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  1. More like the Funhawks.
  2. I just don't want to feel like an asshole by having parts of my character ignored... I know it shouldn't, but it doesn't feel good to be straight up ignored ICly because of OOC problems.
  3. Kipp has no official position within either faction. He calls himself those titles which nobody has ICly brought up to him that he has the wording wrong.
  4. So you're saying a small part of the RP on a character that you're looking at from the outside at an OOC perspective doesn't make sense to you when you haven't seen the months/weeks of RP leading up to it? Do I have that right?
  5. That sounds simply like something you should take up with the leaders ICly. Also, You're*
  6. It is important. And Kipp is a person that both sides trust and know well so listen to (and sometimes even heed) his advice it seems, I... Don't see the issue.
  7. Kipp has never represented either faction, he's a glorified messenger and a neutral party to see over fairness and make sure people see the bigger picture. He has no real hand in diplomacy or decisions that are made.
  8. We'd see all non humans put in camps within minutes. Memes.
  9. If Tamamo is ok with retconning it, who am I to argue with the masses? Also do you think "Liaison" would be a better word for what Kipp does rather than Diplomat? I only have that title on my character because I chose the diplomat tree for prologue talents, I can remove it if it's a problem and alter the way I RP the character. I'm not unreasonable and open to change my style to suit the comfort of those around me. <3
  10. Which is why reworking the talents to fit with the RPG system is worthwhile IMO.
  11. That is true. We should make them work like the 300 strength/stam bonuses to 1 or 2 strength/con
  12. Not that it matters, the system doesn't even work with the server's system to begin with.
  13. Happy now fuccboi?
  14. Level: 1 Constitution:0 Senses:3 Strength:0 Dexterity:0 Wisdom:6 Willpower:0 Ingenuity:0 Haste:0 Fortune:0 HP(10+ 4 per Constitution): Racial Trait: Blood elf Caster: 2 WIS
  15. Gul