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Level: 1
Experience: 0/100

Constitution: 0
Dexterity: 4(+2) 6 (+2 while stealthed)
Fortune: 6
Mana: 0
Senses: 4(+2) 6
Strength: 0
Willpower: 0
Wisdom: 0

Ingenuities: Stealth: 7 (+2).
Ingenuity Abilities: Blend In, Sneaker's Path, Shadow's Ambassador, Silent Renegade, Assassin's Haste, Tactic: Night, Urban Master.

HP: 15
MP: 0
Initiative: 12 (+5 at 9 PM-5 AM, server time.)
Defense: 15
Dodge: 16
Armor: Leather, 6+ to Initiative with Lightly Armoured. +2 to Armor Class while equipped.
Weapon: Dagger, 1d4 Piercing or Slashing damage, grants +2 on offensive rolls with this weapon, Dexterity based.

Talent Trees:

Training: Trickster
+5 bonus to your character's ingenuity
Lightly Armoured, Initiative from Leather is 6 instead of 1.
Lunge, You may now attack from Short range with any melee weapon, taking you into melee range.

Race: Human

Fast Devil - When you’re only armed with a dagger, you gain 2 Dexterity and 2 Senses.
Shadows’ Ambassador - You get +2 to all Stealth rolls.
Silent Renegade - You get +2 Dexterity while Stealthed.
Assassin’s Haste - You gain +2 to Flee and +1 Dexterity when you try to flee.
Tactic: Night - You get +5 to Initiative checks during night time.

Languages: Common, Gutterspeak.


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