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  1. Ratchet Housing/Buildings Available For Player Use Hello, Killboss here. We've got an opportunity opening up in Ratchet for player housing and decorations included. How do you get housing? Well, first step is to find a building that you fancy in Ratchet. Snap a screenshot and upload it to your character plan along with a detailed summary of how you plan to go about acquiring the housing (IE. payment, stealing, squatting etc.) Be creative with it, we haven't really hammered out a very strict system with it. Housing will be handled on a case-by-case scenario for each circumstance. A final note; this includes buildings other than dedicated houses. You may take this opportunity to find buildings, shacks, or whatever else to use for opening up player ran businesses, shops, and all that other fancy stuff. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to post them here. Cheers, -Chris.
  2. Level: 1 Constitution: 3 Senses: 0 Strength: 0 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 2+1 = 3 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: 0 Haste: 3 Fortune: 0 HP(10+ 3 per Constitution): 19 Racial Trait: Blood Elf Caster: +2 WSD
  3. Approvedaroni, Papa Ahri.
  4. +1 Haste for decisive action in the Owlbeast nest at Dun Mandarr.
  5. Temporary -1 Con has lifted, you are no longer poisoned. I also forgot to add this when I gave the point for Dun Mandarr. +1 Haste for taking the lead in the Owlbeast nest at Dun Mandarr.
  6. +1 Dexterity for precision in the Owlbeast nest at Dun Mandarr.
  7. +1 Senses, because Rick isn't about to get jumped in the slums of Ratchet again.
  8. "Daddy Domidick" - Dragonox.
  9. Temporary -1 Con. Will repost when the debuff has expired after 2 days. Make sure not to go swallowing copious amounts of poisoned water, kids.
  10. Level: 1 Constitution: 1+1 = 2 Senses: Strength: 1 Dexterity: Wisdom: 3 Willpower: 1 Ingenuity: Haste: 2 Fortune: HP(10+ 3 per Constitution): 16 Racial Trait: Tauren Bluffwatcher: +1 CON and STR
  11. Level: 1 Constitution: 2 Senses: 0 Strength: 6 Dexterity: 0 Wisdom: 0 Willpower: 0 Ingenuity: 0 Haste: 1 Fortune: 0 HP(10 + 3 per Constitution): 16 Racial Trait: Orc Grunt: 2 Con
  12. Approvedaroni.
  13. Hey guys, Temporary morphs are currently available. Unfortunately our morph systems aren't up and running at the moment. We have quite a few more important, pressing issues to take care of before moving on to that. So in the mean time if anyone would like to play an otherwise unavailable race you are welcomed to follow the general guidelines for: If you wish to play something that isn't available on the list that will be handled by a case-by-case situation. Make your post in the Staff Private Discussion forum for approval. Upon approval feel free to log in and make a ticket in-game for your morph. The only downside of this is that it requires a ST/GM to be online to handle the request each log in - again, this is only a temporary fix. Love, Staff
  14. Approved.
  15. Approved.