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  1. I'll offer myself as tribute for the server's reawakening...
  2. Wait, why me? You fuck! @Dalekfodder give back server or @Vince gets cucked... More-so than he already has been!
  3. Get off my lawn
  4. Level: 1 Constitution: 1 Senses: 1 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 4 (+2) (Total: 6) Willpower: 1 Ingenuity: 0 Haste: 0 Fortune: 0 HP (10+ 4 per Constitution): 14 Racial Trait: Blood Elf Caster: +2 WSD
  5. I appreciate you and all you've tried. You do you, boo. <3
  6. A Draenei divulged the information regarding the Blood Elven corruption (fel consumption), Kael'thas' fall (demon junkie), and so-on at the Exodar. I've a right to start panicking now, yeah?
  7. You're intoxicated. Of course they do!
  8. A slender woman dressed in an attire of indigo and gold finds her way to the Theramore notice board. She finds a means of attaching her statement to it, running a hand along her long, silver-braid of hair in thought. With a hum, she wandered off satisfied. The parchment reads as follows: Should we fear what we do not understand? Should we despise what we fear? No. Alas, that is to be left to you, the individuals of Theramore, to discuss among yourselves. The Draenei, an alien people who have been chased from world after world, rent of their own homes time and time again, have sought to settle within our own walls. However, it is with great sorrow that I announce their inability to cope with our fellow neighbours. Too many times were they under the guise of one that sought only hatred for the Draenei people. Whether it was out of fear, or blatant disgust, it is not for myself to determine. The Draenei have nearly lost the entirety of their people over countless millennia, and yet even now they cannot be accepted by the Humans and Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes, of Theramore? We do not consider ourselves to be devious monsters, and yet we, as a city, have acted as such. It is well known that the last aliens to have ever entered our world, outside of the demonic Burning Legion, was the Orcish Horde. However, the Draenei people have not delivered unto us a war. They do not slaughter out of sheer bloodlust and a desire to kill. So, then, why? Why must they be deemed unworthy of an ounce of compassion? We are the proud people of Theramore, not some form of racist monsters. Let us not shroud our city in a cloud of prejudice. So I ask again, people of Theramore: Should we fear what we do not understand, and despise what we fear?
  9. I had not been an apprentice for long within the walls of Dalaran. My capabilities proved to be adequate enough to further my studies at a surprising rate. My sister, Alasong, had already taken upon herself the mantle of 'Tutor'. Jealousy was a common trait between her and I, which caused sibling feuds to transpire on occasion. Many found our arguments amusing. Some even spurred us on. Of course, we did not always stumble upon the other in a hostile manner publicly, only a handful of times. She often treated me like a child, preferring to condescend and berate me, rather than compliment or show any pride in her youngest sister. Unfortunately, one of our rivalries eventually struck each others heart. A place where no one should ever be wounded. One morning, Alice had returned to Dalaran in a peculiarly terrible mood. Her eyes, having once been a pale-blue glow of beauty, now carried a tinge of sickly green. The appearance was not familiar to me, yet I did not initially question it. Some elves were known to gain such eyes through their attuned spirits to nature. And yet, my sister was no naturalist. She was a Sorceress. What had begun to cause the transformation of her eyes into such an alien, yet soothing colour? My inability to discover the truth would soon be answered. I allowed myself some time to gather my thought before confronting my second eldest sister. I often held her high as an idol - something to make an example of - and yet now I sought to bring her low. I desired answers to a mystery I knew nothing about. I entered her abode without warning. A vivid flash of green briefly blinded my eyes, causing me to shield them. However, I did not need my eyes in order to feel the demonic taint of, what I would soon realize was, Fel. Never before I had laid eyes upon it, let alone sensed it, so near to me. For the first time, I beheld the image of my sister's hidden self. I memorialized her, blinding myself to her intentions. I never truly realized that my sister would have committed to darker studies, but the signs were there. It tortured me to see how noble and pure she had been, and what a vile parasite she had become. A profound sense of injury - of loss and betrayal - welled up in me