King's 39th ''Varian's Finest''

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Varian's Finest

The 39th Regiment of Foot is a Regiment in Stormwind's army, consisting of two full-strength battalions, and a third, freshly-founded one under the watchful eye of Henry Boslyn, a retired Sergeant-Major from the ranks of Alterac's Riflemen. The Sergeant-Major has been tasked with garnering as much manpower for his unit as possible, with the limitation that he cannot exceed half a battlion's worth of men. Due to the experimental nature of Riflemen, rigorous training, smaller numbers, and an expectancy of elite status are the norm rather than the exception. Trained to fire more accurately by far than other firearm-toting soldiers in the King's service, the Riflemen are prime skirmishers. This comes at the disadvantage of a greatly decreased rate of fire.

Many ordinary citizens and even criminals wishing to escape the stockades or the executioner may sign up with the Rifles if they so wish. Military background is encouraged but not required, and it is the Sergeant-Major's duty to drill his men to perfection.



The 39th is intended to be a small unit of riflemen, best portrayed by Warriors, Rogues and Hunters. Priests and Paladins could adequately portray surgeons, whilst any class could possibly represent a drummer, fifer or standard bearer. The firearm used will largely be based on the British Baker Rifle, in use for the first thirty years of the 19th century, including the Napoleonic Wars. Uniforms are mandatory when on-duty and military and social RP will be the main focus.

Historically, a Sergeant-Major wouldn't lead a unit. I made this choice, however, to adapt to the greatly reduced size of the unit, given that Tales' playerbase isn't large enough to support full sized units. Hence, the organization will look somewhat like this;

Chosen Man

Realism will be encouraged, in terms of use and maintenace of the firearms, as well as combat and general ballistics. 
Furthermore, there is no restriction on race or gender. If this garners enough interest, I'll see about possibly making it into a guild. 


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This reminds me of the Anti-Calia rifle brigade I joined on Legacy, if I ever get free-time, I'll sign a boy up to this.

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