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  1. Ungrim

    Level: 2 Experience: 0/200 Constitution: 5 Dexterity: 0 Fortune: 0 Mana: 0 Senses: 2 Strength: 5 Willpower: 0 Wisdom: 0 Ingenuities: Medical(2) Ingenuity Abilities: Inspect Wound - +3 to Wound Securing Checks HP: 30/30 MP: 0 Defense: 10 Dodge: 11 Armor: Cloth Weapon(s): 1H Axe*2 (1d6+1, STR) Talent Trees: Brute Training(3) Talents: Berserker Colossal Smash Shattering Throw Horrifying Battlecry Race: Dwarf Traits: Three Hammers - If you are a Bronzebeard dwarf, you ignore 1 point of all Physical and Frost damage, if you’re a Wildhammer dwarf, you gain a reroll an offensive roll with a mace once per day, if you are a Dark Iron dwarf, you ignore 1 point of all Physical and Fire damage. Strong Brawler - Your unarmed attacks deal 2d2 damage, and you gain +3 to offensive rolls while unarmed. Iron Gut - You may add your level to out of combat Constitution checks, but not more than +5(becomes +6 at level 10). Starting Language(s): Dwarven, Common. Inventory: Unidentified Dwarven Ring

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  3. -dons fedora- Glory to the sindorei.

  4. Clovis Stonecrag

    Level 1 Experience: 0/100 Constitution: 3 Dexterity: 0 Fortune: 0 Mana: 4 Senses: 0 (Base of 1, -1 From Racial) Strength: 3 (Base of 2, +1 From Racial) Willpower: 4 Wisdom: 1 Ingenuities: N/A Ingenuity Abilities: N/A HP: 19 MP: 12 Defense: 12 Dodge: 10 Armor: Mail Weapon(s): One-handed Hammer (Main Hand) <1d6, ignores one point of enemy Defense>, Book of Runes (Casting Focus(Off-hand)) Talent Trees: Holy Spellbook, Conjuration Spellbook Talents: Lesser Heal, Greater Heal, Resurrection Freeze Armor, Shatter Armor, Frostbolt Race: Dwarf Traits: Stoneform - Once every three days, you may use Stoneform. You then take half damage from all sources until the start of your next turn. Frost Resistance - You ignore 1 point of all Frost damage done to you. Big - You get -1 Senses but +1 Strength. (Can go above the 6 cap.)
  5. A recent posting has been made on the Darkshire mission board.
  6. Auron

    Level: 1 Experience: 0/100 Constitution: 3 Dexterity: 2 Fortune: 0 Mana: 3 Senses: 2 Strength: 2 Willpower: 0 Wisdom: 0 Ingenuities: Leatherworking(2), Stealth(2) Ingenuity Abilities: Leatherworking 1, Leatherworking 2, Leather Production 1 Urban Master, Hidden in the Forest HP: 19 MP: 9 Defense: 14 (+2 from Sword) Dodge: 12 Armor: Leather Weapon(s): 2H Claymore (2d6 Slashing) Talent Trees: Enchantment Spellbook(2), Ranger Training(1) Talents: Counterspell, Enhance Body: Fighter Bleed Race: Human Traits: Every Man for Himself - When you have no allies, you gain +3 to fleeing rolls. Adaptivity - You gain +2 points to spend in Ingenuity. Normal - You get no buffs or debuffs for your size.
  7. [Guild Concept] Thorium Brotherhood

    So much for that, eh? Rip Rhys.
  8. Thorym Meadbark

    Level 1 Dwarf Experience: 0/100 Constitution: 3 Dexterity: 0 Fortune: 0 Mana: 0 Senses: 3 [Base of 4, -1 from Racial] Strength: 5 [Base of 4 +1 with Racial] Willpower: Wisdom: 1 Ingenuities: Woodcutting(3), Architecture(1) Ingenuity Abilities: Lumberjack 1, Lumberjack 2, Carpenter, Improved Small Logs, Fresh Air Defensives I, Build Small Structure HP: 19 MP: 0 Defense: 12 Dodge: 13 Armor: Cloth Weapon(s): 2H Axe (2d6+2) Talent Trees: Warrior Training Talents: Rage, Slash Race: Dwarf Traits: Stoneform - Once every three days, you may use Stoneform. You then take half damage from all sources until the start of your next turn. Frost Resistance - You ignore 1 point of all Frost damage done to you. Big - You get -1 Senses but +1 Strength. (Can go above the 6 cap.)
  9. Join Shirepine, a new player-built town made of tents in Westfall. Actual date TBD. 


