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  1. I'm just wondering what intrest there is in Theramore, one of the primary settings of this phase, being one of the few allience settlements. Launch won't be for anoher while, but I don't seem to see any intrest from players to form guilds, so I was just wondering who has an intrest in Forming a theramore based guild, and who'd be intresting in leading it.
  2. I'm down for Warhammer, either one. Starwars, really only intrested in the droid one, I mean who even gives a shit about Night Sisters or a race of perfect slaves?
  3. Looking forward to either get gutted by you, or become your apprentice! Also what do you think a roasted Sevencix tastes like?
  4. I'm starting to think I'm the only one with stuff on my mind.

  5. Hanah Beckett Basic: Age: 19 Proffesion: Former footman, Escaped Indentured Servant Birthplace: Southshore, Lordaeron Race: Human Alignment: Chaotic Good Affliliation: Theramore Current Location: Stonetalon Mountain Religion: The Holy Light Apperance: A tall figure, light skin and a well trained body, worthy of any who calls themselves a guardsman of Theramore, carrying more than afew recent scars from the seige of Northwatch Hold. Her usual proud posture has slackend sagnificantly since her army days, and her long blonde hair, gathered into a pony tail, usually wellkept, has much more ruffled and dirty as of late, much like the rest of her. Her blue eyes do not shine with the naive hope of her youth, but darts around nervously, allways on the watch. She no longer carries a smile on her lips, wearing a more hardend determined look instead. Personality: Once Meredith was a lively, bright young woman, happy and secure in her own future, a diciplined loyal soldier. The recent siege, and sudsequent enslavement has shattered her world view though, and the harsh treatment, feeling of betrayal and lack of freedom making her farless trusting, more cautious, and willing to do what ever is nessecary to ensure her own survival History: Hanah hails from Lordaeron, though her parents were refugees from Stormwind, arriving in the northwen Kingdoms following the conclusion of the First war. In the north Hanah was raised to be strong and proud, to take every setback with stride and to trust in mankind, when it faced its greatest threat. When the Horde sailed North her father was amongst the first to fall, slain by Orcish skirmishers in Hillsbrad, devistating Hanah, who grew to hate the orcs even as the war ended, and the orcs grew docile in captivity. She grew up around the orcs, working as a stablehand in one of the many intermentcamps, wisely choosing to stay home after the first few camps were raided, instead working on the docks of Southshore until a cold pressence sweept across Northern Lordaeron, flooding Southshore with refugees telling stories of the dead rising from their graves. Soon word reached Stratholme had been butchered, the wast majority of the citiezenry slaugthered to a man, frightning Hanah, who when word reached that Jaina Proudmoore was leading an expedition across the sea, left Lordaeron behind with mer mother, sailing to Kalimdor aboard one of the ships in Jaina's fleet. Arriving in Kalimdor, she stayed behind in Dustwallow as Jaina lead an army to Stonetalon, helping to build up what would become the City of Theramore. After the war, and the terrible assult on Theramore Hanah feelt she could not stand on the sidelines, joining the Theramore Army as a footman and ending up serving in Northwatch, joining it's garrison in protecting Theramore from any incursion from the north. Then came the siege by the pirates, lasting months. Without any support, or word from Theramore the garrison dvindled, due to the fighting or starvation, to a dousin men and their commander, Captain Fairmount. She grew hopeful when relief finally arrived, from the Venture Co. of all places, but this hope was quickly snuffed out when the morning after their rescue she, along with her comrades were shipped off north to "pay off their debt", and she was forced to dig the earth in Stonetalon, as a Venture Co. indentured Servant. Having enough, she's been sharpening her shovel, watching her foreman, waiting for him to turn his back on her.
  6. I wish I still could write backgrounds this simple and straight to the point. I'd have finished my characters long ago if I could. BTW, you're making a Fatstrider noob and I'm making a Farstrider Veteran, deffinetly looking forward to RP with you!
  7. I love this. I also love the first anime girl, cute art.
  8. hi

    Ah, so you were the new guy in the thrid tree to the left of his house? Any way, Love your art submition, I think you'll do great here.
  9. Finally artists are partaking in the art contest!

  10. Beautiful, ignamist, Deffinetly a strong entry in the contest!
  11. hi

    Hello, haven't seen you in the Discord chat, unless you go by another name! Welcome to Tales, glad to have you onboard, how did you hear of us if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Allright I'm all game. The Imperium of Man shall spread out across the stars from Sacred Terra! We will vanquish Heretics, slay xeno scum and secure mankinds future, as the rightful rulers of the Milky Way! For the glory of the Emperor! (Dibs on earth and humanity)
  13. I can neither confirm nor deny the Rightous Fleet of Holy Fire. Jokes aside, we have plans for what you'll find, not we'll be telling those stories while you're not there.
  14. The world is a living breathing place, stuff happens even when we're not there. The server reflects this, and you can bet there is stuff going on in the eastern kingdoms too that you simply aren't aware of yet.
  15. Finally got over the extreme anxiety I had for going to class!