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  1. Eir

    Eir Winterwill Level: 2 Experience: 25/200 Constitution: 5 Fortune: 0 Dexterity: 7 (+1) (-1) (-1) Senses: 4 Strength: 0 Willpower: 0 Wisdom: 0 Mana: 0 Feats: 0 HP: 33 Defense: 18 Dodge: 14 Initiative: 5 MP: 3 Gear and Weapons: Upgraded Mail Armor: +3 Defense, -1 Dexterity, -3 Slashing Damage Kite Shield: +2 Defense, -1 Dexterity One-Handed Sword: 1d6, +1 Defense Throwing Daggers: 1d4, can be thrown from short distance Ingenuity and Utility: Stealth (2) Armorsmithing (3) Blend in: When you are in a dark area such as an alleyway or dark forest, you gain Stealthed Hidden in the Forest: When you move around bushes or tall grass, you gain Stealthed Armorsmithing (3): Once per week you may improve or create Mail Armor to ignore 3 points of slashing Damage. Training & Spellbooks: Soldier Training (2) Shieldwall: Twice per fight, when you are attacked and standing with a shield in Melee range of one other shield user on your side, the attacker must beat your defense and half of the other shield user's defense, if their roll fails you may spread the damage out as equally as possible. Protect: Select a target, as long as they are in Melee range of you, they get your Senses as Defense. Race: Night elf Born under the Moon: You get 3 MP and +4 to Out of Combat Stealth checks during Nighttime. Slender Being: You gain +1 Dexterity and +2 to all Out of Combat Dexterity checks. Former Immortal: You can add your level to Out of Combat Wisdom checks, but no more than 3. You may additionally select a stat which now caps at 7 instead of 6. (Dexterity)
  2. [Guild Concept] Thorium Brotherhood

    .... Yeah. But now the Scourging of this land begins.... Your curiosity will be the death of you
  3. [Guild Concept] Thorium Brotherhood

    Let the great dwarfing commence! Rhys will be around to insult and support you the whole way through!
  4. June

    June Level: 5 Experience: 620/800 Constitution: 1 Fortune: 0 Dexterity: 0 Senses: 3 Strength: 0 Willpower: 0 (-1) Wisdom: 6 (+1) Mana: 7 HP: 30 Defense: 12 Dodge: 13 MP: 21 Initiative: 3 Gear: Staff - 1d6 Ranged (Charges) - 1d4 Melee Cloth Armor: +1 Defense +3 Initiative Dagger: 1d4 - +2 Offensive Dexterity rolls Ingenuity/Utility: Disguise (2) Perform (2) Information (2) Medical (2) Hooded Wanderer: You gain +3 Disguise while wearing a hood Obscure Voice: You are able to change your voice, making it unlike your own. Create Distraction: You may now create some kind of distraction. Roll 1d20 perform, everyone affected must roll 1d20 Senses. Unless they beat your Perform everyone around them is treated as Stealthed. Speechcraft: You may encourage 3 your allies. Granting them +3 Defense for 30 minutes or 3 Turns of combat. Fact Check: When presented with a piece of information you may verify if it is true or not by contacting a Storyteller. Income 1: For each business you own. (Ilgalar Tower) you gain 25 silver every week, instead of 15. Charming Fellow: You get +2 Perform rolls when interacting with people attracted to you. Medicine: You get +3 to all Alchemy rolls. Inspect Sickness: Roll 1d20 Medicine, you may then be able to ascertain what is ailing a character. Trainings & Spellbooks: Conjuration Spellbook (1) Illusion Spellbook (5) Divination Spellbook (1) Firebolt: 1d20 + Wisdom (6). If you beat your Target's Dodge, deal 1d10 + Every third level (1) as damage. The target then takes (3) damage every turn for 2 turns. Costs 4 MP Arcane Blast: Melee Range! Roll 1d20 + Wisdom (6). If this beats the Target's Dodge then they are put 3 Seconds of running away. You deal 1d4 damage and may roll an additional 1d4 for every even level. (2) Costs 6 MP Invisibility: Select a target within Melee range. The target will become invisible for 1d2 turns or until they make an action which removes invisibility, like attacking. Any attacker will have to roll Offensive with half of their Senses and no other modifiers to hit. 2 MP Arcane Trick: Choose a Target within Long Range. You now get that target's shape, voice and appearance and give the Target your shape, voice and appearance. Whenever an enemy attacks you they must roll 1d3. If they roll 3 they will be allowed to roll against YOUR defense. If they roll 1 or 2 however they have to roll against the Target's Defense 2 MP Change Race: Your selected Target becomes a race of your choosing for 2 Days 2 MP Doppleganger: Roll 1d2 and add half your Wisdom (3) This is the duration of your Doppleganger, or until it gets hit. Whenever an enemy attacks you they have to roll 1d2 and will only hit you with a 2. 1 MP Vision Block: Select a Target within Medium Range. They now get -4 Defense and Dodge. And -3 to all Rolls for 2 Turns. Distraction: Summon a Distraction with a form of your choosing. Everyone affected by the Distraction gets -3 Defense. -5 Dodge. This can also be used in combination with Create Distraction, using half of your Wisdom (3) as modifier. 3 MP Scry: You may now Scry for the owner of an Item using a Ritual. Discerning their location. 5 MP Sense Magic: You now Sense when magic is being used in Medium Range and you are able to determine what type. Racials: Human Arcanist Arcanist: You get +1 Wisdom, -1 Willpower. Adaptive: You start off with 2 ingenuity points. Every third level you gain one extra. Every Man for Himself: Once per week, as a free action, you may announce Every Man for Himself. You are then freed from effects keeping you from acting this turn. Belief: You may add your level to out of combat Willpower checks (5).
  5. Rhys (Deceased)

