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  2. ♫ ''Wind to a sailor is what money is to life on shore.'' Name: Leonard Henry Cutter Aliases: Seadog Age: 42 Marital Status: Married Occupation: Rear Admiral of Theramore's Navy, Captain of the Kingfisher Affiliation: Theramore, the Alliance Born the second son of seven of a thatcher and a seamstress, Leonard went through his early life enjoying a family garnering somewhat more income than most low-class citizens. An inhabitant of Boralus since birth, Leonard grew up witnessing the comings and goings of the Tirasian fleet. Never impressed with his father's workings, but rather seeking solace out in the shallows off Kul Tiras' shore, he quickly grew fond of the ocean. At age thirteen, he first joined the crew of the Lady Anariah, with which he sailed across a greater part of the world, waging naval war against the Southsea Freebooters, as Kul Tiras' marines are wont to do. His growing fondness of the sea was complemented with an intense hatred of pirates, piracy, and all of its related forms, though he found privateering a thrilling business. He continued his service in the Navy without fail. At the age of twenty-one, during the closing stages of the First War, he met and married his wife on a whim. Two years later, he first sailed his own ship, the Boralus Bergamot, during the Second War. He distinguished himself through reasonably uncommon cunning, understanding of naval warfare and management of logistics. He was renowned among his peers for never having lost a naval battle during the War, yet he lost his ship the very day he was nearing Boralus' harbour, when a sudden storm struck just before he could enter the safety of a bay. During the course of the Third War, Leonard commandeered the Kingfisher, a larger, more heavily-armed ship than he had ever set foot on. He was personally responsible for sinking several Horde transports that were Kalimdor-bound, after which he returned to Boralus. He eventually sailed out to Tiragarde with Daelin Proudmoore's forces. Soon, however, he found himself sailing to Theramore to reinforce the local garrison. His ship hadn't sailed out again by the time of the first Siege of Theramore. Having developped a friendship with Lord Selwyn Lewis, the thatcher's son found himself appointed to the office of Rear Admiral after the second Siege of Theramore. The first thing to notice about Leonard is that he is, by no means, of noble or aristocratic birth. His skin is weather-worn, bearing the marks and grooves of the beating sun, the salty spray of the high seas, and the merciless winds of a stormgale. Leonard appears a few years older than he actually is, and due to sun-tanned complexion, one could easily assume he is from one of the Southern isles. His straw-coloured hair is, as could be expected, bleached by the sun and thus appears a shade or two lighter than it naturally is. His hair is kept half-long, and he evidently cuts it himself, using a dagger. He oft wears it in a roguish ponytail, supplemented by a goatee that would make every swashbuckler in their right mind jealous. His eyes stand out beneath his lightly-curved eyebrows, a sparkling cornflower blue with specks of seafoam green within them. They betray his calm nature, a temperance bestowed by years of experience and they do not conceal his passion for life. Tall and lean, the Rear Admiral is not as underfed as he was in his youth. Mildly defined musculature attest to twenty-nine years of hard work at sea, complemented by a myriad of scars on his hands, arms and chest, born either of battle or of work. Somewhat broad of shoulder, but nothing beyond average, it wouldn't be uncommon to associate his body with that of a hobbyist swimmer. He boasts a powerful set of lungs within his hirsute chest, allowing him to bellow orders over the roaring sea. His voice is relatively mellow, but when ordering his crew, it is as harsh and authorative as it needs to be. He carries himself with pride and no small measure of confidence, bearing about him an air that instills familiarity in those around him. He is a very present person, however, usually filling a room simply by walking in. Though he is common-born and a man of the sea, he keeps himself clean when on land, and when not smelling of seasalt, he carries the distinct scent of his wife's perfume; Honey and cherryblossom. Leonard is by nature kind and forgiving towards those of his kind and the Alliance. Through a life lived without the relative ease of being born into an upper-class family, he knows how to identify with the poor and downtrodden. In social settings, he is particularly outgoing and boisterous, seemingly wanting to make friends with every person he can. He is not as stubborn as any of his brothers, displaying a willingness to change both on a personal and professional level. The rashness of his youth has been tempered by a sense of duty towards his wife, his crew, and the people of Theramore. This is reflected in his new calm and measured way of acting. Despite this, he still carries himself with overt theatrical movements and a certain pride. Never one to be found quiet, he is usually dabbling in casual conversation, discussing the weather, or sharing stories from his past and the seas. He has a particular liking for eating competitions. Through years of battling the Horde and their affiliates, Leonard has developed a strong hatred towards Orcs, Trolls, Tauren and the Forsaken, though he is not quick to act upon his personal hatreds when it goes against outstanding treaties or orders otherwise. Having served under both Daelin and Jaina Proudmoore, Leonard's hatred for Orcs has greatly intensified, but he learned constrained and diplomacy during Jaina's reign over Theramore.
