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Captain Boslyn

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''Oh blazes, a bloody Rifleman!''



Name: Henry Boslyn
Age: Forty-six
Marital Status: Widowed
Occupation: Captain



Henry was born on a chilly Autumn day, the bastard son of a minor noble and a crofter's wife. The majority of his early life he was shunned due to his parentage; he was considered base and lowborn by his father's associates, and his mother's family had always considered him an outcast, the spawn of infidelity. His youth in isolation lead to him heading into the woods for comfort, for the shrubs and leaves meant peace and quiet. Hours spent wandering the woods turned to days, and each time young Henry ranged further away from home, growing increasingly skilled in tracking and pathfinding. On the morning of his thirteenth birthday, he received an unmarked package. His mother's husband claimed a man dressed in finery had delivered it just after dawn. Much to Henry's delight, it contained an infantry rifle, marked with the letters ''ACB'', along with the accompanying kit. The crofter's stead was alive with the sounds of gunfire for at least two hours a day, and the crack of the rifle could be heard deep in the woods, from time to time. At first, the young lad returned mostly empty-handed, sparing the occasional hare, but soon he began bringing in larger kills.

He began to earn his coin with his propensity for hunting. Fleet of foot and a steady hand meant he was more succesful than his stepfather had expected, and at age seventeen, whilst peddling cuts of venison in Strahnbrad, he met a trader's daughter from Boralus. In the two weeks they spent together, the two fell deeply in love and the impulsive Henry agreed to come with her to Boralus. He took nothing with him except the clothes on his back, his rifle, and his money. For ten years, he lived in relative peace on the island of Kul Tiras, providing the meat his wife would sell at the market. In this period, he fathered a pair of twins.

When the Second War broke out, he was drafted into the Tirasian Navy. He saw action in the dreadful battle of Zul'Dare, where the Tirasian fleet was reduced to cinders. He, along with his wife, had been on a transport headed for mainland Lordaeron, sailing with the fleet for protection. His children had been sent ahead a few months prior, to stay with Henry's relatives in Alterac. The combination of rough seas and dragon's fire proved his bane; In a great wave his transport sank. When he washed up on the shore of Hillsbrad, he was alone.

Having regained himself just prior to the Orcish attack on Hillsbrad, he managed to safely flee to the mountains he originally hailed from. He signed up with Alterac's Riflemen and he continued to serve throughout the Second War, earning himself the rank of Sergeant-Major. He saw brief action during the Third War, before fleeing the crumbling Lordaeron with his children, settling instead near Eastvale, where he joined Stormwind's Riflemen.

Recent events have lead to Henry receiving command over his own unit, and through his actions he has earned himself the rank of Captain. 



Henry is a tall, lean man with a physical build one would expect of a hardened veteran. Though he's still clearly in the prime of his life, the first symptoms of aging are starting to show. He's plagued by a grey hair or two, faint wrinkles, and barely-there crow's feet. Despite this, he doesn't lack a single bit in vitality, and it shows.

His eyes hold a certain type of malice which does, however, betray an effervescent quality that he does seem to possess. Though he generally tends to be harsh and stern, in both his expressions and mannerisms, a select few individuals have earned his appreciative gazes and friendly remarks, as opposed to his usual surly glowering.

His naturally churlish expression is enhanced by his facial features, strong and stern, and his dark hair. He appears rather reserved, in general, and is not quick to smile or laugh in unknown company. This apparent dislike for social interaction can, on many occasions, be easily linked to the outright cruel behaviour he often-times displays when correcting his men or while handling surrendering opponents on the battlefield. Rumour has it that Henry is wont to execute even those that place their weapons at his feet and grovel in the dirt for his mercy.

Generally, Henry is dressed in his Captain's uniform; A drab, olive jacket bearing the facings of the King's 39th Rifle Regiment, second battalion, along with epaulettes and the insignia that denote his rank. With this, he wears trousers that match the jacket in colour, tied at the waist with a crimson officer's sash. His boots are made of sturdy leather and are blacked each morning. He carries various pouches and usually carries a pack, as well, with a grey woolen greycoat lashed on top of it.

As a rule of thumb, Henry is generally armed. Under most circumstances, he will carry his standard-issue Fisher Seven rifle with him, along with either the accompanying sword bayonet, but as of late, more often a heavy cavalry sabre, a long, straight-backed weapon made of fine steel with a swept hilt, which is clearly a blade meant for butchering one's enemies.





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