    Rhys Level: 6 Experience: 555/800 Constitution: 6 Fortune: 0 Dexterity: 2 Senses: 4 -1 Strength 6 +1 Willpower: 0 Wisdom: 0 Mana: 0 HP: 43 Defense: 16 Dodge: 13 Initiative: 2 Gear: Two-Handed Axe: 2d6 - Deal an additional 2 Damage on successful attacks Plate Armour: +5 Defense. -2 Dexterity One-Handed Axe: 1d6 - Deal an additional 1 Damage on successful attacks Upgraded Rifle: 1d9 - Deal double damage on rolls above 20. Takes on turn to reload Tower Shield: 1d4 - +3 Defense. -2 Dexterity Ingenuity/Utility Artisan: Sabotage (3) Engineering (2) Disable: You may Disable a machine for 1d4 Days Ruin Minor Item: You can now make a small item like a pistol or a gem useless, this is only noticeable upon its next use Create and Destroy: You get +3 to Engineering rolls Dwarven District Contracts: You may request light supplies for Engineering from Stormwind Improve Gun: You may upgrade a Rifle or pistol to increase its damage roll by 1. You can only to this once per day and must beat an Engineering roll of 16 to succeed Trainings & Spellbooks: Warrior Training (6) Marksman Training (1) Rage: At the start of your turn and every time you take or deal damage you gain 1 Rage point Slash: Twice per fight, select a target within Melee range of you and attack it as usual. If you beat its Defense and a target within Melee range of your original target's Dodge, you deal the Damage to both Angered Defense: Spend Rage points to add to your Defense Mortal Strike: Spend up to 4 Rage points and add that as additional Damage if your attack is successful Two-Handed Specialist (Axe): When an enemy with a Shield has successfully defended against your attacks twice, their shield breaks Sunder: Every time you deal damage to a target they receive -1 to Defense for the rest of the fight. This can stack up to 4 times Resolve: Spend up to 3 Rage points during an attack. If you hit, each Rage spent heals you for 2 HP Ranged Danger: You gain +3 to your offensive Dexterity rolls when in Medium or Long Range Aimed Shot: Spend a turn aiming, if you are unhindered until your next turn you skip automatically to dealing damage to the target. Additionally deal half of your Level as damage to undamaged targets. Racials: Dwarf Big: -1 Senses. +1 Strength Stoneform: Once every 3 Days, you may activate Stoneform. Taking half damage from ALL sources that turn. Frost Resistance: You take -1 Frost Damage.