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  1. Blood Elf Hunter, if that helps, I'll look into any of patches i have but, I only downloaded the one linked to Warmane, don't understand what has happened really. Just check my patches and all I have are the numbered one and the ones that come with the Download. Also turned off all addons expect trp2 and the ones needed, still not there. Cache deleted, still not there.
  2. Alright thanks.
  3. Not that I am aware of.
  4. So myself and a friend are trying to make new characters, creating the characters work well but when loading into the world we both Dc from the game, any idea why? I tried logging into my other character and she loads perfectly fine, however she is in world , not the spark / creation chamber, any ideas why this is happening?
  5. I've loaded both the Prologue_UI and PrologueFeedback addons, both are ticked and loaded. I made the characters and then created their paths, following the steps as it said on the connection guide. Still can't see my stats however.
  6. I had the same problem, keep loading up the game, with each try you do it should (in time) Load up the loading screen.
  7. I made both my characters go down the heroic path and also the stalker path, both seem to be missing the actual talent side bar when i look onto the Talents. Both had them when I first started, but now, don't any idea why?
  8. ♬ Name: Tilnerith Dawngaze Race: Blood Elf Age: 17 Gender: Female Occupation: Hunter in training Height: 5ft 2 Weight: 8 stone Birthplace: Quel'thalas, Dawngaze Residence Currently: Ratchet Appearance: Matured slightly from the picture above Tinalith stands around 5 foot 2 inches tall, still seeming to be in her youth of her race due to her appearance. A small scar on her right side due to an attack of a deadly fish within the waters of the Stagnant Oasis in the Barrens, seeming quite fresh on her tanned skin. Her long blonde hair flowing down to around her shoulders and upper back, seeming to be slightly scruffy and a little dusty due to the lack of washing equipment she had on her, however her smell keeping the same due to the perfume she kept on herself. Background: A small group of Blood Elves were sent on a scouting missions from the homelands to investigate the area which surrounded their new base camp in Azshara, on their trip were a few Farstriders, one of them being a trainee, and a teacher (npc, not a player), Tilnerith being the one learning from the group, seeming to be doing quite well at such. A few hours past and the group end up at the border of The Barrens, they decided to explore a little bit in towards the new area. Only to be ambushed by a scouting group of Centaurs. Tilnerith was told to hide behind a tree and keep to cover by her Ranger Trainer. After time she heard the fighting had stopped, both the Centaurs and her group had gone missing, leaving her alone in the world. From there we was lost, not knowing what to do, but knew how to survive on any terrain due to her training, however not adding tot he account of heat exhaustion and heat stroke to the matter. Only to become more lost on her journey, finding refuge in a near by city of Ratchet. Keeping herself settled and making new antiquates it was clear she was getting tired of just waiting on her scout party to find her. Wanting to try and find them instead. (Still a WIP message or comment any ideas.)
  9. Cheers guys! Seems to be working now! Resolutions is staying the same at least!
  10. Ras my man! The one who showed me the server in the first place, I will be looking forward to Rp'ing in the future! Much luff!
  11. Welcome to the Forums!
  12. Welcome to the forums, if you need any help, don't ask me, ask the ones above ^
  13. Welcome to the Forums, glad to see some new faces I've never seen!
  14. Welcome to the forums~!
  15. Welcome to the Forums June, hope you enjoy your stay!