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  1. For those wanting to join you can hit me up on discord, Robb#5860, or ask Norz as well.
  2. As I tried to explain to you yesterday, the title isn't fitting for someone just because Naaru read minds and know people can be good. To earn that Hand of A'dal title you had to grind rep right? Which turned into an IC scenario is you performing dozens upon dozens of heroic feats against the Illidari. Hand of <Insert Any Significant Lore Figure Here> isn't a title for someone with the potential to do greatness, it's the title of someone who has already achieved it.
  3. We're always srs about killing space goats.
  4. Pretty that's a matter of spawning doors with specific key requirements and giving that key to them, could be a hassle to setup
  5. Approved. Bitch.
  6. Wow! Best character sheet yet! Gold Star! Approved!
  7. Constitution:1Reflex:1Strength:0Dexterity:0Wisdom:4 (+2)Willpower:0Ingenuity:0Fortune:1Haste:0 Gayness: 10000000 Blood Elf Caster: +2 WSD HP: 14
  8. Gonna clear up this thread, none of these comments are adding to the discussion.
  9. Hi.

  10. What planet are you from? Memes are the main reason these servers still exist.
  11. birb disapproves
  12. Approved.
  13. Hi!

    Yes hello. Anime is banned tyvm I'm kidding I don't have that power....
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