  10. Vigil Derrington

    thats like midnight for me lmao
  11. Vigil Derrington

    Timezone issues in a nutshell.
  12. Boulderpick

    Level: 2 Experience: 175/200 Constitution: 2 Dexterity: 3 Fortune: 0 Mana: 2 Senses: 0(-1) Strength: 2+1 Willpower: 2 Wisdom: 1 Ingenuities: Weaponsmithing (4), Architecture (3) Ingenuity Abilities: Will be added later. HP: 19 Defense: 10 Dodge: 9 Mana Points: 6 Armor: Leather Weapon(s): One-handed mace Passives: Elemental Spellbook (To be fixed at a later date), Warrior Training Passive Abilities: Angered Defense - When an enemy rolls an offensive Strength or Dexterity roll against you, you may add as many Rage Points as you’d like to your Defense for that one attack, spending the Rage Points in the process. Enraged Strike - Spend 4 Rage Points and make a normal attack, if your attack is successful, the enemy gets moved to Short Range of you and they take half your character level as additional damage on top of the damage roll. Rage - At the start of your turn, and every time you deal damage and take damage, you get 1 Rage Point to spend on abilities. You can have 8 Rage Points at once. Race: Dwarf Racials: Frost Resist, Size: Big, Stoneform
  13. Vigil Derrington

    Vigil is the middle child of three children, father Eugene and mother Rebecca. His parents backed up Greymane in his plans to isolate Gilneas and turning down refugees. He and his sister Ava however, did not. They left Gilneas to help the other citizens of Lordaeron, but it wasn't enough. During one of the final skirmishes, Ava was cursed by a necromancer to turn into an undead. Before her mind would be lost, she begged Vigil to kill her, and with tear-filled eyes, he pulled out his family pistol and shot his sister before she became Scourge. Tormented by her death and blaming his family, the then young man set out on a ship to his mother's home island of Kul Tiras and stayed there for many a year. There her heard tale of an ancient order of Embers that had fought vigilantly against the wicked. In a zealous move, he sought out others like him and ventured to find out more. They uncovered enough to build there own separate order, an Order of the Raven, after his sister's favorite bird. Using silver, oils, alchemy and more, the group set forth back to Azeroth, only to find out Gilneas was still completely closed off from the rest of Lordaeron and deep in Forsaken territory. Vigil, not caring for what his wretched family had brought upon themselves by refusing to help Lordaeron, ignored this and instead decided to head to Duskwood, a place where the undead was rife, to put his newly honed skills to use. In character-ly he is a bit of a zealot, and can rather aggressive when he thinks heresy and foul magic is afoot. He may seem stoic but its usually him trying to keep his emotions at bay. He's not very sane. He spends most of his time searching for people to prosecute, as he believes that evil can only be defeated by snuffing it out no matter the cost. He makes yearly visits to his sister's grave in the Northern Eastern Kingdoms, it also gives him an excuse to kill Forsaken heretics as well as the Scarlet Crusade, who he accuses of abusing the Light for their own gains.
  14. “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster . . . when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you” Concept Theme Synopsis Duskwood is a harsh mistress, as are many parts of the planet we call home. With beasts, demons, fiends and the occult running around, most people live in fear of the darkness. Some decide to fight, like the Night Watch in Duskwood who fight honorably against the undead menace, Defias bandits, and ghastly specters. But sometimes that just isn't enough, and that's where the Order of the Raven comes in. The Order is loosely based off of the ancient Order of the EMbers based in Kul TIras, and is made up of veteran warriors, former members of the Night Watch, along with many another who despise heresy and the occult, the Order of the Raven fights even brutally against their unholy foes. They are almost fanatic in their hunt, some obsessing over alchemy and tonics to even the odds and others making deals with dark lesser entities in the name of destroying a greater evil. These men and women become so engraved in becoming the perfect slayer of the wicked that often times their humanity can be called into question. Because of their zealotry and darker tactics, they are often feared by civilians. A member strolling about is seen as a bad omen of darker times to come. Mages seem them a good ally if kept at arms bay, and paladins and priests are very wary of them and will often reel in or kill a member if they go too far and lose themselves. To be a member is to accept a life of solitude from everyone but those who share your passion. Classes Tactics Travelling into the underdark and snuffing out the source of monsters and the like Rooting out cultists and users of the Fel and burning them at the stake Employing poisoned arrows/bolts and using silver weaponry Imbuing their weapons with a mixture of their blood and forgotten magics, depending on what their prey is weak to Inspecting lairs and places known to be visited by heretics, then burning it down Allies Night Watch Stormwind Duskwood Foes Undead Defias Worgen The Occult Many a manner of violent beast Goals Seeking out evil and destroying it as its source Keeping Duskwood and the Kingdom in general safe Purifying the land by purging it of heresy OOC: I had a concept up similar on the old forums, thought I would repost it here. Let me know what you think.