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Vaelis Sunquiver

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Level: 1 
Experience: 0 

Constitution: 5
Dexterity: 5
Fortune: 0
Mana: 0
Senses: 5
Willpower: 0
Wisdom: 0

Ingenuities: Sleight, woodcutting -  crafter
Ingenuity Abilities: Hold Still,  ; Lumberjack 1, fresh air

HP: 10 +15
MP: 0 
Defense: 0
Dodge: 0 
Armor: Leather 
Weapon(s): Bow, one handed sword(s)

Talent Trees: Ranger
Talents: Favoured environment; forest

Race: Blood elf
Traits: Hatred, Human



Please note, as I am new to the whole character sheet and relatively new to RP some stats may be incorrect or some things may even be full on wrong. I am looking to play a ranger with a companion. I also like the idea of going down the carpentry route (carpenter in real life)

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