can do what you want. Do I think you should change anything? Nah, I kinda like the system exactly how it is. It's simple. What do you think is wrong with our system currently that leads you to want to change things about it?
  4. Attacking a Venture Co. merchant vessel! RESULT CASUALTIES & INJURED: 1 Crewman dead, hit by cannonball. 1 Crewman injured, due to shrapnel in legs. 3x players injured. DAMAGE: Severe damage sustained to bow of ship. Partially fixed by Venture Co. crewmen forced to work on it. Minor damage to cannons. LOOT: 5x Crate of Spices 6x Crate of Rum (+6 days alcohol supplies) 6x Crate of Sugar PRISONERS: 1x Venture Co. Workboss COST: -9 cannonballs. -1 gunpowder keg. SCREENSHOTS:
  5. Thread is now redundant considering we got kicked out of Theramore after being BETRAYED.
  6. Now that we accidentally got ourselves a ship, we need a place to chronicle some of the RP we do to keep the thing afloat and the crew fed and happy. This is basically a character/guild plan but for the ship, its contents, its condition and the morale of the NPC crew we gain through RP. (It needs to be open for all Daggerfin members to post their stuff so we can’t put it in the private character plan subsection.) We don’t ask STs to take this into account while DMing for us (but would be appreciated, ofcourse). This is purely for our own DMing and internal guild player-run events and situations. THE LORD’S REMISE Non-player Crew: 3 deckhands 1 injured deckhand (3 days remaining) Morale: Elevated + Bard + Low Rodent Infestation + Plundered a merchant vessel (1 days remaining) - Filthy Deck & Clutter Hold: Food: 2 days Booze: 10 days Drinking Water: 3 days (drinking water doesn't start ticking until we run out of booze) Medical Supplies: 6 crates Diving equipment: 3 people Cannonballs: 21 Gunpowder Barrels: 4 Treasure (kept in Captain's Cabin): Runic Tauren Flute Bogwitch Boar Skull Various Goods: 2 bags of Stranglethorn spices 5 crates of general spices 6 crates of sugar Maintenance: Hull Barnacles: Low (+sailing speed) Ship Sail Quality: Normal Cannons: Damaged (-2 cannon rolls, 1 days remaining until repaired) Deck Dirt & Clutter: Filthy (-morale) Rodent Infestation: Low (+morale) Damage report: - Minor damage to bow (ramming not possible, 2 days until repaired) Prisoners: - 1x Venture Co. Workboss Special: - Bard aboard (+morale) - Plundered a merchant vessel (+morale) Disclaimer: We're not tracking everything here, only stuff we tend to run out of or otherwise impacts RP. We're not tracking what every individual has on their person, for example, or the amount of chairs in the communal area or stuff like that.
  7. A few of these posters are hung up around Ratchet, as well as rumours spread about the topic. OOC:
  8. I kinda agree with this. I like how simple our current system is to get into. I always felt like the simpler something is, the more immersed you can get in it because it allows for maximum creative interpretation should you feel so inclined.
  9. 05-05-2017 Patches A and B are updated (replace your old ones). They include: - All add-ons are now part of the patches. Make sure to remove your old addons from your Interface folder or some weird clashing may occur. - Cataclysm Goblin model is added. Put up a ticket asking for your morph item (will apply the morph on use). - Some world-edits added: - Cleared doodad sets from Theramore buildings so no more furniture you can't remove or interact with. - Expanded Gadgetzan. Not yet open to players but may be some time in the future. - Mudsprocket, the little Goblin town in Dustwallow, got a facelift. LINKS: Patch A:!9BkFlTLa!-PXxlWAuRpE8-vxbg8ZqO-0dmEPZQnjoRJ4Jl2hpWiA Patch B:!tFt1ERKT!gZMUvdUY7U-9AL0YVQS2DZIHOTGfPg0HFdeRe8aIiwU
  10. Level: 1 Constitution: 0 Senses: 0 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 6 Willpower: 1 Ingenuity: 0 Haste: 0 Fortune: 2 HP(10+ 3 per Constitution): 10 High Elf Caster: +2 WSD
  11. As you enter the converted barn that is the Baffling Coin, one of the first things you see is the noticeboard. On it a collection of random notes in various degrees of literacy and quality of handwriting, with topics ranging from trivial or dumb to important. OOC:
  12. Eg

    Reshuffled some stats around to better reflect what Eg is up to now (cooking, so ING). Also I have that extra +CON from an event by @Zusk (the bog witches in the Theramore inn) but he didn't put it down here because the forums were down for a few days while we did the event.
  13. Oh boy
  14. Hi, I'm Bonkle. I like to play gnomes, goblins, humans and anything I can be "down to earth" with. I've never seriously gotten into magic RP because I think it's too much of a deus ex machina to solve problems. I tend to make characters that are cowardly, sarcastic and don't get emotionally invested in things. Gimme something that I won't play yet because you won't give us more char slots.