  3. ♫ An Announcement From Theramore's Own Navy A Call to All Available Seafolk With recent events fresh on his mind, Lord Selwyn has called for a trusted friend and able farer of the seas to take charge of a project intended to revitalize the Navy and rear it to greatness. To this effect, the Navy is hiring new sailors and marines with the promise of increased pay for their first three months in service, as well as an insignia to signify these servicefolk answered the call to service, to be represented by a small brooch displaying Theramore's golden anchor. Returning able seamen, too, will benefit from these bonuses, and will find themselves evaluated for possible promotions, whilst also being cleared of any outstanding old charges. Able seamen who do not return to action, along with those who do, will retroactively be awarded a Theramore badge of Naval Merit, to represent their tenacity in upholding Theramore's ideals in the face of great adversity. Those who perished during the first and second Siege of Theramore will be brought to a seaman's grave, if their will indicates no other desires. This offer shall remain outstanding until the Thirtieth of June. Those interested are to report to the ship-of-the-line The Kingfisher at their nearest convenience. Signed, Rear Admiral Leonard Cutter
  4. eberhardt sends his regards
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  6. It's Tamamo-No-Bae.
  7. ''NEW CORE DEBATE'' implying its up for debate we need a new core period
  8. Constitution: 2 (+1) Senses: 2 Strength: 2 (+1) Dexterity: Wisdom: Willpower: Ingenuity: Haste: 1 Fortune: HP: 24 Racial Trait: Human Soldier: +1 STR and CON
  9. It’s a hard thing to apologise, especially following the manner of my departure. Insults slinged and spuriously storming out of the place, I didn’t pay any heed to the potential consequences of my actions until it was too late to repair any of the bridges I’d burnt. As Kingfisher, I aimed to be an enjoyable and engaged member of staff, and I’m sure several members of the community can testify that I’ve had quite a bit of success on that front. I think everyone in staff team can testify to one thing; I was dedicated to Tales. Even after I quit, I kept a serious eye on the project because of its potential. I felt so strongly about wanting it to succeed that I tried to shout a member of staff that I thought was being actively detrimental to us as a community out of their seat and out the door. I won’t lie and throw the whole ‘I’ve changed’ spin on things. I still feel that Gurluas (or Tamamo, whatever he wants to call himself) is not worth the risk to Tales as a server exactly because I have a positive outlook about what it can achieve. But I also realise if I wanted to lobby for him to leave, I could have done things in a dignified manner, quietly trying to correct him rather than causing a shit slinging match in the staff discord. Ultimately, I think Tales has it in it to be something that RPers will remember fondly for years to come. I’m enamoured by the promise of the project, and my only motivation in being so malicious was to try to defend its good name. I won’t grovel and ask for acceptance again, but I’d like to participate in a project that I put so much on the line for. Sitting on the sidelines wasn’t what I had planned. I’ll accept consequences for being so spurious, but in the name of objectivity if we’re willing to overlook one person’s flaws I think mine should be too. Thanks.
  10. if it aint good ol alexander ''blood elf'' naruto
  11. i like dwarves, humans, tauren and orc the most & im not particularly bothered about race but i generally play warriors/paladins/hunters rogues i also like being gritty and grim despite having largely-optimistic or childlike characters
  12. twinbraid may not kill you on first sight now jk he still will bc <fisher's minion> no worries tho famalam it's tales, we're far more forgiving than other communities except me
  13. here's to you