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1. Get the Client

Here at Tales of Warcraft we use the World of Warcraft 3.3.5a client. If you do not have the client, you can download it by visiting, selecting the expansion Wrath of the Lich King (Old), choosing your operating system, and then clicking the Download button.


2. Set your Realmlist

Go to your World of Warcraft installation folder, select the data folder, and then the enUS folder

(By default C:/Program Files(x86)/World of Warcraft/data/enUS [for Windows])

Open your file (with Notepad), change it to this: set realmlist, and then save the file.


3. Download the Launcher ... rcraft.rar

Extract the three files into your World of Warcraft folder.

(By default C:/Program Files(x86)/World of Warcraft [for Windows])

Run Tales.exe. Click Check for updates and let the client patch.


4. Create your Account

Visit the website and create your in-game account.


5. Create your Character Sheet

Follow that guide to give your character stats and abilities.


7. Join the Discord


6. Create your Character

Log into the game by clicking Play, entering your username and password (not your e-mail address), and then creating your character. You will find yourself in GM Island (which we like to refer to as the Spark of Creation). From here you will be able to acquire your characters starting gear and other miscellaneous items. Make sure you choose your talent tree specialization before you leave, as we have a special Stat Vendor that will give you an item to cater your stats to your preferred play-style. If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to whisper any of the staff in-game, contact us on Discord, or message any of us directly on the forums.


.lo item <item’s name> will get you an item’s ID

.padd <item ID> will spawn an item in your inventory (restricted to blues and lower)


Welcome aboard,

Tales of Warcraft Staff

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