so overwhelming I could barely contain it. All I wanted at that moment was to submit to my fury and destroy her. And yet, I could not. Her eyes, now glazed over, burned with a sickly fel-green, as she looked up at me in utter shock. The gasps she exhaled were those of ecstasy as the demonic energy fueled her insatiable desire for magic. What had she become? She was nothing more than a shade of her former self, now consumed by a darkness this world would collectively destroy in the years that followed. I could not bear the sight of her. A woman - my own sister! - that I once idolized, now lay before me twisted and broken. Had she been a servant of the Burning Legion for longer than I had thought? The thought only weakened my resolve, which I refused to allow. "What the hell are you doing, Alice!? Have you truly subjected yourself to demons!? How could you insult our eldest sister's sacrifice so easily!?" I had little control of my emotions. Tears welled up in my eyes, and my voice strained. My shouts of anger were merely those of furious whimpers. "S-Sister! Wh-Why are you here!?" Alice questioned. Her confusion was evidence enough that she thought herself safe from suspicion. She continued to tremble as the demonic energy coalesced within her, satisfying the unending addiction bestowed upon their kind. "I had guessed I would find you here. I suspected treachery, and was not disappointed. The answers have been revealed, Alice, and now I will have to act upon such... Horrifying transgressions." I paused. It was difficult to admit that I would have to ensure that judgement be delivered to my own sister, but it had to be done. "Vale, I beg you! Do not alert the council!" Alice said. Her words tugged at my heart. I felt weakened by a growing sense of sympathy. Such sympathy did not last as she took up the crystal again to sickeningly sate herself. The pleasured sounds escaping her disgusted me. "Enough, Alice! For once, -I- am the mature individual in this situation, and -you- are the one grovelling and whimpering in defeat! This will continue on no longer, and I shall damned well see to that myself if I must." I reached out to grasp at her abnormally frail arm, yet something stayed my hand. "This was none of my doing. I have only ever sought to aid you by tempering your heart and mind, steeling you against the world itself! What I have done here is only a testament to that, I promise." Alice said, trembling. Her words were convincing, but only briefly. I saw through the veil of her charade. "Why, you're trembling, Alice. Has your confidence abandoned you? You seem to have made a fatal error by leaving your cunning behind as you indulged in that demonic creation. Is that where all your courage comes from?" At that moment, I did not understand why it was that I felt the need to berate my sister. Perhaps it was a moral sense of victory that stirred my own confidence. Perhaps it was something more sinister. "Listen to me, Vale. You don't know what you're doing! I have taken an enormous risk by appear in Dalaran. so defenseless, yet eager to prove my good intentions!" She slowly rose, straining to speak as she progressively recovered from the demonic taint that now fueled her, "If there is anything left of the sister I love within you, right now, you won't do this!" The tainted Alice reached out to grasp at my extended arm, only to have her hand knocked aside, "While you threaten me, your true enemy eludes you!" I was silenced by her pleading. I had never seen my sister act as she did now with an indelible amount of cowardice. It was pathetic. And yet, one thought provoked my curiosity. What did she mean by my 'true enemy'? Was there more to this than I initially considered? "What do you mean, Alice?" I questioned, maintaining my emotions. For the moment. Chaos erupted within the walls of Dalaran. How long had the madness been carrying on for? My fury dissipated immediately as my instincts urged me to aid my colleagues. I made a fatal error in turning my back to the sister I once idolized, for now her devious actions became a sight to behold. An aura of vivid emerald erupted around her elven form, which shimmered and twisted with every passing second. A demonic confidence exerted from her as she spoke, "The wheel of fate, Vale." "What did you say?" I asked. The words were out of panicked curiosity. I was uncertain of what to do in that moment, but watch as fear paralyzed me. "The inexorable cycle of life and death to which all mortals are compelled, dearest Vale. I'm certain you will comprehend it in due time, assuming you survive, of course." Alice said. The shimmering intensified. However, as the energy grew around her, there was a sudden rush of agony that flooded her body. Tortured wailing erupted from my own sister; a