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Openworld North Eastern Kingdoms - Setting

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The North Eastern Kingdoms is a place of much conflict, torn apart by the various factions, idealism and even the living dead. As such, many opportunities are to be had, as well as many foes are to be fought. With the Plaguelands thrown into absolute chaos, the Kingdom of Quel'thalas in complete shambles and with the humans of Southshore clinging onto a tiny bit of hope and patriotism - much seems active, to just name a few.

As such, much remains open to those who fancy themselves to take matters into their own hands. Those who sees opportunity enough, sees clay ready to be molded. Adventures to be had. Enemies to fight.

  • We're in the middle of the Burning Crusade, year 26.
  • Many dungeons and enemies handled in vanilla will remain not dealt with for the purpose of progression in the phase, so go wild. Please ask us if you're in doubt about something still being active or not.
  • The open zones, in alphabetical order is, Alterac Mountains, Arathi Highlands, Eastern Plaguelands, Eversong Woods, Ghostlands, Hillsbrad Foothills, Silverpine Forest, the Hinterlands, Tirisfal Glades and Western Plaguelands.
  • Custom world edits created by Bonkle and decorated by Bonkle and Cudn, including Southshore and Tarren Mill.

We will be filling more stuff in on this thread, so please take note that anything is subject to change. But for now, that should be what you need to now.

The threads and such from the earlier forums has been cleared and moved to archives. Fill us in with your concepts and plans, pretty please.


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