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  1. Oh, I know. I hope to encounter plenty of conflicts! It'll make things fun and exciting, memorable, too, if it all is done well. Most adorable pic! Thank you! :3
  2. She proclaimed loudly, seemingly to herself, "I do not need you to dictate what it is that I can, and cannot, do! I am capable of functioning on my own without others, regardless of my actions throughout the years! Spare me your elaborate lectures." Waving a hand dismissively, the mad Warlock continued on with her journey through The Barrens. No one responded. In truth, however, there was one that eventually did. A figure wandered nearby Alisana in momentary silence after the woman's defiant outburst. "What it is you seek is not power, knowledge, or control. You seek the company of others. Love, compassion, and respect. However, you fail to comprehend this, and still you carry on with killing and torturing innocents to satiate your desire to push away the truth that seeks to blossom within your heart. Why?" The individual asked. Their figure was hidden behind a baggy robe, as was their head and face covered by a large, dark hood. The voice, however, was feminine in origin. "There you go again. You act as though you know more about me than I do myself. Be gone from my sight, unless you seek an early demise, tormentor. Your arrogance will become more than a bother soon, I reckon." Alisana said, her frustration evident. Shaatom marched in silence only a few feet away, but did not appear to acknowledge the individual that his master spoke to. "You are a misguided woman. You desperately cling to that which you cannot ultimately control. You lose yourself with each passing day as you hope to find an impossible answer to an impossible question. 'Who am I?'" The woman paused, then spoke once more, "All you truly wish for is to understand the unknown, but also to gain the respect of others through sacrifice." The soft, feminine voice continued, the words escaping her in a sorrowful fashion, "Unfortunately, you had chosen a path that led to your damnation. Now, you seek forgiveness. Redemption. You've realized your mistakes, mostly, yet cannot escape your path. You accept this, yet wish to redeem yourself as a form of self-completion. Your urges to murder innocents are not your own, but those of the demonic influence you sacrificed yourself to. Perhaps I can-" The mysterious woman was cut off by a swift, boisterous, "ENOUGH!" "Enough with this mental torment! Enough with these lectures! How do you even know all of this!?" Alisana burst out in anger, questioning the unknown woman that proceeded to step closer to her upon freezing in place. "... Perhaps you will find what you seek in the North. There is a land that is named after the once-queen Azshara of the Highborne. A realm forever frozen in eternal autumn. There, you may find that which you secretly desire." The woman spoke confidently. Her words were truthful, Alisana admitted silently. She may have murdered, tortured, and committed other heinous acts upon those she encountered throughout her travels, but each time she did, something within her stirred, sending a pang of regret and remorse through her mind and soul. Why? She could not yet discover the answer. "Somehow..." she thought, "This woman knows what I desire most. I must question her before I seek to rid myself of her pestering words." "It appears I've struck a nerve of consideration. Will you heed my words of advice?" The woman asked with a hidden, yet obvious smirk on her lips. "Perhaps, but I am only doing so because I believe it is wise. But I digress, why should I make my way north? If you will indulge me that much." The Warlock stated, then inquired calmly. Her recent fury subsided as quickly as it had risen. "A people that you once knew reside there seek to explore a new realm, yet one that is as much a home as their previous. You've known this, yet denied yourself the chance to pursue them. Do not deny your conscience, lest you truly wish to lose yourself to the madness of fel magic." The Mysterious Woman spoke convincingly. They stood mere inches away from one another, Alisana and the Woman, and yet the Warlock could see nothing of the other's identity. There was one key factor about the individual that tormented Alisana the most, something that became much clearer as the two proceeded to converse: The woman's voice. It was unusually familiar, and sounded much like... "Wait a moment." Alisana stated, then looked at Shaatom who scanned their surroundings throughout the length of the conversation, "Shaatom, do you see this woman?" Shaatom glanced over to where his master gestured, shaking his demonic head. Alisana, for the first time in ages, became deathly pale as realization struck her, "Did I just- was I talking to myself?" Her voice began to quiver with uncertainty as she neared the end of her inquiry. Shaatom nodded. The Felguard had nothing to hide, nor fear, from the lesser creature that was his master. All she had over the demon was control over his will, but even that was seemingly futile from what he had witnessed just now. "I... am certainly losing- No! No, it was an illusion. I will find you, Illusionist, and I will make you suffer for toying with my mind!" Alisana declared with false hatred and anger, then muttered to herself, "... But I will consider your words." Looking at Shaatom, she waved a hand toward the northern region of The Barrens, "We're leaving for the north. If any seek to halt our progress, we will force them to move, then we will carry on. Nothing shall disrupt us from reaching our destination. Well, perhaps death. That's always a constant outcome. Let's hope that does not happen, hm?" (This will be where I stop the story stuff. I'll continue on through IC means when the server launches! HYPE! If you've any words of advice regarding the story, let me know! Criticism is always appreciated!)
  3. I'm enjoying writing this too much. It felt a little over the top in the most recent post, but oh well. I'll continue soon enough... It's to pass the time.
