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  1. Constitution: 3 Senses: Strength: Dexterity: 2 Wisdom: Willpower: Ingenuity: Haste: 4 Fortune: HP(10+ 4 per Constitution): 22 Racial Trait: (Gnome???) Sneaker (actually a Goblin)
  2. Don't worry we'll have you lowercasing in no time.
  3. Constitution: 0 Senses: 0 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 3 Wisdom: 0 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: 0 Haste: 6 Fortune: 0 HP: 10 Racial Trait: Gnome Sneaker: +1 DEX and HST
  5. It's out now, get the patch. If anyone spots any GLARING MISTAKES let me know.
  6. Lemme go over your suggestions and how they relate to my edit. Jail: Didn't put in a specific "jail" building (there is one in the keep after all), but any of the new empty buildings can be repurposed with cells/cages should the need arise. A court: Yep, that's in, there's a town hall which can easily be used for it. Poorman bar: There's two new buildings which would be perfect for this. Various new shops: I added lots of new houses so ye with a bit of creative in-game decoration they could be any of that. More housing/slums: While I didn't put in slums, because I don't think it'd make sense for Theramore to be that far gone, there's a lot of new houses with back alleys, nooks and crannies. Guard posts: Yep, there's a few extra spaces for this. More ships & more crates: Docks are still the same because it has a gobject set and I can't really mess with that while in Noggit. I'd gladly decorate it a bit more in-game but I'd need to be on staff hint hint. Festival area: The area in front of the town hall has a big square. Should all be covered Kukri.
  7. Yo I did a superquickie edit for Theramore and this is the result. I focused on just generally adding to the size of Theramore a bit while keeping the original feel. There's a few side gates added that lead to bits of side-swamp added to the main island for the more shadier aspects of society or just as safe places for fishermen to embark from and dockworkers to gather and go about their business. Here's some screenies. EXCUSE THE RAIN, SEVEN WON'T GIVE ME POWERS SO I COULDN'T TURN IT OFF. But hey, if it looks good in the rain it'll look even better in nice weather. Some added house areas, some with gardens. I also filled the natural "back areas" that form from leftover space with nice nature looking bits. Here's one of the side gates leading to a swampy side-bit. Where the gate leads to (gate is to the right). The swamp area is not that big and is not connected to the main swamp so it doesn't break the "safe" feeling Theramore has. It has a decrepit graveyard area as well: Next to the graveyard is another small sidegate leading to a chapel area, because some people pointed out to me that Theramore is lacking a faith area. The dock also got a change, with a boulevard-style wall. To the far side is a small building I'm planning on turning into a rough sailor bar. And there's now a town hall with a little courtyard for official occasions such as: court proceedings, general administration, executions, climactic dreadlord reveals. That's it for now. It's not a MAJOR edit and it's not super detailed but I've only worked on it for a day and a half so it's decent. I can't promise it'll make it in-game, that's up to the staff bigjobs. TO STAFF: IF YOU WANT IT JUST LEMME KNOW AND I'LL SEND YOU THE PATCH.
  8. Yes what a good idea Kukri I'm surprised nobody's thought of this yet!
  9. Go on then.
  10. Constitution:0 Senses:0 Strength:0 Dexterity:0 Wisdom:0 Willpower:0 Ingenuity:3 Fortune:6 Haste:0 Total HP: 10 Racial Modifier: Gnome Technician (+2 ING)
  11. I pick Sprongle as tribute.
  12. Dear Tales, It's me. I'm here now. I have no relevant introductory information to share but I still wanted a thread. Regards, Bonkle
  13. No no I changed my mind please keep this one and lock the one I quoted.