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  1. The Dauntless Charge

    "Apart we will fall, together we are Horde!" The Dauntless Charge is an adventure-based group, with a very Dungeons and Dragons heavy party feel. It’ll be following its own dedicated storyline about securing trust between the Forsaken and the rest of the Horde in Tirisfal Glades - and the issues that comes up with such an idealistic approach to alliances between the wicked and twisted dead and the savage and bloodthirsty monsters that people call the Horde. The group will start low, and slowly progress through a special tailored storyline of which seeks to go deeper into why the Forsaken even has a chance to be with the Horde, they are after all not what you’d expect to be by an orc’s side. So as the alliance between the two parts remains tense, Thrall has sent a small handful of champions - heroes of the people who seek to aid in mending the pact between the two counterparts. Slots: 2 / 2 Thrall’s Horde orc 0 / 1-2 Darkspear troll 1 / 1-2 Bloodhoof tauren 1 / 1 Forsaken undead 1 / 1 Quel’thalas blood elf* 0 / 1 Steamwheedle goblin* *: Special conditions which can be seen below. Blood elf - Due to Lady Sylvanas’ ancestry, she has lend aid to the people of Silvermoon. As a small token of appreciation, the Sin’dorei has sent an aid which purpose remains to offer proof of the elves’ appreciation for the Forsaken undead. Sylvanas has since moved this token of aid to the Dauntless Charge, so that they may show proof and transparency in Forsaken dealings. Goblin - Gazlowe’s favoritism for the Horde is one of the more clear ones, he has gone as far as offering special discounts and refusing money from the member of the Horde for no other basis than he likes them. Therefore, a goblin with slightly like minded opinions could be sent to secure deals with the Forsaken and Quel’thalas. As well as provide a unique asset to the group, in form of what goblins do best. Who knows, maybe even a goblin is capable of joining the Horde family? In order to join the Dauntless Charge, you are to simply PM Sevencix or Solomons - or make a reply below - both with a smaller character profile, just so we know what your character is about, what their motivations is, who they’re related to, potential contacts they might have, and so on and forth. Anything that can help us add depth to the campaign and experience. You may play anything that we have slots for above. Keep in mind, due to the nature of the group, that playing a character who doesn’t seek to actively backstab and is instead leaning to be good-willed is required. This is due to how the antagonists in this group has already been decided, and while internal conflict is more than welcome, seeking to ruin the group while there’s already a natural enemy isn’t exactly the focus. Try to bring someone with enough conflict to bring flavor to the group, but not enough to take the entire thing down. Should you wish to act the part of an antagonist, you are to let Sevencix know -before- joining in on a character. Then we may be able to stitch it into the campaign, but only then. Ghorkar - played by Solomons Jack Laisenstein - played by Sevencix Seniel Elarion - played by Horadin <ORC> - played by Recruiter <TAUREN> - played by Daford I hope to see some interest.