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  1. Adding on to what bonkle put I'd give those with fortune a bit of a chance to shine by being to roll fortune for some of those set stat thresholds. They won't perform the task quite as well as those who have the actual stat but they can perform it to a lesser extent. In the case of like the runic language, they may not be able to actually read but maybe they just so happen to pick up on bits and pieces of it and get parts of the message.
  2. What I'm getting at is you're probably looking at the wrong timeline. Undead weren't something attacking villages before the Scourge, they attacked five years ago based on our timeline. He wouldn't be ten when they attacked, it's nit picky sure, but things like this can come up in game and I want people to be adequately familiar with the setting from an OOC perspective.
  3. So in regards to the formatting I'm referring to the fragmented sentences with ellipsis between every three words. And it does kind of matter who those undead were since undead were incredibly rare before the Scourge and the Forsaken didn't exist until just a few years before our current timeline. Also, zodiac stuff is a bad meme that's gone on for too long, it's pointless to include and doesn't really add anything to the character.
  4. What they're trying to get at is: 1. Backstories are not required to create and play a character on Tales, they are entirely optional. 2. In this community it's typically preferred that people refrain from having ties to significant Lore Characters in their background. A simple fix for this is saying it wasn't Arthas himself who killed his parents but just some of the Scourge. Your character still has plenty of reason to hate the Lich King in this case and doesn't have any sort of personal tie to him. 3. There's some general continuity flaws, if he was ten when the scourge attacked, he'd be about fifteen now. He really wouldn't be anything of note and I'm pretty sure we have an age requirement on characters. 4. The format you have written this in comes off as an attempt to make it dramatic. Unfortunately it has done the opposite and just made it painful to read. I see what you were trying to get here. The character concept itself isn't flawed it's just your presentation of it has no doubt caused some confusion. This isn't a personal attack on you, it's just me trying to clarify the problems that have been pointed out. I'll try to provide some more insight if you'd like, but I gotta get back to work so feel free to PM me and I'll try to help you.
  5. NICE.
  6. Constitution:2 Senses: 0Strength:2Dexterity:0Wisdom:1 + 2Willpower:0Ingenuity:0Fortune:0Haste:2 Hair: 100 Human Caster: +2 Wis HP: 16
  7. Brayden has now been declared dead.
  8. Approved or something fuck.
  9. Constitution:2 + 1 Senses:0 Strength:2 + 1 Dexterity:0 Wisdom:0 Willpower:0 Ingenuity:0 Fortune:0 Haste:3 Human soldier: +1 str +1 con
  10. People need to stop relying on systems and just be mature enough to RP out their injuries. You almost died? Your probably bed ridden for a few days at least before you can start walking a bit. No need to make a another system out of it.
  11. Approve.
  12. Banned. Er I mean approved.
  13. But I can edit it even after I lock it, is little difference to a god like me. :j
  14. Top tier sheet. Approverinod.
  15. Constitution:1 Senses:3 Strength:0 Dexterity:0 Wisdom:0 Willpower: Ingenuity:1 (+2) Haste:0 Fortune:2 HP(10+ 3 per Constitution): 13 Racial Trait:Human Worker (+2 Ing)