sound I never thought I would witness. "Alice! What's wrong!?" I called out, yet my words fell on deaf ears. Her screaming debilitated me, leaving my mind crippled. I could not bear to hear the wailing of my own sister. I collapsed to the ground, clutching my ears in terror. It was then that it all ceased. With one final tormented scream of utter pain, my sister had vanished before my very eyes, leaving behind nothing more than a smoldering pile of smoke and ash. The smell of brimstone assaulted my nostrils so profoundly I gagged. The experience had been too much. The room we had been in spun rapidly. Then, without warning, the world faded to darkness. I had awakened upon a ship to the city known as Theramore. My memory felt clouded. I knew little of what occurred in Dalaran, only waking to bear witness to the crumbling spires of the glorified city from a distance. It had been too much for me to bear, it seemed. I supposed I would reflect upon what had happened that caused my mind to reel upon itself. The event must have been traumatic enough to become a forgotten piece of my own history. I was determined to divulge the secrets locked away within my own mind, once I had the privacy to do so. The Theramorian Beginning The breath of fresh air was astonishing. For weeks I had locked myself within a room of the impossibly crowded tavern. Normally, I would not complain, but the numbers had grown over the few weeks I had been surviving here. I need to escape, and so I left. The nearby wall was unguarded, and provided me enough space to be on my own. The pale, silver moon shrouded the Dustwallow Marsh in a macabre display of delicate beauty. I was awestruck. My people placed their faith in the Light of the Sun, yet seemed to have forgotten the inherent delight of the moon's presence. No matter, for I relished in its-... What is this? Someone approaches? Is it a guard? No, the steps are not plated, nor are they heavy. They seem unaware and sluggish, light and careless. A man donning a violet, gold-trimmed robe, bearing a mantle and hood of the same design, calmly stood beside me. In his mouth rested the disgusting creation humans called a "cigar". A foul creation. The silence grew between us as we stared out into the distance. The common rainfall of the marsh pattered against our clothes and skin alike. He seemed troubled, lost in a cage of thoughts. His stare resided thousands of yards away. My eager curiosity blossomed. Something about him triggered a innate desire to learn. I looked at him, briefly, then mustered the courage to speak... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn bonkle'd theramore real good.
  11. Constitution: 1 Senses: 1 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 2 + 2 Willpower: 2 Ingenuity: 0 Fortune: 1 Haste: 0 Total HP: 14 Racial Modifier: Blood Elf Caster: +2 WSD
  12. dont squish me

    Sheep? Is... Is it really you? It's been... 3000 years. (SomeIlluminati / Kira on le Skype).
  13. Constitution: 2 Reflex: 1 Strength:3 + 1 Dexterity: 0 + 1 Wisdom: 0 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: 0 Fortune: 0 Haste: 1 (Blood Elf Guardian: +1 STR and DEX)
  14. "With each passing day, my people suffer from their unending addiction to magic. Our cravings are relentless, and I fear we may soon fall into madness, if we cannot discover a plausible cure. Our resources are low, and will soon vanish before our eyes as the hunger grows ever more prevalent. Perhaps the time to prove my worth is now. Very few actions have been taken as of late. Someone must take up the mantle, or we will all perish as our strength weakens to the point where we shall become sustenance for the wildlife... or worse. The Satyr. Anar'alah, may it be so, for if no one is prepared to handle the issues of our people, after everything we have sacrificed to reach this destination - this new chapter in our history - then I shall attempt to take the place of our 'leaders'."" She set down the ink-dipped feather-pen, letting out a soft sigh. One hand gently grasped around an end of the journal laying upon a small table before you, closing it with a quiet 'thud'. "There must be something, or someone, out there that will be willing to aid our people. A solution that will assist us in any way possible, regardless of what we must sacrifice in turn. Otherwise, we truly are cursed and will suffer for our ignorance. I refuse to wither and die without discovering a cure, however temporary." The words escaped the Thalassian Defender without hesitation. She quickly looked around the Thalassian Base Camp, wondering if anyone had heard her muttering. With a quiet grunt, Kaelara shrugged off her worries and carried on to speak with the leaders of the camp...
  15. Constitution: 1 Reflex: 1 Wisdom: 3 Willpower: 2*