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  1. twinbraid may not kill you on first sight now jk he still will bc <fisher's minion> no worries tho famalam it's tales, we're far more forgiving than other communities except me
  2. here's to you
  3. would join but my orc is bestrock clan
  4. A beaten, ginger man approaches, and jots his name down, rife with grammatical errors. VAЯAK J MEDOSE
  6. hooked
  7. devorppa
  8. Make obtaining a letter of marque a goal. Nothing like being a pirate protected by law.
  9. Approved.
  10. the only difference between a pirate and a privateer is which side of the cannon they're on
  11. Hi!

    hi remove weeb profile pic
  12. Seereth Stonebreak is found dead at the small post on Stonetalon's border, her head cut clean off. Makaba Flathoof, too, has been decapitated, but his back also seems to have been broken.