  4. Alisana stepped outside of her newfound tent with a yawn, followed by a bright smile, "Shaatom? Have you delivered to me any food? If you wasted... however much time, I will be very disappointed." She spoke to her Felguard, which had been standing a short distance from the small campsite. However, Alisana noticed something beneath his heavy, plated boot as it struggled. Another bandit! This one, unusually enough, was a Quel'dorei. A male one at that. She considered her options. "I shall crush this one, if only you will grant me that wish, Mistress." Shaatom rumbled out in his demonic tone. He emphasized his point by adding more pressure onto his prey, causing the elf to release a harrowing cry of pain and fear. "No, no. Not yet, at least. We'll decide this one's fate in due time." Alisana waved her hand dismissively as she regarded Shaatom's desires, then let a wicked grin play on her lips. She took a handful of graceful steps forward, seemingly teasing the elf with her motions as she continued to speak, "I have other plans for this one, now that you've caught him. It has been so very long since anyone had made me even remotely happy. Entertain me, and I will spare you." she stated, kneeling down before the captive high elf. The Elf's eyes grew wide as his mind raced, "What do you mean? There is no possible way I could even consider entertaining you in this state, especially since your demon may have broken a rib or two." His breathing became faster, panicked, as he realized his life may be at an end sooner than he had ever anticipated, if he spoke the wrong words. Was this woman insane? That was obvious, he corrected himself, as he glanced up at the towering, looming demon. "There are ways. Shaatom, be kind, would you?" Alisana gestured, and the Felguard obeyed. The demon's plated boot was raised off the elf's chest, allowing the captive to breathe. "I have a better plan. Indulge me, and we shall see to it that you are spared. It'll be our little game, hm?" "Game?" The elf said, groaning as he shuffled over to a nearby wooden stool to prop himself up, "And how can I be certain that you will spare my life, Demon-lover?" Alisana's mind went wild with fury! She quickly moved to the injured captive with surprising speed, closing the gap between her and her prey. The captive was too slow to react as something solid and swift collided with the side of his head. Everything became black and silent. "First of all, you shall show me respect! Secondly, you shall listen to my story-... Oh, my. Did I do that?" Alisana's unstable fury subsided upon investigating the damage she inflicted upon her captive. She inhaled through puckered lips, then spoke of the damage, "That will ache so very much when he awakens. No matter. At least now, he will listen without interrupting, or insulting, me." Shaatom merely nodded, then took his place as a warden a few steps behind his Summoner. The captive elf groaned and shook. His eyes struggled to open. His ears began to focus in on the sounds around him. One such sound became evident, and was only a foot to his right. He attempted to regain his full focus, trying to discover what the other voice was saying more clearly. "... And, so, I had abandoned that small cult, which held no true meaning in this world. They were like little children pretending to be something they were not. I found them here, on Kalimdor. Fancy that, hm? I learned what I could and ventured away from the marshes." The woman paused to gather her thoughts, "That knowledge was not gained without a price. I had to commit many sickening actions in order to learn what I know now, but I feel it was worth it. I hope that cult is rotting somewhere. What a terrible attempt at "appeasing the Burning Legion" they were. Anar'alah. Skipping forward, I soon found myself in the area known as "Desolace". Let me tell you, it really is desolate! Demons and other spooky creatures reside there. Perfect for me, I'll admit. Eventually, I found a means to perform the ritual of summoning that allowed..." "Does she ever stop talking?" He pondered silently. "... It was an absolute mess! If you ever desire to watch a group of Orcs degrade into beasts within a few hours, allow me to be the one to show you such entertainment. In any case, that was after they had beaten and subdued me for overthrowing their own warlock. The fool thought he would be the next "Gul'dan". I can only tolerate so much stupidity. She paused once more, looking around the area warily, "Fortunately, I successfully summoned forth Shaatom in a ritualist sacrifice while imprisoned. Using arcane magic to create a flimsy pocket dimension tends to work here and there, it seems. I never want to risk that again, however. I would've lost plenty of resources, and the will to live!" Alisana let out a sigh of adoration, "He was so kind as he entered our world. He threatened my life, I threatened his. 'I'll shatter your bones!' followed by 'I'll break your will!'. I enslaved him before he could react accordingly, and he set me free. Romantic, is it not? We've been together ever since. That small hovel of orcs became a mess. We departed and returned to the marshes, for now. Supplies were needed, and this is the only area with guaranteed, lively camps. Well, mostly." "Does she truly think I care?" The elf wondered. His vision blurred. His skull ached, and so, too, did his chest with each breath. "... Oh! You've awoken! Very good!" Alisana said excitedly. "Y-Yes... I am." The captive stated, wracked with pain. "Yes! Now I can finally ask you something." The woman said. Something in her tone hinted to a subtle, yet encroaching darkness. "What... would that be?" He asked, feeling more uneasy that earlier. "Is that your friend? Were you two, you know, 'committing to the dark ritual'?" Alisana grinned and winked slyly, nudging the other elf. His heart sank. Everything became numb. His mind emptied itself of all other thoughts, except for those involving the marred corpse of a Human woman. His butchered love. "Judging by your expression and even-paler skin... Yes! Unfortunate, really. I would have enjoyed having you around as my own. All you'll do now is reminisce on the old times with your past lover." The Warlock said, a lack of true compassion in her words. "No, wait! I can be of use-!" His words fell on deaf ears as a dark aura encircled his chest. Agony beyond any mortal comprehension flooded his body as he slumped to the ground. His pain-wracked, fear-stricken expression remained as the only telltale sign of what had been his final moments. "Breakfast!" Alisana said cheerfully, "How thoughtful of you, Shaatom. Thank you for bringing this food! This should last quite a while."
  5. Constitution: 1 Reflex: 1 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 3 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: 1 Fortune: 1 Haste: 0 HP: 14
  6. Thank you! I guess it did seem fancier. I'll ponder it, but will also leave it as Alisana for now.
  7. Graaaaaaanted, I won't be playing things off as red vs blue towards players. =P Also I just realized there's a typo in the title of the post. Muh bad. I can't event edit it! Feelstriggeredman.
  8. Thank you for the positive feedback so far! I'm thinking of evolving the character further through in-game means. It's only correct, I feel. I'm a terrible fool for Warlocks, so it's difficult for me to resist expanding on what I feel a Warlock could / can be. Regarding the rest of the story, I'll be sure to continue it soon!