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Level: 4
Experience: 735

Constitution: 3
Dexterity: 7 (+2 out of combat)
Senses: 6 (+4 on checks)
Wisdom: (+2 out of combat)
Feats: 4

HP: 28
MP: 0
Resistances: Ignore 1 point of all; blunt and nature damage.
Defense: 16
Dodge: 16
Initiative: +8
Armor: Leather, will grant +1 in Initiative rolls and +2 to Armor Class while equipped
Weapon(s): Claws, 1d4 Piercing or Slashing damage, if you roll above 20 on offensive rolls with this weapon, you may roll an additional 1d4 for damage, Strength/Dexterity based.

Ingenuities: Stealth 4 (+4 at night)
Ingenuity Abilities:
Blend In - When you are in a darker area, such as a dark alley or a dark forest, you get Stealthed

Hidden in the Forest - When you move around the brush and tall grass in a forest, you are Stealthed.

Sneak Attack - When you are Stealthed, and a target is within Melee range of you, you may now roll a 1d20 and add your double your Dexterity modifier. The enemy will then roll a 1d20 and add their Senses modifier. If you roll above their Senses roll, you may deal 2d6 Physical damage, unless you are unarmed. Then it becomes 1d6 Physical damage. If their character is still on their feet after this, normal combat may begin and you may roll initiative.

Silent Renegade - You get +2 Dexterity while Stealthed. This effect lasts until after Initiative has been rolled when you have exited Stealthed. This effect runs out immediately upon being discovered, however.

Talent Trees: Feral & Feral
Feral Spellbook:
Wild Meditation - Skipping a turn or making a movement turn heals you for your Constitution(max 4 HP).

Feral Training:
(Feral 1) Swipe - When you make a basic attack, you can choose to make a sideways attack with your claws. Cat: If the result on your roll is above 15, you may double your Weapon Damage.

(Feral 1) Wildguard - You may move and attack from Short range, not suffer any penalties and be sustained through the effects of Wild Meditation. Additionally, you ignore 1 point of all Nature and Blunt damage.

(Feral 2) Inner Beast - You gain one of these benefits depending on your form. Cat: You gain +4 to all Senses checks, and 1 permanent Senses.

(Feral 2) Animalistic Presence - Once per four turns, resetting on your turn, an Arcane, Decay, Fel or Shadow spell of your choice cast with harmful intention towards your allies within Short range of you gains your Constitution, Dexterity, Strength or Perform as a negative modifier to the roll.

Race: Night Elf
Born Under the Moon - You gain 3 more MP and you gain +4 to out of combat Stealth checks during the night.
Slender Being - You gain 1 Dexterity and +2 to all out of combat Dexterity checks.
Former Immortal - You may add your level to out of combat Wisdom checks, but no more than +3. You may additionally select a stat, the cap on said stat now becomes 7 instead of 6. (Dexterity) 

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