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  1. Valungu "I've spilled blood fo' ya', now I be expectin' da' same from chu'!" Name: Valungu Race: Forest Troll Age: 31 Affiliation: Horde Remnants (Formerly Revantusk Tribe) Class: Shieldmaster The Beginning Ever since Valungu was brought into the world, he was conditioned to defend the Revantusk Tribe at all costs. When he first picked up an axe and a shield he knew that, one day, his training and skills would be put to good use. As he reached adulthood, he was sent out with Revantusk raiding parties to hunt and defend Revantusk Village from other, local Forest Troll tribes. For 12 years, Valungu bled and killed for his tribe. Orgrimmar had fallen, and an Orc messenger had just brought word to the village, asking for any assistance the Revantusk Tribe could muster. Thoughts of leaving the village behind and making it open to attack were few and far between, but Valungu stepped up, packed his gear and supplies, and began traveling down the road that would last the rest of his life. Through all the pain and sorrow, anger, and happiness, Valungu would die for the Horde.