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  1. @Sprongle 100% yes, all of what you just stated, yes. @Tamamo-no-Bae Please read what Sprongle said and see the reason in it. Because what Sprongle just described is not isolated to just him. This is something everyone on the server has to deal with. This is why Storytelling and the decisions you make are incredibly important. You have some serious responsibility to answer for when you make decisions like this with - what it appears to be - little actual thought put into. And no, I am not taking slights at you. Please do not misunderstand this as a jab. I am trying to help. Mistakes happen. At least this can become something positive; turned into a learning experience for everyone. Let's fix it and learn from it.
  2. I did it.
  3. Would you accept the prettiest pro Kael'thas supporter out there? A Gloryweaver without equal?
  4. Oh no need to urge me. I'm pretty learned with that sort of thing. And especially so with Draenei lore as well - that aside! I also despise retcons, and I know Sprongle does too. So for him to ask it was a pretty big deal (sorry if I put words in your mouth Sprongle). Look, this is something else that is important here. Falafel briefly touched up on this too. But you really, really, REALLY have to think about these decisions a lot before you hand out any sort of titles to players. The impact is large. And retcons are almost impossible. They're ugly. No one likes retcons, even when they'd make other people happy. I'm not trying to talk down to you, or anyone else in the process. Mistakes happen, we're human. And while you might not view it as a mistake, many of the server does. I respect that you're convicted with your decision. But please, in the future, be careful with the responsibility you wield in regards to Storytelling. That goes for anyone in a position of Storytelling. Hell, that applies to everyone who RP's. We're all writing this collective experience together.
  5. I suppose this comes down to you making an executive call on the matter then. I can understand that. I did it frequently when I was an ST over on Legacy playing as many different faction leaders at the time. Well, Tamamo, it's your call to make. And if you aren't willing to give room on it, then that's that. While I and many other players do disagree with your decision/representation of O'ros, I guess that wraps up the case.
  6. I've neglected to chime in on this conversation until now. But Tamamo, I'm going to respectfully ask you to overturn your decision. Sprongle stated many valid reasons, but please, just overturn it without much fight. Kipp has already stated he'd be okay with it. It'd give everyone a much finer peace of mind. And it would make a LOT more sense as well. Look, this is no shame on Vince as an RPer - Kipp is a young human paladin. And without going into the same arguments that have been hashed out, just please see reason with this one. It's simple and easy. Especially since the person who has received the title already stated they're okay with it being revoked/retconned. I hate to be that asshole when I say this, but show the server you're willing to do this and you'll probably get a lot more trust in your future actions on your side.
  7. Was walking out of the fighting pit in Ratchet's caves. Randomly "fell and died".
  8. Someone is gonna have to get their butt pooped in for this.
  9. Nah that's fair man. I'm just trying to figure out the end game goal with a complaint thread like this. It helps with accomplishing whatever you set out to accomplish, ya feel me? Thanks for clearing that up. EDIT: Did you watch the freaking spoiler? It's a piece of art. Watch that shit.
  10. Well. I guess with that outta the way (thank God I am not staff. Fuck all that noise) Imma just ask you this: What do you want done now? An apology? Something changed? What's your angle? EDIT: Watch the spoiler. You'll all feel better about your lives after it. Taking that ride, on Heavy Metal.
  11. Oochie and you are some of my favorite people.
  12. Fuck 'em. Anyway, on the topic at hand. Yeah, that's pretty lame shit. Uncool no bueno.
  13. This.
  14. Does he like orcs?
  15. Gonna tickle your pickle till it wrinkles.