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  1. Erika Stonebraid

    Progression Level: 1 (15 Major Points, 0 Minor Points) EXP: 0/100 Ability Scores CON: 4 DEX: 0 (4-4) FOR: 0 MNA: 0 SEN: 0 STR: 4 WLP: 0 WIS: 0 Body HP: 27 Defence: 16 Dodge: 10 Initiative: 0 Gear Weapons: Plated Gauntlet (1d2 Blunt damage, counts as unarmed for the benefit of Brawler Training and doesn't activate Defenseless, Strength/Dexterity based), Tower Shield (1d4 Blunt damage, grants 3 in Defence, -2 DEX, Strength based) Armor: Plate (+5 Defence, -2 DEX) Talents Talent Trees: Soldier Training, Brawler Training Shieldwall - Twice per fight, when you are attacked and standing with a shield in Melee range of one other shield users on your side, the attacker must beat your Defense and half of the other shield user’s defense, if their roll fails, you may spread the damage out as equal as possible among yourselves. You decide who takes damage. Brace - You brace yourself until the start of your next turn, causing you to only take half damage the next time you take damage. When you’ve taken damage, you are no longer bracing. Assault - When your result of an offensive roll is above 18 while you use a quarterstaff or unarmed, your damage is doubled. Counter Strike - When you have a quarterstaff or are unarmed and you take less than 4 damage from a Melee attack, you may roll an offensive Strength or Dexterity roll against the attacker’s Defense, if the result is above their Defense, they are dealt the same damage. Unarmed Danger - Your unarmed attacks now deal half your character level as damage, and 2 additional damage if you have a plate gauntlet. Ingenuity Ingenuities: Ingenuity Abilities: Traits Three Hammers (Dark Iron) - You ignore 1 point of all Physical and Fire damage. Strong Brawler - Your unarmed attacks deal 2d2 damage, and you gain +3 to offensive rolls while unarmed. Iron Gut - You may add your level to out of combat Constitution checks, but not more than +5(becomes +6 at level 10). Starting Language(s): Dwarven, Common
  2. Eleutheria Andilien

    NAME ELEUTHERIA ANDILIEN RACE HIGH ELF GENDER FEMALE AGE 1,348 PLACE OF BIRTH ANDILIEN ESTATE, QUEL'THALAS OCCUPATION AGENT, LOREMASTER AFFILIATION KIRIN TOR ALIGNMENT LAWFUL NEUTRAL The year was 5,478 after the Founding of Quel'Thalas, when the forests of the kingdom rested peacefully in their enchanted stasis, undisturbed by the turmoils inside the sealed Zul'Aman. Whilst the human dominion gradually grew across the lands of Lordaeron and new races emerged upon the surface, the High Elves basked in the ever-living power of the Sunwell, consumed by the ignorance of their nobility. The swords of the knights caught rust, whilst the arrows of the archers grew dull, leaving the minds of the magi blurred by sparkling wine and court rumours. The youngest to the family of Andilien, Eleutheria was born within the stone walls of the house's estate in the southern region of Quel'Thalas. A minor traditionalist noble household, it thrived on its geographical position, reminiscent of the ancient battles between elf and troll. Charged with the protection of the borders, the estate was the first sign of civilisation on the path from the Thalassian Pass to Silvermoon, thus becoming a hotspot for trade for all the visitors of the realm. Her early years the young lady spent in the shadow of her twin-brother, Malanior, who was pampered as a little prince by the attention of both parents for his exceptional affinity to magic, which bolstered his chances for a prominent marriage with a noble family from Silvermoon. Primarily raised by the maids and servants of the house, Eleutheria frittered her time away with the promising stories of heroes of the realm and beyond, their glorious adventures and tales of their accomplishments. But while her intimacy with the lower castes of the society had brought her a feeling of understanding and compassion for them, she was required to follow the aristocratic etiquette, imposed to her by her progenitors. With the coming of adolescence, the young lady was enrolled within the Falthrien Academy, where she was introduced into the Arcane studies. Hundreds of years passed by imperceptibly, yet the magi had not significantly progressed through the ranks past her graduation. Deciding to keep her attention on expanding her expertise, rather than focusing on titles the adolescent forwarded her knowledge in the various schools of arcane magic, while straying away from the fabled parties of the elven aristocracy. With the formation of the Farstriders, the adept sought to join the order's endeavours beyond the reaches of Quel'Thalas, temporarily escaping the disappointed glare of her father. Travelling throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, the apprentice saw to the dilation of the High Kingdom's zone of influence, witnessing firsthand the construction of a multitude of lodges. During her travels, she stumbled upon the secured settlements of humans, dwarves and gnomes, swift to make life-long friends in the face of many. Feasting upon the knowledge of different cultures, Eleutheria's life was soon fulfilled by the same adventures and stories she had heard of as a child, before settling within the borders of Dalaran. There she published a series of books, such as The Standard Book of Spells (Volume 1-7), A Beginner's Guide to Dalaran, The Four Laws of Magic and many more, while also joining the peculiar M.A.R.E. (Magic Abuse Resistance Edudogion) program to edudoge people everywhere about the dangers of magic abuse. Her pragmatic mindset about the usage of magic swayed her over to the Kirin Tor, where she took over missions within the departments of Magical Law Enforcement, Magical Accidents and dogastrophes and Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. For over five hundred years the elf wandered outside the borders of Quel'Thalas, before the troubling news of the First War reached the ears of the North. Caught in the swirl of action, the magi found herself spiraling down the continent towards the closure of the Dark Portal, later on remaining within the Kingdom of Azeroth where she assisted with the local magical forces in investigating the orcs, their magic and its casualties. The news of the traitor prince came down South with the refugees of the various fallen kingdoms, as both Dalaran and the High Kingdom had crumbled underneath his feet. With nobody to return to, Eleutheria was chained towards the Mage Quarter of Stormwind, reminiscent of her duties in the Kirin Tor.